10 Best PS3 Games of 2014!

10 Best PS3 Games of 2014!

Child of Light

This game’s combat is exceptionally good! I like the idea that every battle, it gets you to always aim to interrupt the enemy’s action to stop it from performing an attack. And of course, the beautiful art style it has is a huge plus. Even though its rhyming way of narration may be confusing at times, I still think it’s a very good game overall.

Rogue Legacy

At first I thought… ”another Castlevania rip-off??’’ but then, after fifteen minutes of gameplay, I was like ”man, this is one hell of a game!!’’. And it sure was! The idea of perma-death and wanting to try and see what kind of legacy this hero would spawn is what grips you till the end.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remastered

Truly an experience worth revisiting! Whether you’re new to these games or a long time fan, I bet you’ll still be hooked with its very solid gameplay and story. Not to mention its revamped soundtrack and overall graphical quality, which I think is enough to draw-in fans of the series!

Borderlands: Episode One – Zer0 Sum

Get this.. the witty, humorous, shooter that is Borderlands, is combined with gaming world’s leading story makers – Telltale Games? Now that’s a match made in heaven! With engaging action sequences a powerful soundtrack and two new lovable protagonists

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition

This is a special package of the original D3 plus the expansion Reaper of Souls. It comes with many improvements, but, for me, the most important are: The new Act V that further explores the awesome lore of the game, And the ultra-addictive Adventure mode.

Guilty Gear Xrd – SIGN

Still one of the best anime-inspired fighting games around! Guilty Gear, smacks you hard with: Aggressive, in-your-face beatdowns New characters! and two new notable features! I especially like the revamped Roman Cancel system, where now you can cancel-out any attack animation! – a first for the series.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War

A less intense but meaningful game. Not many video games these days, especially war games, show more emphasis on people’s experiences and suffering rather than shooting heads. And Valiant Hearts excels in that. A great wartime story lovable characters unique puzzles This is a game with good moral values.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

Have you played a game where its so frustratingly simple and hard at the same time that it gets you going ”Huh? it’s that late already?’’… That’s what this game is! Ready your thumbs! and challenge yourself and your friends in this adrenaline-pumping arcade shooter.

Skylanders: Trap Team

A very fun game indeed! The idea of ”trapping” enemies is so cool that it gets you buying for more trap toys! Well I guess that’s one of this game’s downside. Since you could only trap one villain in a single toy, the game somewhat makes you wanna spend more to fully maximize the experience.

Dark Souls II

This game is frustratingly hard – its soo good! The game punishes you real hard during combat, which in turn makes the rewards and the feeling after conquering your enemy totally WORTH-IT! And now you get multiplayer – where everything becomes too easy or unbearably difficult. Trust me, its where the real fun is.