10 Best Open World Wii U Games!

10 Best Open World Wii U Games!

The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker HD

Game that came out in 2003, Nintendo never fails to excel at bringing players another remarkable remaster to their beloved franchise It’s beautiful and it feel like a gift for the fans of the series. It is profound and extraordinary at the same time. This version of the Wii U has plenty of surprises besides graphic improvements. While not technically as “open” as one might imagine, it’s a great adventure with convenient features that make the most of the Wii U’s secondary screen and hardware. Nothing has changed in this story. The connection is between islands so that Ganon doesn’t tear everything apart. He explores dungeons, kill monsters, and break pots. Critics praised the game’s incredible story, smooth gameplay, and it was hailed as one of the best 3D remasters of its time.

Don’t Starve: Giant Edition

Enter an unknown world in this immense German Expressionism game. A mad scientist has taken you to a strange new dimension filled with anthropomorphic pigs, steampunk horses and flaming flies. Your goal is to survive. The world offers a lot to collect and wormholes to explore. Learn about the animals you live in and understand who are your friends or enemies. But make sure you have firewood before dark or you won’t make it until morning. Don’t Starve contains many unlockable characters. Use their various skills to fight the long days ahead. Start a fight with Wolfgang and his awesome weapon or burn the forest with Willow and her sweet lighter. The game is top notch with its eerie atmosphere and uses a variety of musical instruments to provide voices to the silent character.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

The spiritual successor of the Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii. Part of the Xeno franchise, this is a fantastic entry to the Wii U console, with a dynamic combat system, a large open world, and progressive RPG mechanics. Set in a world where humans and extraterrestrial races coexist, but on the brink of war. Play as your personal character as you discover a planet with no memories of the past and watch its world unfold before you. Meet cute characters, take part in exciting battles, and control Skell to get to point A to point B quickly. The game was a huge success as it was first released in Japan and received critical acclaim for its content after the release in the West. Elements for research and unforgettable stories. With this success, Monolith Soft announced a sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which will hit the Nintendo Switch.

Disney Infinity

Disney Interactive Studio and Avalanche Software bring your favorite Disney and Pixar characters to life – in a truest sense. Choose from a variety of characters and sets from well-known franchises and popular classics like Pirates of the Caribbean, Marvel and Star Wars. While individual prices can be a little tricky for your pocket, we hope they are worth it when you see the characters come to life. Each character has their own unique skills, mini-games and campaigns. But in story mode, you can finish it in a matter of hours. Playset is only half the fun of the game. There are also tons to uncover in the Toy Box game. Combine toys and parts from your favorite movies. Collect a few more play sets, win a few levels, and basically create your own game. The game’s Wii U port unlocks some exclusive features.

Minecraft: Wii U Edition

Nintendo made the right decision to put one of the best selling games for kids on the Wii U. No one can escape the madness of Minecraft. From thousands of YouTube videos to parodies, these are giveaways for creatives old and new. Discover a voxel-based world full of colorful temptations and randomly generated objects. Craft and build the house, villa or farm of your dreams in the game, so unlimited that you feel the need to try them all. You can also play the survival mode where the game takes the survival mechanics very seriously. If the single player experience isn’t enough for you, your four friends can gather in the split-screen entertainment area. In this version of the Wii U, the popular Nintendo Mario character appears here with its own voxel world. Players can also unlock the Super Mario skin to feel the Nintendo vibe.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Following the game’s theme, LEGO comes with other customizations. Since their success with LEGO Star Wars in 2005, LEGO has released more than 10 titles in the last decade alone. And they are not stopping anytime soon. In this adaptation, Doom, Loki and Magneto jointly destroy New York with the remains of the Silver Surfer board. Luckily, you have the greatest Marvel characters on your side as well as their lesser known friends. Take control of more than 180 characters from the Marvel Universe. Use Spider-Man’s web to swing from building to building or simply smash things with the Hulk. Marvel’s creators and everyone’s favorite grandfather also appear regularly. This time, he is an endangered citizen who plays a character with a combination of his creative powers. Aside from the superhuman additions, the game isn’t that different from other LEGO iterations, but it comes with the weird and clever LEGO style we all love.

Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition

What if you mess up Batman? Bob Kane’s creation returns as Rocksteady takes the entire city of Gotham into a night of chaos and destruction. After the events at the asylum, see the Joker descend into madness and question Bruce’s morale. This sequel is definitely the first game in terms of gameplay, story and content. In short, it’s better than ever. This is the first in a series to move towards an open world perspective. No longer locked into the walls of asylum and intensive care units, you will ride across Gotham and compete in unforgettable boss fights against the Batman’s Rogue Gallery. The only difference between this game and the original is support for the Wii U TouchPad and DLC content. While it’s a great addition to the game, it feels unstable and unnecessary. Therefore, it is recommended that you stick to a gamepad.

Lego City Undercover

Freed from the burden of film licenses, TT Fusion has developed a game that combines GTA-style mechanics with a typical police movie plot. In this game you will meet clumsy sidekick, crazy captains, evil villains and of course our elegant hero – Chase McCain. Defeat urban parasites with your cop skills like jumping on walls and swinging on poles. But without a clever disguise, that won’t be deterred. Dress up like a robber to break into buildings or wear miner’s clothes and make things explode. LEGO City Undercover can take advantage of the Wii U gamepad.Use it as a communicator to receive video calls, a scanner to find criminals in town, and interesting items. Specially designed for kids, the game is lightweight, which can fend off some of the toughest players. However, with so many cool unlockable and captivating jokes, it’s an offer you can’t resist.

Assassin’s Creed III

Enter the birth of the American War of Independence and relive the story. Control Conor Kenway, a badass Native-American Assassin with a tomahawk. Find the people responsible for the war that made America and reveal secrets that have been kept for generations. Like the previous games, this is a transition from various historical dates. In today’s world, take control and guide Desmond Miles to find the key to saving humanity. Both the past and the present collide as Ubisoft soars in the open world game of fluid action parkour and brilliant open world design. Ubisoft never disappoints with its near-perfect recreation of Old Boston and New York. Aside form its great open world and enhanced battles, the third entry in the series shows its gaps as the story continues to fall in future sequels.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted U

From Criterion comes the best racing game the Wii U has come across. There are still fans who are drooling because of their stunning graphics that beat all other consoles. The game has 41 vehicles of all shapes and sizes waiting to be discovered. You don’t have to go through all the annoying races to get your hands on that prized Aston Martin. Visit exploration of distinctive sandbox styles and discover some of the 123 hidden spots. However, open cars are equipped with drilling rigs. You can get upgrades by collecting Speed ​​Points. And, true to its Most Wanted subtitle, earn Speed ​​Points by breaking the law as much as you can, stay on the fast lane and maintain extreme speed while avoiding traffic or mugging events and avoiding exciting car chases. Need for Speed: Most Wanted is definitely one of the most suitable additions to the Wii U roster with responsive controls and gorgeous graphics.