10 Best PS Vita Multiplayer Games!

10 Best PS Vita Multiplayer Games!

One Piece Unlimited World RED

When it comes to the PS Vita, its long list of brawlers and JRPG’s always overshadow the other genres. Ganbarion’s take on a different kind of One Piece offers the same style and vibes from the hit Anime it was based on. Follow the Straw Hat Pirates in their quest around the world to find the elusive One Piece. It’s a colorful experience with its fast-paced brawling combat. Choose from a wide variety of heroes and take down hordes of enemies with style. The only gripe about this game is its wasted multiplayer. It’s good, but it’s only for co-op. They could’ve added a versus mode for added fun. Nevertheless, it’s still an adventure on the high seas.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Return to the race track in this sequel to the popular kart racing videogame that dominated the previous generation consoles way back 2010. The iconic characters from SEGA go out in a wild ride to show who’s the best kart racer of them all. The biggest improvement of this game comes from its multiplayer hurdles. Players can now swap vehicles during the race track depending on the terrain. Grab a boat during sailing moments, or fly into the air when the floor disappears. It’s a highly detailed game with good physics and dynamic velocity. Prepare to lose some of your friends and pick from a wide variety of characters coming from all of SEGA’s games. Be it characters from Jet Set Radio, Sonic the Hedgehog, or more.

Hot Shot Golf: World Invitational

It’s Hot Shots Golf’s debut on sony’s PlayStation Vita. It still has the expressive personality that was once a signature of its previous entries of the franchise. Choose from among its quirky band of cute characters and swing your golf club to score enough stars. More stars means more levels, more levels mean more fun. It can be a bit cumbersome due to its complicated learning curve. But with further practice, it can be very enjoyable. And of course who could forget their multiplayer. Step into the game’s lobby and play locally or internationally with friends.

OlliOlli2: Welcome To Olliwood

The sequel to Roll7’s radtacular skating game returns with all new styles. This maximizes the PS Vita’s portable capabilities and proved that 2D street skating is charming as hell. From the team that gave us Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, expect a more refined skating experience with free-flowing tricks and skillful grinds. Its multi-layered levels can pack obstacles that enable you to do some kickflips, ollies and more. Its learning curve is obviously complex. Master the art of timing and work on your reflexes because it rewards good scores. Multiplayer is also something. Go on a local split-screen with a friend and nab the highest scores in the most efficient ways.

Senran Kagura: Estival Versus

Oh come on. Every PS Vita user needs to have this game. If not for these busty ladies in their tight swimsuits, experience it’s fast-paced action, packed with sexy goodness. These ninja girls are returning once again in a more violent adventure than ever before. It’s only a matter of time before we find out who’s the best academy of them all. Take control of the original roster of steamy gals but with a polished moveset and upgraded abilities. It’s high-flying and high bouncing fun. Its third-person brawler is brutal and the multiplayer is something to enjoy! Gather your friends and go on an all out battle with a maximum of 10 players. Who doesn’t want a game of Capture the Bra?


This game feels like the lovechild of Rovio’s Angry Birds series and Tower Defense games. It’s a 2D sieging game that speaks of destruction and carnage. Feel the falling of rocks, blowing of canons and clanking of swords in its incredibly odd and humorous ways. Witness the war of Knights and Vikings as they lay siege upon their enemies walls. Use the power of medieval artillery and blow up your enemies walls to the ground. But remember they can also do the same! It’s a good mix of strategy, resource-collecting and comedy gold. As for its multiplayer, it has various modes which includes a 1 v 1 battle against an opponent, or survival co-op with a friend.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved

A multi directional shooter of epic proportions. Enter a prismatic universe of polygonal shapes that blow up like supernovas. Battle waves and waves of enemies in a three dimensional world. Be it with a friend, or alone. This award winning shooter boasts some impressive content and absurd difficulty spikes. Complete its over 100 levels of unmitigated chaos. This entry to the franchise also offers new modes such as Pacifism, King, Claustrophobia and so much more. If the challenge isn’t enough for you, take on the game’s Hardcore difficulty and prepare your fingers. Multiplayer is also fun. Team up with a friend and survive against the unrelenting waves of evil mathematical shapes.

BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma

From the ashes of Continuum Shift, Chrono Phantasma continues the legacy of Arc System Works acclaimed fighting franchise. It is the third game of the series and also its most prominent. An EXTENDED version was also released after the game’s success, adding more characters to the fray and a new story. But this game continues to turn the wheel of fate with a wave of fresh faces along with some old ones. There are over 28 playable heroes all in all packing in movesets that rattle the course of fate. A new gameplay mechanic called Overdrive replaces the previous games’ Gold Bursts. This addition adds spice to the already spectacular fighting experience. Aside from that, new music and updated character sprites make the game even better.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

When it comes to Pokemon’s other rival, Bandai Namco’s pocket monsters also come in for a fight. This third person role-playing game is the latest entry of its long-standing franchise. Enter a cyberspace filled with a deep mystery that could pose a potential threat to the digital universe. In this cyberworld, tame Digital Monsters known as Digimon, who will help you on your journey. There are over 200 Digimon to collect, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. In its multiplayer mode, fight against a friend locally or online with your own set of Digimon. It’s a battle of wits and training as both of you get your own edge in battle. All depending on your Digimon journey.

Soul Sacrifice: Delta

The ability to sacrifice a part of your body in exchange for power is the reason why this game was a success. Delta is an extended version of 2013’s game for the PS Vita. Defeat an evil sorcerer and reclaim your freedom in its demented world. Face off with humongous beasts in twisted magical memories and use the power of your ‘sacrificial body parts’ to grant yourself an edge in battle. It’s third-person action RPG is similar to CAPCOM’s Monster Hunter franchise. But enough about that, the game’s multiplayer is where Soul Sacrifice Delta shines. Gather your friends locally or online to aid you in your phantom quests. In your effort to quell evil, your teammates can die too. It is your choice to take their body and power yourself up, or bring them back to life by giving a portion of your body. It’s a truly morbid experience, but it’s deeply satisfying.