10 Best PS3 Fighting Games of All Time!

10 Best PS3 Fighting Games of All Time!

WWE 2K14

This is, by far, the best wrestling game released for the PlayStation 3. It comes with 30 years of Wrestlemania history.. and a lot more! Fights are faster and smoother. And youll spend hours with the character creator! Theres tons of options and you can use your favorite wrestler as a template! I just wish the AI and commentator were better.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

This is the most complete Tekken game ever released. It has the largest playable roster of any games of the series. Online play is solid. The new Fight Lab mode is an excellent training ground to try different tag teams. Finally, the impressive combat and strategic depth we all expect from a Tekken game have never been this good!

Jojos Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle

Its a fun game that perfectly captures the look and feel of the Jojo manga and anime series. Newcomers may find it too stylish but fans will love the crazy combos and eclectic mix of characters! As for the fighting, its more of a button-smasher with its basic controls and straightforward combat.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

Its, basically, the same Dead or Alive 5 game packaged with DLCs, new game modes, tons of improvements and cheaper! It comes with 5 new characters and dozens of new costumes! Some tweaks on the gameplay make it more balanced. But, for me, the most important changes are with online play. No more lags. 2-on-2 battles!

Mortal Kombat

The blood and gore continues! Mortal Kombat stays true to its roots with the same violence that made the series popular among gamers. It comes with a lot of contents. The story-mode, in particular, is surprisingly fun. Sound effects and arena designs are awesome. While still not as balanced as other fighting games, improvements on the basics make for a satisfying experience.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

It comes with refinements to the core gameplay. And, at the same time, offers rewarding character stories that fans will surely enjoy! Fighters are now more balanced than in the original P4A. Its a visual treat… with colorful flashy moves and smooth 2D action sequences. And as expected of any Persona games, the music and sound effects are awesome! Shoji meguro, you are the man.

Ultra Street Fighter IV

This is the final iteration of Street Fighter 4, released 6 years ago in Japanese arcades. It builds upon the original game with… Added contents: new attacks, stages and gameplay modes. Plus 5 new fighters; increasing the roster to 44 playable characters, each with specific playstyles. And I think you guys can agree that rebalancing further makes competitive plays more fun and exciting! No ragequit, please.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3

This is a game made for die-hard fans of the series. It delivers an interesting adventure mode that stays true to the manga along with some side stories. As for the actual fighting. Attacks and movements are faster. Controls are responsive. Pretty graphics and animations with occasional framerate drops. And you have more than 80 shinobis to choose from!

BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma

This is an excellent game that is often overshadowed by bigger titles of the genre. An anime-inspired fighting game that loves spectacles and flashy attack sequences… It features 24 characters, each with very distinct fighting style. The 2D character designs, animations, effects and soundtrack are all top-notch! And, for newcomers, it offers a comprehensive tutorial that introduces the core mechanics of the game.

Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-

This is a game that will delight both casual and hardcore players. It has all the right elements that make for one epic fighting game. it has A variety of interesting characters with unique suites of attacks and combos. Excellent visuals and sound effects. Well-balanced gameplay. And, most importantly, its a blast to play!