10 Best Open World Games for PC!

10 Best Open World Games for PC!

Grand Theft Auto V

Let’s start this list with the grandaddy of the Open World Games. Rockstar’s latest entry to the main GTA series comes with cool new features that fills Los Santos with more mayhem and excitement. Follow Michael, Trevor, and Franklin- -A trio of criminals who live decidedly dysfunctional lives. In their various misadventures, you’ll encounter philandering coaches, vindictive billionaires, and the triads themselves. Being able to switch between the three characters adds another layer to GTA’s already expansive gameplay. Alternate between them in missions to complete them efficiently, or to experience Los Santos through each of their lawless lenses. Plus, there’s an online mode and a brand new smartphone. So go old lady punching with friends, and take that selfie!

Far Cry 3

Newly licensed pilot, Jason Brody, was having the time of his life until a skydiving trip with his friends lands him on an Island ruled by one of Far Cry’s most iconic villains yet: Vaas Montenegro. When he’s not telling you the definition of insanity, he’s out making everyone’s life miserable. He takes him and his friends captive, and it’s up to you to find them. Or not. You’re getting a lot of freedom in this installment, one of the defining pillars of the open world genre. And the island is just beautiful. Drive through a sea of greens and yellows, and dive into clear blue waters. It’s a nice contrast to the violence and savagery you’re gonna have to embark on. And embark on it you will. The game has multiple endings, so find one that fits you or get ’em both.


This is a unique item in this list. It doesn’t have the full 3D world we come to expect of open world games. Instead, its vast maps are in 2D. Terraria is set in a pixel-art, sandbox world ripe for exploration. At first glance, it looks like a Minecraft clone. While similarities do exist, there’s a lot of differences when it comes to the gameplay. Terraria lets you play at your pace. Go gung-ho and start digging deep into caves guarded by monsters. Or take it easy. Claim your little turf, mine herbs, gather weapons… before taking that grand quest for epic loot and rare items. The game is praised for its replayability, the variety of activities offered and all the free updates. So start exploring, prepare to fight and build your own virtual home.

Fallout: New Vegas

Enter the post-apocalyptic desert that is the mojave wasteland, and discover a land full of murderous roaches and friendly robots. Released in 2009, this game is still lauded by many as the best Fallout game ever. And there’s good reason for that. The game generally feels like a shinier, and more polished Fallout 3. That’s saying something, given that Fallout 3 was considered the best open world RPG at the time. But, New Vegas boasts a plethora of wonderful additions like its improved VATS system, refined character creations, and great storytelling with its memorable dialogue and remarkable delivery. Sure, it’s just a desolate wasteland, but it’s immersive RPG elements and general style makes it one of Obsidian’s most well-loved classics.


Minecraft is an open-world sandbox game with block-style visuals. It comes with five different gameplay modes to choose from: Survival, Creative, Adventure, Hardcore and Spectator. So how big is it? Its world is said to be bigger than Neptune, the planet. Yeah, that’s pretty vast. And you’re free to explore all of it. Some choose to fight while others see the game as a platform of creativity. It’s all up to the gamer. We know it’s cliche… but Minecraft really is a cultural phenomenon. It gave birth to various industries from server hosting to YouTube let’s players. And it’s currently the best-selling PC game of all time with over 25 million copies sold worldwide. The best description of it comes from a GameTrailers review published in 2011. It says, “Minecraft is what you make of it, and that’s the beauty of the game.”.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Any PC, open world ranking isn’t complete without a game from the venerable Elder Scrolls series. The world of Skyrim sits between the typical fantasy setting of Oblivion and the alien-looking Morrowind. If you haven’t played it yet… here’s a quick synopsis. Some Nords are in a protracted rebellion against the Empire. Meanwhile, the dragons have risen. You play that one character that can tip the scale of war and bring down the dragons. In the grand scheme of gaming… the main quest is merely a suggestion. You are free to explore, fight and make alliances of the many factions that inhabit Skyrim. There’s crafting, quests, lores and just a lot of things to do. A vibrant modding community continues to tweak, improve and revitalize Skyrim. No wonder it was awarded by Steam community’s 2016 Test of Time trophy.

Batman: Arkham City

Rocksteady’s second chapter to the Batman: Arkham series. Set a year after the events of Arkham Asylum, our caped crusader is trying to uncover the secrets behind Hugo Strange’s mysterious Protocol 10. The game begins as you wake up in the super prison with a lot of unfriendly inmates. From the first moment of the game, the whole of Arkham is yours for the taking, letting you roam its gloomy rooftops and dark alleyways. Aside from Hugo Strange and the Joker, there’s a melting pot of villains to face, with each one adding character to the districts they preside over. It’s an intricate and highly detailed world that holds a lot of surprises in every corner. Beat up some thugs, and clean up the city’s streets, and you might meet some friends along the way.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid gets an explosive finale with more stealth action and a massive open-world. Take on the fields of Afghanistan as Big Boss, in missions filled with political intrigue. You will be dropped onto different locations, each as breathtaking as the last. Like the old Metal Gear series, you’ll have to sneak into bases and knock out a few guards. But this time, you won’t have to go through missions alone. There’s a few companions on offer. Choose from the barely clothed Quiet who offers invaluable stealth and combat support, or Snake’s trusty dog who goes on the lookout for guards. All in all, it’s an excellent game that comes with the quirks of old Metal Gears paired with impressive design.

Forza Horizon 3

Surprised to see a racing game contending for the best PC open world? This Microsoft exclusive is the biggest festival of cars out of all Forza games… so far. It has more than 350 cars to choose from and improve. The map is inspired by the Australian terrain, twice bigger than that of the Forza Horizon 2. It’s one good-looking game that constantly shifts between simulation and arcade racing. It offers a wide array of customizations while making sure that races are really fast-paced and entertaining. Forza Horizon 3 trumps other open world racers with polished gameplay, excellent netcode and gorgeous visuals…

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

We are sure you guessed it already. One of the finest games to ever hit the PC, CD Projekt Red’s masterpiece looks and feels like an actual labor of love. This final Witcher installment comes with fluid combat mechanics, a riveting story, and an open-world environment so stunning you’ll waste hours taking screenshots and just basking in the sheer beauty of it. The game centers on the Witcher Geralt of Rivia on a quest to find the child of prophecy. It’s an epic adventure filled with griffins, fiends, wraiths. And, with its multiple endings, the choices you make are integral to the story. Apart from the gripping storyline, there’s so many things you can do in the Continent. Take on the monsters terrorizing towns, ride around your occasionally stubborn horse, or chill out at a nearby inn and play the game’s addicting cardgame, Gwent. With its seamless open-world fun, and deep RPG elements, it’s Game of the Year every year.