10 Best MMO PC Games!

10 Best MMO PC Games!

EverQuest II

A game that has spanned for more than a decade, EverQuest II is ever expanding its rich lore and heritage to the gaming industry. With more than 10 expansions, create your own story and journey to its world sprawling with rich magic and heartfelt characters. Don’t cha know the game shares similarities with World of Warcraft? It eventually varies itself through its various brilliance.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

What does it take to become part of George Lucas’ universe? Thankfully for BioWare, they gave us what we needed the most. A Star Wars game that flows with midichlorians. With its 5 massive expansions, choose between the Dark Side and the Light & conquer the galaxy through a vast morality based-system and Force-powered fun.


The name speaks for itself. Wildstar is a colorful and wild MMORPG game that breathes of fun, adventure and interplanetary Alien-killing. Notably a Pay-To-Play game before, this has now been transformed into Free-to-play due to its critical acclaim. It’s stellar approach to its glistening sci-fi world and its active fighting gameplay is reminiscent to the Star Wars universe.


As much as these MMO games go, most of them are pretty old but are still really good as years go by. TERA is a vast fantasy-driven online experience with gorgeous graphics, sweet musical score and thrilling Player vs Player system. Its seamless battle system and diverse set of races and classes offer more surprises since it began years ago.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Chocobos, Crystals, Dragons, Warriors’ The basic formula of a good Final Fantasy game. A Realm Reborn re-ignites the previous games dying flame. Square Enix crawled its way from Final Fantasy XIV’s shadow and lights up with this saviour of a follow-up. Dubbed as “Version 2” of the XIV franchise, the game has a staggering amount of content from gameplay, story and expansions. Oh yeaah!

Path Of Exile

This game is rich with Diablo’s style, dungeon-crawling and NPC-talking adventures. What separates this game from its inspiration is its wide array of customization and detailed economy. You are left to tread over a world without currency but progress through trading. It promotes a sense of isolation as you travel around its world filled with dire monstrosities.

The Lord of The Rings Online

Listen to the horns as they blow & cover your ears as the Nazgul’s go. The Lord of the Rings online brings the most Tolkien-like game to ever come out on the videogame world. This world is brimming with rich lore from the beloved franchise and is populated with expansions that adds layers and layers to the already epic story.

Bloodline: Champions

This is a team based PvP setup type of game with a skill ceiling so high it ruins your self-esteem. Champions offers adrenaline-fueled arena battles bombarded with 27 characters with different archetypes. The only problem this game is facing right now is its lack of players. For a game this good, this is really sad. Guys, if you’re up for the challenge, how about you join the fray?

World of Warcraft

Before there was Overwatch, Hearthstone, Diablo and StarCraft, there was Warcraft. It transcended from its 8-bit glory and transformed into what we now know today as an MMO Giant. It has expanded into different forms of literatures including books and movies and it does not seem to stop. It’s breathtaking lore and lovable characters has made this game live on throughout the span of almost 2 decades.

Guild Wars 2

Grab your popcorns and keyboards at the ready because this game dominates Whatoplay’s MMO games on the PC. What Warcraft lacks in its game, Guild Wars provided. Albeit with their own set of pro’s and con’s. It takes you into its graphically astounding world with fluid combat design and Player versus Player challenges. A subject for debate for a long, long time