10 Best Action-Adventure Games on Xbox One!

10 Best Action-Adventure Games on Xbox One!

Batman: Arkham Knight

Rocksteady’s explosive finale to their critically acclaimed franchise takes Batman to his biggest fear yet. Joker is long gone and Gotham is at a moment of respite. Trouble brews when Scarecrow emerges from the ashes with a vengeful plot. It’s up to Batman and friends to stop this impending threat from terrorizing their city. This is the series’ biggest leap towards a huge open-world element. With the introduction of the Batmobile (Finally!), players can seamlessly ride around the streets of Gotham ramming foes and solving crimes. Use Batman’s powerful gadgets and take down iconic villains from his Rogue’s Gallery. Gameplay is integrated for faster take downs and the feature of teaming up with your friends can also be a satisfying addition for superhero fans. It’s a remarkable finale to the Arkham series and we can’t wait for Rocksteady’s next superhero project. A Superman game, please?

Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee – New N’ Tasty

This ground-up remake of the classic side-scrolling platformer returns with more Mudokons. It’s a multiplatform entry from Just Add Water Games and it really captures the essence of Abe’s adventure from the old to the new with a 2.5D perspective. Similar to the previous game, players control Abe. Guide him explore RaptureFarms and free over 299 captured Mudokons in a puzzle-solving adventure that spans from the easy, to the complex. Your character can’t fight, but he has the ability to possess enemies to change the course of the game. Free over 150 of these adorable creatures and get the good ending, any less than that gives you the bad one. Aside from the graphical overhaul, one added feature includes a Leaderboard to see players vying for that number one spot.

Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor

The only game set in Tolkien’s world to receive the biggest rating. Shadow of Mordor is Monolith’s pride and glory. Set in the events between The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, control a ranger named Talion as he seeks to avenge his family from the Black Hand of Sauron. But you’re not alone, meet the legendary Ring Maker, Celebrimbor and witness the origin story of the One Ring. This third-person open-world adventure smells of rotten Orcs. Thin down Sauron’s powerful Black Army before he returns as you use your newly gathered Wraith abilities. Switch between Talion and Celebrimbor’s unique skillsets and eliminate important Orc Captains with the game’s unique Nemesis System. The game is highly praised due to its satisfying Orc-slaying combat, fluid controls and of course, The Nemesis System. Shame the Final Boss battle was a let down.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

CAPCOM’s latest entry to their virulent franchise has exceeded everyone’s expectations. Feel the return of Survival-Horror and play as Ethan Winters, your regular dude who just wants to find his missing wife for 3 years. Things go haywire when he stumbles upon the Baker residence, a welcoming family that speaks of NOPE. Explore dilapidated hallways, creepy mansions, and solve puzzles as the game shifts to the first-person view. This change brings a visceral feel to the series as you’re being chased by Daddy and Mommy with nothing but limited resources. Feel the rush of terror coursing through your veins because this is Resident Evil’s finest entry yet.

Ori And The Blind Forest: Definitive Edition

A game that has been on development for 2 years has finally seen the light. This is a perfect example of sheer spectacle with substance and style. This remastered shines with high definition visuals and smooth 60 frames per second. Play as a guardian spirit named Ori and save a decaying forest from darkness. Use her powerful abilities and solve puzzles to restore the forest in its true form. Outmaneuver enemies and uncover new powers because this platformer takes inspiration from classic Metroidvania games. The game’s iconic feature is the Soul Link which enables Ori to save at any time in the game, making it convenient for difficult moments. Microsoft made the right decision to acquire the game’s rights because this game was a success. Critics praised the game’s music, hand drawn visuals, challenging gameplay and emotional story. Don’t even get us started with the game’s first few minutes.

Rise Of The Tomb Raider

Crystal Dynamics’ sequel to the rebooted Lara Croft series marks another spelunking return. This time, travel to the Siberian wilderness and uncover a lifelong mystery that could change the course of the world. Guide Lara Croft in her adventure to snowy tundras and glacial caves in its chilling new world. Use her handcrafted weapons to take down a dangerous organization that wants nothing but power. This game introduces a new stealth feature to take down foes from the high ground, not to mention a bigger world to discover compared to its predecessor. Fend off ferocious beasts and race against time because this is Lara’s most personal journey yet. Experience the thrill of the Tomb Raider franchise with its explosive action sequences and beautifully rendered graphics.

Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar’s award winning series makes its fifth return to the gaming industry with a bigger world to play around. Before we get to taste their upcoming Wild West sequel, let’s return to Los Santos and Blaine County by blowing sh*t up. This is the first game of the series to introduce three playable characters. These are not just your one-dimensional con-mans with zero backstory. They are impulsive, dangerous and dedicated to their life of convenience. Take control of Trevor, Michael and Franklin as they partake in high-level heists to score the biggest moolah. But aside from its main story, the game is a true open-world experience. Players can switch from First Person to Third Person view if they want to. So, enjoy the freedom of running red lights, shooting cops and flipping people off because that is what America is all about.

Dishonored 2

The masters of stealth returns with an all new entry to the Dishonored universe. Arkane Studio’s gives you the best action-adventure game they can ever create with high replay value and smart use of enemy AI. Empress Emily and Corvo Attano returns but the world is stirred apart by a mysterious usurper. Emily has been overthrown and powerless to reclaim her rightful spot to the throne. Choose one of these playable characters and use their powerful supernatural abilities to take down these enemies in a sweet and stylish fashion. But be mindful, this game doesn’t say anything about being violent. The choice is between bloodthirsty violence or peaceful stealth. The game is widely praised for its art direction, story and the freedom to take missions as differently as a player can.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Hideo Kojima’s final entry to the universally acclaimed Metal Gear Solid series is a masterpiece of stealth-action-adventure. Although it has its flawed moments, it’s still an achievement of excellent game design. Follow the events after Snake Eater and PSP’s Peace Walker in Big Boss’ descent into political intrigue. Witness the birth of the man who sold the world and uncover the events that leads to the first game of the series. Experience its mastercrafted emergent gameplay and smart tactical combat. Team up with unique partners to aid you in your missions or upgrade your Mother Base for strategic operations. If this isn’t enough for you, take on an Online Experience and battle amongst other players in Metal Gear Online.


PlayDead’s atmospheric entry to their side-scrolling adventure returns with an even darker theme. Take control of a boy as he embarks on a linear quest to run away… from something? PlayDead does not disappoint with their captivating monochromatic world and the complicated puzzles. The game offers a memorable journey inside its dystopian vibes. It’s either you run away from vicious dogs, or fit in through a crowd of mind-controlled humans. It’s a brilliant experience. The game’s ending can leave players in a state of shock, we won’t spoil you so you better grab this game and check it out for yourself. It’s one of a kind.