10 Best PlayStation Games!

10 Best PlayStation Games!

Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

In this sequel, your aim is to save Clank from the evil Dr. Nefarious. You alternate gameplays with each other, one time you’ll be Ratchet and later~ as Clank. And as always Ratchet & Clank’s gritty humor polished storyline. and awesome cool new weapons, are what reel gamers in. Sadly, for those expecting something revolutionary – you’ll find none in this sequel.

inFamous 2

Plays much like the first game, but with a bigger and better world. It offers tons of content and a very high replay value. Plus, you get to feel like a genuine superhero~ helping citizens and stuff. good artistic design more enemy types to fight with. fun exploration. and although the overhead camera goes nuts sometimes, it doesn’t take away much of the game’s overall greatness.

Demon’s Souls

The term ”Learn from your mistakes” fits perfectly into this game. You’ll die alot, this I assure you, and because of it, you get to be more cautious, crafty, and smart on your moves and attacks the next time around. Although occasional framerate issues happen, and enemies may become unbearably difficult at times, that still doesn’t hinder me from loving this game.

LittleBigPlanet 2

a fun game meant to light up your day! LittleBigPlanet 2’s creation mode is even more pronounced than before, with more tools to experiment with, and a fantastic online community to share and play with. light-hearted storyline. varied gaming experience. and a well-polished presentation. That said, the tutorials may not be that comprehensive.. but hey, what’s there to learn if everything’s on the plate?

God of War 3

It may not have many notable upgrades, but why change a formula that works? With opening parts that are epic in scale, you can really feel a sense of finality in it. outstanding visuals amazing boss fights. and very satisfying combat. Story progression may be a bit slow, but since you’re busy bashing skulls around all day, I doubt you’ll mind it.


a dark, gruesome open-world filled with monsters beyond imagination roam this difficult but rewarding game. So get ready to die some more! Its grotesque-designed character models and eerie environment is surreal to look at, and will definitely give weird chills. It has a great religion-themed storyline and an epic weapon system. However, the long loading times can be quite irritating, especially in a game like this.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Delivers one of the best stealth mechanics in any game, and with the addition of an upgraded shooting mechanic, players now have a more versatile approach on how they want to play the game. Brilliant sound and visuals. and although storytelling can get a little heavy at times, its overall presentation is nothing to sneeze at.


A game so beautiful, you don’t need words or text in it. One of the shortest but superbly gratifying games I’ve ever played! For a game that only uses run, jump, and speak mechanics, It has a very beautiful environment, breathtaking musical scores and sounds, unique multiplayer experience, and a very satisfying end-game. I just wish there were more games as pleasant as this.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Who doesn’t want an adrenaline-filled treasure quest? Especially when it is played with excellent graphics with great locations. Huh, anyone? Uncharted 2 brings-out the best of Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider combined. with great combat variations thrilling exploration and immensely fun multiplayer modes, which~ is also where most of your time is.

The Last of Us

A game so good, it got a remastered version a year after its release. In The Last of Us you get to experience a very meaningful story of an apocalyptic survivor and a girl who was raised in it. The overall presentation is a marvel.. with excellent writing, adept voice acting and awesome gameplay, this game is a masterpiece! Easily grabbing 2013’s game of the year title, it holds a playscore of 9.5 on both PS3 and PS4 consoles