10 Best PC Zombie Games!

10 Best PC Zombie Games!

Left for Dead 2!

Released in 2009, there aren’t many games that last as long as this game. Eleven years later, thousands of players are still playing it today. Despite its slightly outdated graphics, lack of constant levels, and special unlocks, Valve’s cooperative FPS is still at the forefront of zombie killing. Because of it’s great co-op game. This is a very simple game. Without worrying about mismatched levels, everyone is always ready to play. Just gather four of your closest friends, sit down at the keyboard, and start shooting. Random maps, campaigns and silly game modes will never bore you. Finish it all off with a series of mods that offer a wider variety of games already fun. Simple, playable, and unnecessary. The perfect formula for a cooperative masterpiece.

Dying Light

Don’t get confused by the upgraded edition. This vanilla version of Techland’s hit zombie game is set in Harran a city in Africa stop terrorist groups from spreading mysterious epidemic. Take control of someone who is supposed to save this quarantine city from the threat of the virus. Some gamers call it the best zombie game from Techland since Dead Island for its impressive verticality and smooth parkour mechanics. Daytime are an integral part of the game due to resource gathering and upgrades. But the sensation of this game lies in the night mode. Avoid hazardous volatile substances and stay away from light. This is a rewarding zombie game with carnage, dirty weapons and exploration.

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare

This third-party multiplayer shooter feels like a kid-friendly Call of Duty game. Choose from a variety of plants from Krazy Dave’s garden and use right photosynthetic artillery to blow up the pesky undead. It has a 4 player cooperative mode for you and your friends, and a 24 player multiplayer mode for intense backyard warfare. Customize your plants, get to the top of charts and try out different game modes that make this game very different from the classic TD games we all know.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Enter the spooky mansion in Dulvey, Louisiana and find your lost wife. Meet the wonderful Bakers family and get ready for a night of intense “no” experiences. This is a new experience for Resident Evil with the introduction of First Person Mode. This game is very different from its predecessor. Zombies are no longer a thing, but the existence of an experimental creature called “Molded” is a force to be reckoned with. Not to mention that the Bakers family had a lot of surprises. Critics and gamers alike enjoy the game’s nostalgic journey with the franchise’s signature theme. They also praised the game’s disturbing atmosphere.

Dead Rising

Put a photojournalist in the middle of the undead mall under attack and let him die with a group of survivors and voila. You have a game that opens up new possibilities for the genre. Dead Rising is a sandbox draw that adds a number of comedic accents to its basic gameplay. Everything in the mall can be used to your advantage. Pick up a baseball bat from the sports shop to smash zombie heads, dress in formal attire, or ride a vehicle to defeat the undead. There is a lot to do in the campaign with the main character Frank West. The game has many endings, which add a taste to the repetition value.

Left 4 Dead

From the creators of Half-Life and Counter Strike, Valve opens the door to another addicting frame per second in the form of a co-op horror game. Although it does not have the same spark as its successor, this is still remembered as a classic. Go to infected Pennsylvania and eliminate the threat of the surviving gang of criminals. It was innovative in its time. Navigate through four movie-like chapters where you can experience a horror film with the same suspense and tension. Compete with friends and see how far you can go. In various modes, they have a director who controls speed, objects and more to create a dynamic environment for each gameplay. With a full movie-like experience, this is a well-known classic.

State of Decay

In one of the most satisfying zombie games ever, it’s time to put your theoretical survival plan to the test. Enjoy the ever-clear sky of Undead Labs and live another day. While shooting zombies in this game is great fun and necessary, this open world sandbox offers the best overall experience, combining the fun of shooting with a management spirit strategy resources and base building. Find the perfect temporary home and hope for the best. With it’s exciting day and night cycle, face the inevitable encounters in the dark and clear the floor for food, water and materials. Luckily, you have a car beside you that can take down unwanted visitors.

Resident Evil HD Remaster

This is the king of all zombie games. If CAPCOM hadn’t delved into the dark depths of horror video games, the concept of survival horror wouldn’t be what it is today. Meet the original STARS team who uncovers a great revelation that will eventually lead to their death. This remaster of the classic Resident Evil game features a great texture update. Enter the Spencer Mansion and experience RE’s humble beginnings in full high definition. Everything feels new and refreshing which makes it a completely different experience. However, the gameplay remains the same. The players are placed in a fixed position in third person view. Horror creeps in from corners and puzzles are still astonishing. New keyboard shortcuts have been added to get out of the undead quickly.

Killing Floor

Originally a mod for Unreal Tournament 4, embrace the massacre with endless zombie-like specimens bent on ending your life. The game is heavily multiplayer based and divided into two modes: Killing Floor and Objective. In the Killing Floor, players try their best to survive the chaotic attacks by monsters that became tough with every wave. The objectives, however, have mission and it is up to you and your friends to complete each objective. Collect items after each wave and buy the most powerful weapons from the dealer. Survival is the key! It’s a lot of fun, and with the help of mods it just gets better.

Killing Floor 2

Return to the battlefield full of weapons, maps and modes. Face the terrifying ZEDS, a group of mutated creatures formed after a deadly epidemic. Either way, these new, not completely zombie-like powers will ruin your day, wave after wave. With improved graphics updates, the carnage has become even more intense. Shoot faces, torn limbs, and beheaded alone or with five other friends in a bloody cooperative mode. Game offers three new advantages. Try out each character and combine them with an arsenal of weapons, from improvised weapons to technologically crafted monsters. It captures the franchise’s biggest features and release steam as you destroy each terrifying mob. Even without a story to back it up, it’s still a game you keep coming to.