10 Best Fighting Games on PS Vita!

10 Best Fighting Games on PS Vita!

Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax

This 2D All-star crossover Fighting Game represents a homage to anime and SEGA lovers alike. With an assist system that gives added challenge to the game. Play as characters from Sword Art Online, Valkyria Chronicles, Shakugan no Shana, and more!

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

To be able to control over 48 characters from two giant companies in such a small handheld console is a gift from the Gaming god. With added characters not available in the original game, Unleash your dream battles in this epic arcade-fighting game that pits you against a 3 vs. 3 clash to victory. Wesker vs. Thor? Spiderman vs. Amaterasu? Bring it on!

Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds

A cute spin-off of the Phantom Breaker series. Take control of 8 chibi-versions of the waifus~ and husbando’s~ from the original game. Use them and defeat hordes of monsters in classic side-scrolling fashion. Packed with 8-bit visual splendor and satisfying gameplay. Play with your friends through ad-hoc or online and witness… the fun!

J-Stars Victory VS+

A congregation of 45 years of the “Shonen Jump Canon” – packed into one game. Play with over 52 anime characters from Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and tons more! Bringing so much nostalgia and to be honest, ‘fanservice’ to dedicated viewers of the said animes.

Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus

You can’t spell sexy without this game. While not technically a fighting game, this is a mixture of a brawler and a fight-em up that focuses on fast-paced combat and fanserving jiggle physics. Warning: Pantyshots included. This game is clearly not for everyone, but for those who enjoy games like these, you’re in for an ecchi-ly good fun.

PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale

Inspired by Super Smash Bros. This intense crossover fighting game collects your beloved PlayStation characters into a digital skirmish. What differentiates this from Smash is its gameplay. You don’t push someone out of the map, instead, you can only defeat your opponent with Special Moves. And oh, where’s Crash and Spyro. Seriously? You got Raiden, you got Sweet tooth, you got that really edgy Dante, but no Crash and Spyro. Why?

Street Fighter x Tekken

Behold! Two of the biggest fighting games in a crossover to find out which is the best. Offering the same mechanics and visuals of Street Fighter, but with Tekken characters! With 25 characters from each franchise, and 5 third-party partners like MEGA-MAN!!!, this game brings out the inner combo-mashing skills you have. And seeing your Tekken Characters activate an EX Move is such a blast!

Dead Or Alive 5 Plus

Let’s face it folks, the first reason why we loved the DoA franchise is because of its oozing stream of bubbly and bouncing characters. From the crazy upskirts, jiggle-physics and whatnot, DoA serves as a fan-service for all. However, the polished gameplay mechanics and the PS3 crossplay are superbly executed that according to most critics, this might be the best Dead of Alive entry ever.

BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma

For a game that started off as an arcade game back in Japan, it has come a long way. The flashy special effects, cool character models and intense combat makes this franchise a worthy addition to the fighting game genre. This latest entry follows after Continuum Shift, and with it a new gameplay mechanic called “Overdrive” that adds a depth of dynamism to the wheel of fate.

Mortal Kombat

This gore-fest reboot not only utilizes the Vita’s touch and gyro attributes, it transcends the fighting genre to a brutal finish! With over 30 diverse characters, get ready to crack bones, decapitate heads, dismember bodies, slice, zap and eat your way to a successful fatality.