10 Best PS4 Open World Games!

10 Best PS4 Open World Games!

Fallout 4

War never changes, but this fourth main entry from Bethesda’s critically acclaimed Fallout series has changed a lot. From post-apocalyptic Washington of Fallout 3, the series has nationwide covered. Fallout 4, go to radioactive Boston to find your son who went missing after a devastating nuclear explosion. Go to the front of the vault and explore the vast desert full of radiation maniacs. Travel to rotting fields ravaged by ghost towns and abandoned laboratories to meet friends, foes or friends disguised as foes. Perhaps the biggest innovation in the game is the base building. You can create settlements for your new friends and allow them to create resource-generating communities. The first person shooting element has also been improved. So much emphasis is placed on action rather than killing enemies strategically with the VATS system.

Grand Theft Auto V

Even for PS4 ports, the Rockstar site has always been the gold standard for open world design. Explore the beautiful residential city of Los Santos and absorb all your social boundaries because you can do almost anything in this world. Steal a bike? Shoot civilians? Hire a prostitute? Solve an alien conspiracy? You can have it all. This is the first in history with multiple playable characters. Follow the story of the three characters in the game. Whether it’s the crazy Trevor hanging around Blaine County, what about Frank trying to fit in, or Michael trying to save his family. You can switch between these characters at any time and explore their unique story arch. If story isn’t enough for you, go online and play with friends and strangers.

Gravity Rush 2

This space bending game sequel by SIE Japan Studio is more than just a sequel, it marks the return of our beloved Kat. This gravity queen sets new limits to aerodynamic perfection with an improved gravity mechanism. The game continues after the first game, where Kat and Raven investigate a growing threat in the game’s beautiful floating city. Like in the previous game, Kat can float in the air with its gravitational force. The new features include the ability to regulate Kat’s gravitational motion in two style: Lunar and Jupiter. Both offer different playing styles in dealing with enemies. Critics praised the game’s story for a better one and a bold new world that feels so alive. Kat is still cute as ever and her supporting characters are unforgettable.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Game by Hideo Kojima. This version from Hideo Kojima’s newest Metal Gear game is an open world wonder. We are not talking about how beautiful the open world is, we are talking about how open the game is. Stealth, infiltration and trunk mechanics make for a versatile adventure due to the deeply embedded gameplay. Follow the story of Venom Snake, who woke up in a coma for 9 years and ended up being attacked by a mysterious organization. Then he meets burning men riding a burning horses, flying boys, oversexualized sniper girl, and many others. This is a game by Hideo Kojima. This game has a lot of ten perfect. That makes it the best Metal Gear game. However, due to its shady history, it has also produced mixed reviews.

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition

Divinity Original Sin combines immersive customization, interactive environments, and tactically staged battles to create a unique and immersive RPG experience. Immerse yourself in the lands of Rivelon as a pair of source hunters and free their world from dangerous magical forces. In this game, improvisation is key. It’s not enough just to hit the enemy over and over again until they die. Develop strategies for defeating enemies and experiment with ways to use the environment to your advantage. Cast a lightning spell at the water and little oil to coat the explosives. This upgraded edition provides even more surprises. Apart from complete voiceovers and split-screen cooperatives, it also has new missions, game modes and fighting styles for dual wielding, wands and grenades in multiple styles. Larian Studios has managed to make an already great game even better.

Horizon Zero Dawn

The open world genre seems to have experienced a lot of competition since this game was released. Horizon Zero Dawn is a wonderful combination of the past and the future. Enter a fallen civilization where mechanical dinosaurs orbit the earth. Follow Aloy on her quest to save their tribe from a growing threat. Use her makeshift weapons to shoot down these robot monsters. The combat is basically smooth in this game. Players can overcome enemies in various ways. Aloy’s flexibility and versatile machine behavior challenge the open world of the game. Critics love the game’s open design and the amount of content it offers. Aloy, is charming and expresses so much personality. In addition, this game outperforms combat and exploration.

Dragon Quest Builders

Square Enix is ​​widely recognized for its potential to make good Japanese role-playing games. Dragon Quest is part of a successful series, and surprisingly, creators made a big changes to the traditional elements of Dragon Quest. As an alternate world based on events in the original Dragon Quest game, you have to repair the universe and start over. Set your horizons directly inspired by Minecraft in open fields and destructible objects in voxel-based universes. Create, collect and build from various game features, all driven by the player’s imagination. Since this is a Dragon Quest game, RPG elements are present, but on a lighter note.

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

The great video game CD Projekt Red sold 25 million copies and saved Poland from economic collapse. Witcher III Wild Hunt is considered to be one of the best video games of all time. This game is the final story of Geralt of Rivia. He goes on a perilous hunt to find his lost daughter from the hands of the Wild Hunt. A strong group that metal bands wannabes. He embarks on the adventures of a lifetime in war-torn villages, snow-capped mountains, and more. The game feels like a screenshot simulator because of its color aesthetics. Kill monsters, get contracts, earn gold, drive boats, get loot, meet Yennefer or just go around the sunset with your boy Roach. There’s no need to explain how great this game is. Just jump on your trusty horse and keep riding.

Batman Arkham Knight

Arkham Knight is Arkham’s biggest and most ambitious game to date. Scarecrow leads a large army with the help of the mysterious Arkham Knight while he avenges the city with his fear toxin. The Batman’s Rogue Gallery is back with a few surprises. But that didn’t stop BATMAN! This is Arkham’s first game to completely control the awesome Batmobile. Ride along the streets of Gotham and watch as anti-personnel thugs scream in horror. Combat is stepped up to take advantage of enemy fears. You can also join your friends on a unique mission to defeat criminals side by side!

Dark Souls III

While this isn’t completely open world, FromSoftware’s third and final entry to the Souls franchise to test patience is great. Take control of your lonely hero on his way to slum buildings and gothic halls to kill the terrible nature freaks. The story is not straightforward in comparison to most role playing games, it pays full attention to detail if you want to grasp all of its knowledge. Their battles have been perfected since the release of Bloodborne. It’s faster, and avoidance is a necessary learning skill. Magic is also very strong. Allows ground attacks to damage enemies. But be careful because these creatures can be unpredictable sometimes. Its two DLCs: Ashes of Ariandel and, most recently, Ringed City, are the latest stories in this trilogy.