10 Best Nintendo Wii U Games So Far!

10 Best Nintendo Wii U Games So Far!

Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse

It’s a solid action-2D platformer, similar to the Metal Slug Series. The player controls a half-genie named Shantae as she protects her land from various threats. Throughout the franchise, Shantae has been seen fighting spiders, robots and armies with different powers and abilities in her arsenal. Praised for its quirky themes and cool pixel art, Shantae is loved by players since GameBoy color.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

In this latest entry to the Xenoblade franchise, survival is the key to save what’s left of humanity. That’s where the beauty of its open-world mechanics and real-time gameplay and makes you crave for more. The exploration is huge but underneath its massive world lies flaws that creep up from time-to-time. The story is criticized for being too weak and the pacing too slow. But who cares? You can control a huge robot and fly around the air with 3 of my AI friends!

Mario Kart 8

It’s Nintendo racing once more. The eighth and latest entry to the critically acclaimed racing game. One that could potentially end friendships. Kidding aside, Mario Kart 8 reinvigorates the previous titles with a bigger flame and a sweet anti-gravity mechanic. Players can now hate their friends so much more when this sweet anti-gravity make them ride on walls and bump opponents to accelerate. New items add challenges as well. So better crank your WiiU Skills to the test when going on co-op mode.

Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight is a 2-D sidescrolling game with burrowing proportions. Ranked 4th in our Top 3DS Games of all time. Take control of a Knight with a Shovel (Duh!) and fight your way through a horde of evil monsters inside a game directly inspired from old NES games. Glimpse moments of Megaman and Mario as you plow your way through a platforming wonder. But beware, the path grows difficult as you dig deeper, so find as many treasures as possible to upgrade your character.

Super Mario Maker

It was inevitable. Nintendo has finally given us — fans — control of the Mario universe. Creating a world wherein possibilities are explored in such creative depth adds so much fun in Super Mario Maker. Be the next Shigeru Miyamoto and craft your world into major Mario games — be it 3D or 2D. Once your masterpiece is polished and done, you can share it to players all around the world. Rewarding or vexing? it’s still an amazing experience to take control of the entirety of its universe.

Rayman Legends

Dive into an adrenaline-pumping platformer that introduces a brand new approach to surrealism and absurdity. From the critically acclaimed platformer franchise comes Rayman: Legends. Take control of Rayman and his friends as you venture across tricky puzzles and weird locations alongside snazzy music. Yes, Legends is trippy, and that makes it all the more fun. The insane visuals will make you stop and stare in awe despite running for your life. It’s a seriously rewarding platformer but you have to go through the hair-pulling moments first.

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD

Ohhh, Link. You and your adventures have impressed gamers from all around the world. A remastered version of the 2002 masterpiece and believe me, IT. DOES. NOT. DISAPPOINT. This glorious remaster not only increases the graphical scale of the game but the gameplay as well. Its full utilization of the Wii U controllers make the game more quick and less stressful. Plus! The gameplay is seamlessly tweaked and addresses the major complaints of the previous version.

Bayonetta 2

Winning numerous awards, Bayonetta 2 defies the hack and slash genre into a stunning scale. Say hello to Dante’s girl version as she gracefully shoots and dances her way to fight evil. Boasting major improvements, the gameplay has been overhauled into a slick and stylish form of swordplay and gunplay. Dodging enemies has never been this fun when using ‘Witch Time’. Not to mention the new ‘Umbran Climax’, where Bayonetta becomes more powerful (and SEXIER!) as ever.

Super Mario 3D World

A follow-up to their critically acclaimed Mario franchise: Super Mario 3D Land. Just by its title, it is bigger compared to 3DS’ “Land”. The world in this game is huuuuge. The sidescrolling aspects are now removed, and players are given the freedom to roam around various worlds. Play and control at most 4 playable characters in co-op and stop Bowser from ruining every Mario world. Come on, Bowser. Step up your game!

Super Smash Bros

Gather your Amiibos (or not if you don’t have one) and get ready for the biggest and probably the best Wii U game to date. With over 58 playable characters from different forms of Nintendo and Third-Party games, get ready to knock the hell out of everyone with its fine-tuned combat and clever homage to their source material. Play with up to 8 players in local while 4 during online mode and smash your way to victory in this #1 game of the Wii U.