10 Best PC Games of 2014!

10 Best PC Games of 2014!

Divinity: Original Sin

Play as a Source Hunter, form a party of warriors, and rid the world of evil. For me, this is the finest RPG of 2014. Its complexity can be daunting to newcomers…but once you get the hang of the basics, you’ll discover a game with an amazing turn-based combat and captivating narratives.

Tales from the Borderlands Episode 1 – Zero Sum

We were skeptical when it was first announced. Yes, Borderlands is an awesome series..but will developer Telltale Games be able to capture the eccentricities of Pandora? Thankfully, they did! It’s hilarious, the characters are interesting and the story shows a lot of promise!

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

It’s an impressive action game set in The Lord of Rings universe…with gameplays inspired by Assassin’s Creed and Arkham series. But its brilliance lies in the dynamic nemesis system. With it, enemies you fail to kill evolve: they level up and earn new skills recognize you, and even wear battle scars you gave them.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

Just months after the viral success of the first game, we have this. The setting is exactly the same but it introduces some changes that up the jump scares No more doors! Instead, you wear a mask to avoid getting killed. Those animatronics smiles…ugghh…terrifying!

Valkyria Chronicles

This is a port of a magnificent PS3 game released more than 5 years ago. The visuals, especially the cutscenes, shows its age…But it doesn’t affect the joy of playing it! It’s a great strategy game that allows for different ways of play. There’s no silver-bullet tactics here. And the story feels like one of those adventure animes!

This War of Mine

This is a game that looks at war from a different point of view. You don’t play as a soldier, rather you play as a group of civilian scraping for survival in a city torn apart by war. It’s an emotional game filled with compelling characters. And the atmosphere is dark and grim.

Shovel Knight

Time for some cool indie platformer! Play as a knight wielding a powerful shovel…defeat the evil enchantress and find the love you once lost. It’s the perfect tribute to the 8-bit era in gaming and you’ll play it again and again like we did. Smart level design Epic boss battles With awesome old-school graphics & music.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

We‘ve never played a game this stupid and good at the same time! Join Kyle, Kenny, Stan, and the fat, cursing-kid Cartman in an epic adventure that goes beyond just retrieving a ‘’stick”. With direct involvement from the cartoon’s creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, this game perfectly lives up to the utterly hilarious name that is – South Park!

The Talos Principle

This is a first-person puzzle adventure. Similar to Portal, but it’s storytelling is more relaxed and philosophical. We are not a huge fan of puzzlers but this game just feels right… The puzzles are fun to solve, with smooth progression… It’s not the prettiest but the graphics complements the levels well.. And it’s all tied together with an interesting story.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

This roguelike goodness is even bigger and better than the original. We love this game! It’s full of surprises, from poop monsters to weird mutations. It’s Impressive randomization makes sure that there’s something new just around the corner. And with loads of new content, every run feels like a whole new game.