10 Best PS Vita Arcade Games So Far!

10 Best PS Vita Arcade Games So Far!


This is a game that doesn’t take itself seriously! It’s fun, and exciting. Guacamelees’ sense of humor stood out among other platform games. You will love the characters you meet on your adventures. Combat is easy, but offers considerable complexity as it progresses.

Rogue Legacy

This is a game where death means better chances of survival. A platformer with randomly generated levels so you can explore and fight! Rogue Legacy is based on a powerful engine that creates challenging levels and special characters with their own strengths and weaknesses. Together with great graphics and music, this makes each playthrough a unique experience.


It is for this game that the Vita was created. The ultimate arcade adventure that shows what makes Vita unique. It’s set of inputs and sensors that the games use are great! It is based on an emotional and entertaining story in a beautiful world made of paper. A world where you can interact via seamless touch control integration!

Child of Light

This is a great story that has elements of role-playing, platformer and turn-based combat. Your mission is to save the sun, moon and stars from the Dark Queen. The graphics, sounds and general atmosphere of the game are magical and childish. But don’t let that fool you, battle require tactics wisdom.

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f

This is the first rhythmic game … and then a pop star simulator. A combination that will make J-Pop fans drool! It offers an excellent mix of more than 30 songs for you to play. You can create your own music video and share it with friends!

Sound Shapes

It’s different from anything you can find on the Vita. It combines platformer and music in one fun game. Simple and looks great! The campaigns are great, especially when you unlock new music tracks. And after the Victory Campaign, you’ll have hours of replays in Death Mode and Beat School.


This arcade adventure game offers a truly unique and satisfying experience. The following is the journey of a boy trying to find his missing sister. Play like no other in black and white. In a scary world full of traps, puzzles, and creepy shadow children. Equally frustrating and exciting.

Rayman Legends

This is the sequel to the highly rated platformer Rayman Origins. There isn’t much to tell … but the gameplay is a whole new beast! Rayman Legends is a beautiful game, the characters, animation and effects and world design looks great. Fast-paced levels and boss battles are intense! And there’s a lot of content to collect and unlock!

Super Stardust Delta

This is a powerful twin stick shooter designed to make you chase the highest score. Your mission is to control your spaceship and blow up asteroids and enemies with the help of various weapons. It looks amazing on the Vita screen. The gameplay is addicting. And the accompanying music and sound effects are also great!

Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien

This is the sequel to the original BIT.TRIP game, a music platformer known for its difficulty. Runner2 maintains the difficulty but is much more accessible. Visual elements are updated. It’s in 3D now, but it’s still colorful. And it’s exclusive soundtrack powers your every move!