10 Best PS Vita RPG Games So Far!

10 Best PS Vita RPG Games So Far!

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment.

This game is based on the popular anime of the same title. Explore floors 76 to 100 to discover what really happened. Slay monsters and survive this virtual MMO world. Amazing gameplay style Beautiful world to explore With some cheesy character romance If you love the anime, you better get this now!

Child of Light

This is a story about a young girl on a quest to retrieve the sun, the moon, and the stars from an evil queen. Set in a beautifully painted world of Lemuria, there is little to say about this game that makes it unworthy of your time, except maybe for its poetic dialogue , which sometimes feel forced and hard to understand. Still, a great game that uses turn-based style with solid combat mechanics.

Freedom Wars

Fight for your freedom in this Attack on Titan-like action RPG! Battle giant mechanized creatures called Abductors and save civilians captured by it. What’s good about this game is its good variety of melee and ranged weaponry its satisfying multiplayer experience and the unique ”Thorn” mechanic, where you could grapple towards anything or hold something in place. A game that has fans begging for a sequel.

Ys: Memories of Celceta

A wandering man lost his memories and is on a journey to regain them. Although it has a bleak storyline, the exploration and action-combat feature it has easily makes up for it, plus… compared to previous games, it has an even bigger overall map to explore! which means more enemies and loots!

Muramasa Rebirth

A port from the Wii to PS Vita. Dark and chaotic times have befallen feudal Japan, as cursed demon blades punish all humans for misusing them by bringing destruction to all. With two available campaigns, battle intelligent enemy A.I. and challenging bosses to recover and tame rampaging demon blades. A game with a great 2D-art and a really high replay value.

Dragon’s Crown

This is sidescrolling-hack-and-slash reinvented at its finest! Play from over six beautifully-designed characters and travel through the fantasy world of Hydeland to find the all-powerful Dragon’s Crown. Its deep skill system is a welcome addition, and the tricky boss-fight mechanics will surely keep you engaged for hours on end. A game that will surely last a generation with its timeless art-style.

Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited

The fourth and best installment so far! Join Valvatorez as he plots to overthrow the corrupt government of the Netherworld! The same tactical turn-based game that you love, plus! a new feature to the grabbing system. and a new function called “Demon Fuse”. Even though it doesn’t provide enough tutorials for new players like me.

Soul Sacrifice Delta

A game that brutally reminds you that sacrifices are needed to succeed. Relieve the great sorcerer’s battles to gain experience and power, to defeat him. Gain allies and enemies along the way, and decide all the time to save or to sacrifice. With smoother visuals, a revamped combat system, and the arrival of Alice’s Eternal Maze.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

Join Tidus and Yuna once again in defeating the immortal enemy Sin in Final Fantasy X, while helping them get reunited in Final Fantasy X-2. A superb game with improved graphics and a few additional contents to keep you busy like: added storylines extra bosses and a cross-save and cross-buy compatibility on your PS3 and Vita consoles.

Persona 4 Golden

A game that is way more than just an enhanced remake. It’s a revamp! In Persona, only you and your friends unusual power can put a stop to the mysterious murders that surrounds the countryside town of Inaba. One brilliant thing to point-out about the game is its fantastic dialogue and overall story, and coupled with an amazing gameplay, there is nothing more that you could have asked, but instead, they added more! With better graphics an improved UI a new character and additional Personas