10 Best PlayStation VR Games So Far!

10 Best PlayStation VR Games So Far!

Rez Infinite

This digital journey to awe-inspiring world features pulsating electronic beats and lights that give players one of the best VR experiences ever. If anyone remembers, Rez Infinite is a rail shooter that takes the form of a rhythmic and prominent atmosphere. It was released on the legendary Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 in 2001. A trippy world with dazzling moments evokes nostalgia in most players. Float in translucent detail in an endless space filled with pixelated organisms. The game can be played with or without VR, but for those who prefer to play games in virtual form, then you are in for an amazing experience.

PlayStation VR Worlds

Sony’s compilation of great virtual reality games comes together in PlayStation VR Worlds. Players can enjoy 4 different worlds with unique details. From insane gorge magic in Ocean Descent to landlubberin’ adventures of the sea in Scavenger’s Odyssey. This game takes into account the depth of virtual reality and PS Move controllers. Perhaps the most rewarding world is The London Heist. It puts you in an Ocean’s Eleven-like experience. Steal precious diamonds and take part in gunfights in the most exciting way. If stealing doesn’t suit you, you can play a relaxing game of pong in Danger Ball.


There is something strangely satisfying about this game. If not for ominous character watching you from afar, this is the visual impact this game has to offer. Thumper is dubbed “Rhythmic Violence”, a mixture of rhythmic play and brutal physicality. Adequate reflex is necessary to keep your ladybug from succumbing to the darkness. Apart from the visuals, Thumper is characterized by his impressive music. The amazing sound of bumping and sliding through walls and rails ensures satisfaction, if not disappointment. By using PS VR peripherals, gamers can feel the strange greatness of this game.

DriveClub VR

One of the few VR launch games that puts the pedal to the metal. DriveClub VR not only gives you a dazzling feeling behind the wheel, it also gives you the first impression of what VR racing has to offer. DriveClub veterans will not find a variety of game modes and dynamic weather that enhance the original gameplay. Instead, they will find a familiar feeling and excitement while driving through the beautiful world of the game. Despite its shortcomings, DriveClub VR still proves that virtual reality is racing ready.

Trackmania Turbo

Nadeo developer offers a fast and colorful racing game that combines fun and simplicity at its core. Trackmania Turbo has a short but very fun level design that will please players who want to do it alone or with friends. Its immense amount of content ranges from many tracks. According to most reviewers, it’s a fairly simple game that can be a great product for casual players. The more than 200 Trackmania Turbo tracks are still hugely successful in multiplayer and single player races.

Here They Lie

There is a fine line between what is real and what is not. This game takes fear and visualizes it in the most terrifying way possible. Here They Lie is dubbed “Alice’s Trip Down The Rabbit Hole,” and it means a lot. The stunning visual effects, combined with the constant fear of terrifying noises, can sneak up on someone playing. However, its focus on the abstract form of fear loses its way into a deep spiral of confusion and frustration for most players. However, it’s still a psychologically terrifying virtual reality experience.

Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood

Take what you know about supermassive horror games and give it a little VR. Rush Of Blood as the name suggests, this is a terrifying show of roller coaster proportions. You rise to what seems normal at first, and then as you dive deeper into the darkness you know that you yourself have descended into hell. Don’t get confused by the original interactive gameplay, this game focuses on the shooting mechanism on the rails. There are many different levels of fear. From clowns, murderers and even slaughtered pigs. Basically, it’s a one-stop shop for phobias. Until Dawn’s hassle-free use of the PlayStation controller delivers a phenomenal shooter experience.

Batman: Arkham VR

Our wisest crusaders returned to Virtual Reality. Rocksteady’s entry into the VR gaming world begins with a new chapter in the Arkham series. Put on the batsuit in a immersive engaging experience the orphan shoes. This time in virtual reality. Rocksteady promises players to have complete control over most of Batman’s iconic devices such as the Batarang, Batclaw, and his detective Vision. These device helps him solve mysteries that threatens the safety of his friends. This 90-minute game offers a unique approach to some of Batman’s enemies.

Job Simulator

There is really nothing to say about Job Simulator. Basically this is a job simulator. Even though it’s weird. It’s a mix of VR practice when you get used to the PS Move controller. Question your presence in the endless simulations of your work that cover almost anything. From refueling your car to cooking to throwing inanimate objects at your boss. You can even eat donuts in this game. Seriously, there’s nothing serious to discuss in this game. It’s a relaxed, funny and goofy way to describe life’s greatest monotony in virtual reality games.


Enter the world with brilliant visual aesthetics. This Platformer entry to the VR scene comes with charm, heart, and grace. Bound brings you to life as a princess in a beautifully rendered world featuring only color. Platform elements require careful movement and precise refinement. Save your mother from the so-called terrible … monster. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this game is that there is no risk of punishment. You really don’t die in this game. A strange and wonderful story that literally takes you to an amazing world. The 3 hour playback time and repeatability add a bit of charm to the atmosphere. This is one of the greatest PS VR games to date.