10 Best Indie PC Games!

10 Best Indie PC Games!

The Stanley Parable

A game so downright crazy and filled with the most ineffable humor to ever exist in a videogame. This Third-Person puzzle adventure plays both cleverness and dialogue. You honestly have no idea what to expect. Every decision in its crowded narrative is entertaining as it is very weird.

The Talos Principle

Take consciousness into a more lurid form in this narrative-based puzzle game that powers with intelligence and futuristic methods. The Talos Principle is filled with the most philosophical ideas as it entangles you into its various conundrums. It’s such a whole new experience and the more you immerse yourself into it… the more you transcend.

Crypt of the NecroDancer

Yes, you heard it right, NecroDancer. A blend of dungeon-crawling elements with rhythm-based gameplay. Take control of Cadence as she dances her way out of this mysterious cavern filled with killer music conjured by the NecroDancer. The game is also open to possibilities. Create your own dungeon with a custom music or play the game using a dance pad. Don’t miss a beat!

Pony Island

Meta is what this game is all about. If you think this game is what you think it is, then boy you are wrong. Pony Island is a digital trip to shrooms. Well, kind of. It’s a point and click puzzle-adventure that baffles you to the very core with its classic Macintosh style UI. It’s so different that it plays with the player. By player we mean you. Won’t give out any more spoilers.

Super Hexagon

Another game of minimalistic polygonal proportions. It is oddly addictive that even a cat can stare at it in awe. It’s rhythm-based gameplay and the need for faster reflexes makes it very difficult to master. A mixture of precision and skill is required to conquer its insane difficulty level.


What happens if you mix noir, stealth and hacking? You get this brilliant game. It is a riveting experimental experience that exudes of style and smartness. Gunpoint excels at its various possibilities to complete its campaign. The mystery in its story also entices the player to continue onward and plan ahead. Think of it as Assassin’s Creed meets its Indie counterpart.

Nuclear Throne

This top-down shooter presents a roguelike gameplay set in a Post-Apocalyptic World. Take control of various characters and customize them to survive in an onslaught of crazy beasts and monsters. Every level is different and every approach is not the same as before. Can you dominate and reach the Nuclear Throne?

The Swapper

A game haunted by Sci-Fi atmosphere that is combined with the nature of the Indie Scene. This side-scrolling platformer encourages you to clone yourself and explore a barren station filled with puzzles to solve. This ability makes the gameplay more interactive and mind-boggling. But that doesn’t stop us from swapping our consciousness to another.

Mark Of The Ninja

A game with a seamless display of stealth-action with a blend of side-scrolling mechanics. It’s so critically acclaimed that most of its reviews earned perfect scores! Mark Of The Ninja takes environmental awareness to the next level. Plan your attack accordingly and keep close to the shadows. Sharpen your blade and try to finish a level in the most ninja way possible. It’s like Samurai Jack meets a good videogame.


It’s a Role Playing Game that encourages you to think very carefully in every sentient being you encounter. Its turn-based battle system poses a unique aspect when it comes to gameplay and story. Not to mention its fictional world brimming with creatures both lovable and unlovable offers more fanbase than it could ever have.