10 Best Nintendo 3DS Games of 2017!

10 Best Nintendo 3DS Games of 2017!

Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop

While there’s hundreds of other games that make you feel the rush of cooking and restaurant management, none could ever take you as deep into the addicting depths of cooking life as the legendary Cooking Mama. Taking you step by step through even the most complicated recipes, in bite-sized mini game fashion. Localized for the western release, Sweet Shop doesn’t carry the adorable mama voice that we used to love–but, the fun of the original game remains, and that’s all that matters. Set aside your savory dishes for a moment, and indulge in the teeth-melting sweetness of mama’s delicious desserts. With 60 different recipes, you’ll have to use your stylus and your microphone to slice, stir, knead, and bake morsels of pure goodness as she smiles over you like the angel she is. With activities spread over the game’s 160 different minigames, there’s always something to do. Try your hand at every activity, earn yourself some medals, and serve up your creations to your loyal patrons–wandering about in your sweet shop, looking for a tiny cupcake to brighten their days. With new customizations, decorations, and everything nice, Cooking Mama retains the cutesy charm it used to have. While its popularity has waned over the few years, it’s always comforting to know that, even when you’re doing bad, it’s okay. Because mama will help you!

RPG Maker Fes

Ever wanted to make your own game? Watch your stories, characters, and maps come alive? Well, the RPG Maker has allowed thousands of other users make their dreams come true since the 90s. It gave birth to classics like To The Moon, Pokemon Zeta Omicron, and so much more. Released in Japan, the legendary RPG creator got a portable facelift when it was released on the 3DS. And while we were green with envy for what seemed an eternity, NIS America brought us the sweet release of a western localization just last June. A simplified toolkit for wannabe game directors, it gives you the thrill of development, without the hassle of codes, numbers, and all that programming mumbo jumbo. Enjoy its simple and intuitive user-interface that’s accessible to even to their youngest audiences. Paint the world with brushes, and drag and drop walls and caverns into the canvas of your imaginings. Other than world-making, it even allows you to create scenes and events, bridge worlds together with portals, and fill the world with its wide array of items and objects. And, with SD card support, there’s a million more things you can do, letting you make up to 16 different RPG Worlds. While it’s definitely not as expansive as its PC counterpart. This 3DS addition brings it down to more pocket-friendly device, without compromising quality in the process. Sure, it’s not a game per se, but building a whole universe from scratch is about as fun as any game in this list.

Mario Sports Superstars

The olympic spirit is positively alive on the 3DS, and who else to lead the way than Nintendo’s iconic plumber Mario. Combining golf, soccer, baseball tennis, and horse racing into one gigantic athletic celebration—perfect for both competitive players, and party game enthusiasts. And with that number of games, you might think it’s just a bunch of mini-games strung together, but that is where you’re wrong. While it’s as expansive as their individual game counterparts, Superstars still has an impressive for each of them–with full-blown tournaments and a lot of replay value. While not all games are equal in terms of fleshed out experience, there’s still a lot to unlock in each of them. Play against friends in golf’s four different courses, roam around and take care of your horses, compete for the best rallies in tennis, and have some Mario Baseball-like fun. But, rising above the rest, the highlight for most players seems to be the exciting soccer games. Play with and against a whole team of eleven players, and indulge in satisfying passess and the adrenaline-pumping highs of intense rivalries. In spite of its place on this list, the game received quite a number of negative reviews from critics, citing their lightweight games that they feel aren’t worth the overall price. It also doesn’t make too much use of their iconic characters like Mario, Princess Peach, Donkey Kong, and Bowser (whom you can actually play. We checked.) And while it’s missing some of the Mario magic of other Nintendo first party-titles, it’s still a pretty awesome game.

