10 Best PlayStation 4 Racing Games!

10 Best PlayStation 4 Racing Games!

Tour de France 2015

We do away with the usual cars and motorbikes and enter the world of professional bike marathons. Ride past Europe’s iconic landmarks, as you push and pedal your way past thousands of aspiring finishers. It’s unlike any of fast paced games on this list, it’s first and foremost, a marathon simulation. You control a team of riders, and you can switch between them as you please. Maneuver your team around flocks of racers, and put them in the best positions. It’s long and arduous, and perfect for racers who want to know the effort it takes to win the Tour de France. While it’s an odd choice for subject matter, and a bit lacking in stylistic flair, it’s a cycling enthusiasts dream.

Riptide GP: Renegade

From a game company that specializes in speedy aquatic competitions, comes another high-octane cruise against the currents of futuristic streams. This isn’t some sight-seeing trip, steer your hydrojets through cybernetic landscapes and make your way to the finish line. Execute daring exhibitions like backflips and supermans to boost your speed and beat the competition. For a game designed for the iPad, it looks good, pulling off that certain retro-futuristic atmosphere. Despite it’s rather grey hues, it’s and clean and minimalistic and offers moments of awe as planes drift across the sky. Along with a slew of different game modes, it also has multiplayer modes for local splitscreen with friends, or for online battles with other players.


Another futuristic sci-fi racer, this time from Disney Interactive. It’s a stark contrast as you dive into a world of dazzling lights and electronic music straight from the TRON Universe. If you’ve ever wanted to ride one of their awesome bikes, this is your chance to do it. Enter the neon void as you jump, fly, and cycle as you make your way out of TRON City. Run on walls, and avoid obstacles in disc races, or reach the escape portal in the nick of time in cycle races. With it’s array characters, cycles, and modes, your stay in Tron City isn’t as bad as they make it out to be.

Need for Speed Rivals

Explore the two sides of the coin as you play the fugitive and the law in an exciting open world. Need for Speed Rivals’ has two separate storylines for society’s opposing forces. Play the rebel with Zephyr, a renowned street racer famous for outrunning the long arm the law; or, sign up for the county’s Police Department and wreck them at their own game. It’s two different stories and playstyles, with the same fast and furious gameplay of the franchise. In this open-world racer, fair play isn’t necessary. You’ll have an arsenal of traps at your disposal to throw at your unwitting opponents. Call in roadblocks, drop some spike traps, and so much more. Once you’re familiar with the terrain, you might even find a few shortcuts to shorten the road to victory.

Trackmania Turbo

Drop into a frenetic and gravity defying formula racer that puts a modern twist on classic arcade racing. Nadeo’s Trackmania combines 90’s arcade aesthetics with impressive sound design and smooth visuals. Every one of its 200 tracks is riddled with urban signages fit for the country of your choosing. There’s four different environments and four different gameplays. Ride the physics-defying loop the loops of Rollercoaster Lagoon, and prepare your stunts for the rough rides around country valleys. And, if you’ve finished all tracks, you can always head onto the trackbuilder for handcrafted or randomized tracks to fill the rest of your days. There’s another challenge to overcome with its innovative double-driver mode where two players have to work together to steer a single racecar to the finish line. But, it’s all made easy with its simple and intuitive controls.

Trials Fusion

Put on your helmets guys. It won’t help, but you’re definitely gonna need it as you crash over and under and over again in the game’s collection of frustratingly difficult tracks. It’s a 3D world with a 2 dimensional plane to let you lean forwards and backwards to reach the seemingly impossible platforms. It’s level designs are well-thought out, if a little daunting. It’s trial, and a whole lot of errors. Crash a few dozen times and build up your skills so you can backflip onto gigantic blimps, and three-sixty over the highest trenches. The satisfaction of mastering a track and making that final crash into victory is all so worth it in the end. Spice up the competition by beating friends in multiplayer or climbing the leaderboards. Just don’t play it around your mom.

Driveclub Bikes

We’re going back to the tarmac as the Driveclub series expands their racing repertoire. Put aside your fancy four-wheelers and expose yourselves to the breakneck speeds of these two-wheeled machines. It retains the sleek and minimalist designs, adding a few reworks to fix the bugs that haunted the franchise. With a few masterful strokes, Bikes becomes a polished version, complete with exclusive additions, smoother framerates, and an improved handling model that gives you more flexibility for those steep curves. There’s 12 different bikes to collect and customize, each more powerful than the next. So lean against the asphalt, sneak in a few wheelies, and watch your opponents eat your dust.

Project CARS

This community assisted masterpiece has raised the bar on realism, creating one of the most authentic motorsport simulations to date. Experts, pro-racers, and thousands of racing enthusiasts came together to make a technologically advanced racing game that competes with the likes of heavyweights Gran Turismo and Forza. the real world, there’s a lot of small aspects that seek to dampen your speed and challenge your performance like temperatures and changing weather. This game has all of them. Not only does it look realistic, laying a careful hand on every car, track, and wheel down to the last polygon, but it also has a dynamic environment that will affect your driving experience. In Approved by real-life racers, it’s probably the closest you’ll ever get to real racetracks.

F1 2016

After the seemingly rushed F1 2015, our 2nd place entry is Codemaster returning to grace and form. Live out your formula one dreams and become a racing legend in a career mode that’s teeming with content. Develop your car and career, along with agents, and your team of engineers. Whether on the track or out, it delivers unbelievable immersion, packed with all the behind the scenes drama. There’s a lot of hard decisions to make. With the last lap looming in the distance, will you finally listen to Jeff, your racing engineer, as he warns you about an imminent danger? Or will you shut him up with your voice commands, and take that risky dive? It’s lauded by many as one of the best formula one games yet, and it probably will be for a very long time.

DiRT Rally

Wow, another Codemasters game? Not only did they make the best formula one racer yet, they’ve also cracked the Dirt Rally formula with an amazing game to prove it. Buckle your seatbelt as you take a drive on the world’s most unforgiving terrain. Ride along rain-dipped valleys, snowcapped hills, and sandy deserts. But don’t let the scenic landscapes and detailed vehicles deceive you. Every stage will test your skill, concentration, and patience. Along with the unforgiving cliff edges, you’ll have to deal with the mechanical failures. Engines will overheat, tires will get punctured, repairs will eat into your precious time. The game is hard, you got that right. But it’s one of the coolest things about it. With it’s hair-pullingly accurate rally races and world famous off-road racecars, it’s the best racing game on the PS4.