10 Best FPS Games on Xbox One!

10 Best FPS Games on Xbox One!

Halo 5: Guardians

A new threat prepares its way to the galaxy and the fate of the missing Master Chief is in the brink of doom. Lead a group of brave warriors to uncover the dark secrets that further extends the scale with another epic story from the Halo Universe. This first-person shooter lets you control various perspective in a universe torn apart by a political turmoil. Control Fireteam Osiris as they set out to retrieve the missing Master Chief. Aside from its “lackluster” single player campaign, it’s multiplayer gets revamped with Arena, which puts players in a 4 vs 4 skill based battle. Also, the new Warzone mode adds variety to an onslaught of Covenants, Spartans, and more… with up to 24 players. The game is a commercial success. Critics praised the game’s rich multiplayer content. It did receive fair share of criticisms, primarily for the forgettable single-player campaign. While this may not be the best of the Halo franchise, it still offers enough to followers of the series.

Wolfenstein: The New Order (Wolf-fen-stayn)

Ahhhh, Nazis. If there’s one game that satisfies your need to take down Hitler’s powerful army in an alternate timeline, then we should probably tell you to that this game is the perfect choice. Step into the shoes of a Nazi killing machine as he plunges himself into an alternate history where the Germans won World War II. A remake of the classic Wolfenstein game. This first-person shooter is filled with action-packed sequences and a complex morality choice that can alter the progression of the game’s narrative. Use the game’s cover-based shooting to avoid insane firefights, and gather the most powerful weapons to shed some Nazi blood. The game’s attention to the Red color brings out a unique flair to its already bloody atmosphere. It’s not entirely innovative. The New Order makes use of the same shooting conventions. But it manages to compile these basics into one enjoyable shootfest. It has been nominated for many awards during its time including Game of the Year, and recently just released a standalone expansion called Wolfenstein – The Old Blood. Unfortunately, no Hitler this time.

Far Cry 4

To live in a remote Himalayan country with a psychopathic ruler is a thing that one should never take lightly. Be Ajay Gale (Ajay Gah-Le), a dude who just wants to deliver his grandmother’s ashes to its rightful place. That changed, of course, when you’re met with the one and only Pagan Min. After the success of Far Cry 3, Ubisoft amps it up to a bigger scale with a world twice the size of its predecessor. This open world first person shooter is teeming with dangerous wildlife, crazy tribespeople and explosive gunfights. Explore the chilly Himalayan mountains and encounter the elusive Yeti in the game’s additional DLC. And if that’s not enough for you, take a blast from the past with so much in-game side-quests. Those who played the previous releases will find a great, adrenaline-pumping shooter in Far Cry 4. Ubisoft successfully re-created the formula that made Far Cry 3 successful. Let’s just hope that they don’t become too complacent. Don’t get me wrong… this is a good entry to the series. You can even finish the game within 5 minutes if you know the secret. Should you stay or should you go?

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

After the events of Human Revolution, take your first step into this bleak cyberpunk-dystopian world of Eidos’ (E-dos) hit sci-fi franchise. Return as Adam Jensen with an all new badass body augmentations and futuristic stealth abilities. The game is mainly first-person, but during gunfights, Adam switches to third-person view to accommodate a wider view of the battlefield. Use your powerful augmentations and fulfill Adam’s quest to find and defeat The Illuminati. This game was nominated for multiple awards due to its atmospheric world, intriguing narrative, brilliant writing and the hybrid shooting combat. And if you’re the type to accept harder challenges, try finishing the game without killing an enemy. Morality is key, and Mankind Divided succeeds in giving you the choices.


A game that’s as unique as it is clever. Developer SUPERHOT TEAM brings you a game that features a one-of-a-kind gunplay element: time-bending mechanic: The world moves as you move. Take down evil Red Enemies while being transported into a digital world that threatens you in the real world. Use its seamless flow of time and mind-boggling levels of first-person carnage. Shoot enemies in the head and watch it break in satisfaction, or slice down an army of fragile soldiers with your dangerous katana. It’s a thrilling experience, and one does not move casually like a real videogame should. So make that first step count, because the game is super.. Hot.


The world could always use more heroes. Blizzard successfully gathered 25 million people to join the cause. Overwatch is Blizzard’s new IP in years and boy they do not disappoint. Experience it’s slick and fast gameplay with various skill-levels and get to know its diverse cast of 23 playable heroes. Do you want to be a healer? Pick Mercy. Tank? Reinhardt! Useless? Widowmaker. Nevertheless, it’s a spectacle of fast-paced action with memorable gameplays as you escort payloads, contest points, and prevent your teammates from picking Hanzo on Attack. So communicate with your crew and use game-changing ultimates to change the tide of battle. Do you need healing?

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

10 year olds will love this! Even the player-base that existed before the series went downhill. This remastered version of one of the most critically acclaimed games in Call Of Duty history returns with high-definition textures, enhanced sound, improved lighting and everything that remasters deliver. It’s a wonderful tribute for the longtime fans of the franchise. Modern Warfare remastered launched alongside the series’ latest release: Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare, which tanked. The game’s main story remains the same and is unforgettable as always. The best part of this re-master is that it comes with a new and improved multiplayer, with dedicated servers. Play with or against friends… and experience the CoD during its glory days.


Finally! Doomguy returns bringing death, gore and destruction to the poor demons trapped with him. HA! And he doesn’t even flinch. This reboot of the classic shooter unleashes hell on Mars. This time, be the hulking badass and be a living-incarnate for these hellish creatures. The game still contains the same epicness the previous games delivered. Set on a killing spree in fast-paced shooting experience. Use your wide arsenal of futuristic weapons and use Glory Kills to tear demon limb by limb. Or you can simply blow them up into bits. It’s a satisfying return to the franchise and Id Software has made the right design decisions. Doom was widely praised due to its intense action, gripping combat and of course its badassery. Unfortunately, the multiplayer aspect was a subject for debate. But if you’re looking to experience the old-school Doom in a more modern context, this should be in your library…like right now!

Titanfall 2

Respawn Entertainment’s brainchild launches with another descent from the sky. This sequel to the massively popular first-person-shooter returns with mechanized action and futuristic skirmish. Discover the Frontier as the game introduces a story mode that most first-person-shooters fail to deliver. Become a pilot and titan as you dominate foes in its metallic combat but with more substance and style. Multiplayer is as good as ever and it includes new modes that invites even more intense gunfights. Use an extensive array of weapons including the pulse blade and customize your mech into its most intimidating form. There are over multiple customization options including MECH types to dominate the arena. Titanfall 2 is more dynamic than the original. It received praises for its more polished gameplay and surprisingly-good story. Sadly, EA recently revealed that the game is suffering from low sales.

Battlefield 1

If this isn’t the best First Person Shooter game on Xbox One for you, then I don’t know what is. DICE’s return to the Battlefield franchise takes the game back to the Great War in an epic skirmish of gunpowder, tanks, and flamethrowers. Ride zeppelins, maneuver huge tanks, and hide beneath trenches because this is DICE’s best Battlefield game to date. It’s open, huge and it’s filled with sheer excitement. I swear, this game is just so epic in terms of its insaaane multiplayer experience. Play in its various multiplayer modes including Conquest, Domination and more. You can even play as a Pigeon! This game was universally acclaimed. Critics praised the game’s sound, visuals, action and of course the multiplayer experience. Although the story mode was kinda meh. But who cares?