Blaster Master Zero

A platformer slash shooter made exclusively for the portable Nintendo Consoles, this game aims to revive Sunsoft’s classic Blaster Master Game released on the NES in 1998. From the makers of Mega Man Zero and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Inti Creates pays tribute to the well-loved game. Retaining many of its important elements and providing a much needed revamp to its weaker aspects. Using today’s advanced technology, the game runs buttery smooth on today’s consoles even with its graphically overhauled visuals. Rediscover the beauty of Blaster Master with rebalanced stages, and fresh new areas and bosses. While the original storyline borders on ridiculous, this remake manages to salvage some of its key aspects of its exposition and taking a few liberties in the rest. Just like the original, follow protagonist Jason Frudnick as he ventures deep underground with his newfound tank SOPHIA III in a quest to retrieve a frog named Fred. However, in addition to that, you’ll also meet his new sidekick, Eve, who plays the part of engineer turned love interest. She plays her role well, allowing the two characters to have a richer character development through their witty dialog and banter. One thing that sets Blaster Master Zero apart is its hybrid gameplay. Journey around the alien environments inside your tank to embark on a metroidvania-like, sidescroller exploration. Or step out, to barge into dungeons and fight against the extraterrestrial creatures in top-down shooting fashion.


Boxboy was an instant classic when it first released on the 3DS last 2015, and spawned an equally loved sequel the next year. At each time, HAL Laboratory impressed its players, adding even more innovative features and gameplay to the adorable monochromatic puzzle platformer. With this latest release, they’re capping off the series with an explosive finale that is sure to cement them as a memorable landmark in platformer history. This time, the world is under yet another catastrophic crisis. With Qbby being the last hope for survival, it’s time to release the boxes once again, and open up for some mind boggling puzzles. There’s more dangers in store for for our box-shaped main character as he faces off against smoke, wind, and water in a quest to save the cute little Qbabies. Rescue them to receive powerful new skills that open you up to more interesting surprises. Destroy environments with Bombox, teleport with the Warpbox, and reach new heights with box rocket and remotebox. There’s 18 new worlds to discover, each more colorful than the last. It even brings in a slew of new unlockables. Swipe in some Kirby-series amiibos to get some special costumes, or achieve the perfect score to get Qucy and a cool retro gameboy scheme. While goodbyes are hard to say, especially with a series as loved as Boxboy, their excellently crafted finale along with the rest of their games, will be enough to satisfy us for years to come.

Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

Crafted by the same people that made harvest moon, Story of Seasons makes for an enjoyable alternative to Marvelous Entertainment’s classic farming simulator. Moving to the newer generations, Story of Seasons delivers the charm of the genre in full 3D graphics–and with the Trio of Towns, there’s three different cities explore with a triple serving of the adorable country life fun. Dive into the realms of farming, finance, and flings–made more enjoyable with the touch of cutesy visuals. Unlike the usual inheritance story that most farming sims begin with, this one takes a different, more complex tone as you set out to prove your father wrong and become the best farmer you can be. Created by Marvelous, it’s still pretty much a Harvest Moon game. Plant crops, take care of animals, and find the love of your life. What sets it apart from other games is the addition of three new towns to visit and discover. Go to Lukoko Town to bask in the warmth of the tropical sun, get a taste of the traditional Asian life in Tsuyukusa, or check out the bovine sights of Westown. With each of them having a variety of exciting festivals and activities to partake in, this just might be the biggest Story of Seasons game yet. Visit each town, get to know the people, and immerse yourself in the wondrous new world.

Ever Oasis

For what seems to be dying console, there’s still a handful of new IPs heading to the 3DS–and they’re definitely not something to thumb your nose at. One of them is this collaboration of established game icons: Koichi Ishii from Secret of Mana, and the studio Grezzo responsible for Ocarina and Majora’s Mask. It’s an assortment of the games we loved before, with elements of Animal Crossing, Monster Hunter, and Legend of Zelda combined. But with that said, it also packs a lot of ingenuity. A hybrid of Management and action RPG, the game takes you into the sandy dunes of their world and giving you the job of creating a lively oasis, and protecting the citizens from the threat of Chaos. Venture around their orange environments in search of residents of your new town, and fight against the Chaos-fallen enemies by swapping around your party three characters in real time fashion. Form alliances with other races, and work beside them in the war against chaos. Aside from protection, you’ll also have to build stores, provide stocks, and collect your share of the profits. Eventually, you’ll have a bustling oasis, full of the lively creatures of the deserts. Bask in their egyptian artstyle, and adorable chibi characters, that definitely fit in with the 3DS’ lineup of games. However, amidst the positive responses, Ever Oasis was also criticized for what others thought as shallow gameplay for both their town-building and action aspects.

Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World

Before Yoshi’s big papercraft debut on the Switch, let’s take a moment to look back on Nintendo’s nifty surprise for its 3DS playerbase. While Yoshi’s Woolly World was initially released on the Wii U, this port makes a few adorable additions. The most obvious of which is Yoshi’s loyal canine companion, Poochy, who will gladly help you out when you’re in a spot. In keeping with the friendlier atmosphere, it also has a new mellow mode for its kiddie audience and for those looking for a more casual experience. But at its core, it’s essentially the same game, with much of the praise and critique as the Wii U original. Strung together by the creators of Epic Yarn, it boasts the same vibrant colors, and lush yarn-strung worlds. Jump back into Yoshi’s enjoyable platform adventures–gobbling up enemies, knocking them out with his wool balls, and collecting a bunch of beads along the way. Solve all the puzzles in each world, and unlock a solo poochy collection stage. Edit your own Yoshi palettes, or swipe in some amiibos to give him a brand new skin. While Poochy alleviates most of the frustrations of the Wii U version, it just doesn’t seem that he’s used enough in the game. But all in all, it’s still one of the most adorable games on the 3DS, and we can’t get enough of it.

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey Of The Cursed King

A beloved masterpiece from the PlayStation 2 back in 2005, Nintendo scores big on the franchise, ushering its transition from home console to the portable. And this isn’t just any port of the original. While it removes the orchestrated soundtrack, it places in its stead an array of new features that gamers of the new generation can surely appreciate. The last of its series to feature the traditional single player campaign, dive into its gripping storyline, and help Hero and his friends end the tyranny of Dhoulmagus. This new version boasts an array of new additions, like scenes, dungeons, monsters, and two new playable characters in Morrie, and the bandit queen Red. While they only appear later in your journey, their various skills and abilities transition pretty well into the original story. To integrate into the modern generations, they’ve also implemented easier saves, hotkeys, and sped-up battles. And with that, despite being a decade old game, it still retains a feeling of freshness and novelty. With this remake, Dragon Quest reminds everyone why they became important in the first place. Surrender yourself to nostalgia, and fall in love once again with their quirky cast of characters, and enjoyable, family-friendly adventures. While we might have to settle for its MIDI soundtrack, at the very least we don’t have to deal with random encounters anymore.

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Awakening and Fates helped the Fire Emblem franchise pierce through the mainstream market with their friendlier combat and character creation system. But, the series’ most recent installment revives the iconic Fire Emblem Gaiden from 1992. Doing away with the weapons triangle we’ve been used to for a few years, Shadows of Valentia returns with their stats-based, plot-driven system and all the tactical RPG fun. Rekindle the fire of Alm and Celica’s story, sailing off to separate paths, and reuniting as two opposing forces in a world ravaged by war. The push and pull of their tense relations is what brings us forward through the story—with Alm at the helm of a rebellion, and Celica leading a lawful band of soldiers. While it misses the tinge of romance in their more modern iterations, Echoes takes a welcome turn into the dark and gritty territories of fantasy tales. Another drastic change is their return to a mix between simplistic and complex combat system that might put off some newcomers. It veers away from the marriage system of Awakening and Fates, with more honest RNGs, basing attacks and positions on each unit’s statistics. To make up for it, the game introduces Mila’s Turnwheel that lets you reset some of your turns, as well as an option to turn off permadeath. While it doesn’t introduce the beauty of the franchise, as much as Awakening did, Shadows of Valentia is perfect for veterans looking for a more old-school experience.