10 Best PS4 Role-playing Games!

10 Best PS4 Role-playing Games!

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered

If war was an Anime, then SEGA’s cel-shaded take on a game that involves flying bullets and political intrigue is a major success. This 2008 PlayStation 3 game takes a remastered form into the PlayStation 4 with grace and passion. Set in a war-torn land in the first ever entry to SEGA’s cult favorite, Valkyria Chronicles. Control a band of heroes in their effort to quell the enemy empire from amassing an impending invasion. Utilize the game’s unique Tactical Combat gameplay Called the BlitZ Combat System. Players take control of characters in the battlefield to move and shoot enemies via turn-based and real-time moments. Aside from its hybrid gameplay, the story is gripping with political heights. The cutscenes and the game’s gorgeous art style also comes into full form due to its 1080p and 60 frames per second improvement.

Dragon Age Inquisition

Bioware’s descent into the world of fantasy and magic brings forth one of the biggest RPG’s of its year. A Game of the Year during its time, Inquisition stands out as a true follow-up to the Dragon Age franchise. Stop the Fade from destroying the world as you are the chosen Inquisitor to lead your army of heroes from all around the Dragon Age universe. The game has so many new features including a huge open world to explore, deep RPG mechanics, multiple branching choices and a combat so satisfying compared to the previous games. Due to the game’s larger scale, the addition of more than a hundred side-quests can add variety to the game’s main story. It’s BioWare’s most ambitious game to date and the hype continues on as Andromeda calls us out to become the Pathfinder.

Dragon Quest Builders

Straying away from its signature gameplay elements, the team from Square Enix decided to make a game that engages new and old players into the living world of Dragon Quest. Longtime fans of the series might feel a big change in this entry, the world is now voxel-based. Similar to Minecraft, players can build, create and craft items to help rebuild a world after a cataclysmic event. Use your character to progress civilization to salvation as you explore caverns, fields, and houses to find the right components and help your community grow. The RPG mechanics remain steadfast like its series and a heartfelt story mode that offer tons of surprises for the players. It’s a fun game, accessible to kids and adults, making it a deserving entry to our list.

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition

If anyone wants a good dose of a true RPG, then this game developed by Larian Studios could prove worthy in your quest to find that perfect blend of adventure and good combat. Divinity Original Sin is unlike most RPG’s, though it may share similar features to Baldur’s Gate, Diablo, and other top-down games with the same elements; it’s not afraid to show off its good points. In this game, it lets the players find who they are instead of following a generic story that’s hamfisted into most RPG’s. Aside from its story, the game’s combat feels so open and filled with possibilities. The game’s primary feature lies in its use of the environment via magical abilities. Remove a poison cloud with fire, strike lightning on water and so much more. This makes players engage in various experimental combos. This Enhanced Edition comes with high-definition overhaul and smooth frames for those sweet magical explosions.

Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir

A gift from the gods. This HD remake of the classic PlayStation 2 favorite shines with bright lights and glistens with handcrafted visuals with smooth graphical overhaul. Leifthrasir is a 2D side-scrolling brawler with direct inspirations from Norse mythology, Shakespeare and fairy tales. It’s a love-letter for fans of the good ol’ side-scrolling adventure. Take control of five characters in different interwoven storylines as they set to find a powerful weapon that can destroy their world. Each of these five characters show unique stories, skills, and endings. This remaster is highly praised for its polished optimization, intuitive controls and a detailed storyline. It’s also one of the top remakes of 2016.

Fallout 4

Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic franchise returns with its fourth radioactive entry to the Fallout universe. Travel to barren wastelands, abandoned laboratories, makeshift towns and creepy facilities in a destroyed Boston looking for your missing son. It’s one of Bethesda’s biggest open-world to date. It’s filled with new characters, multiple branching stories, and a time-consuming base-building feature. Take hold of the game’s new features including the freedom to pick between factions. Craft powerful weapons to survive in its ghastly irradiated world. The game was a widespread success. Critics praised the game’s open world but criticized the heavy reliance on action sequences. It’s a convoluted mess, but the game is still good. Also, Fallout 4’s DLC’s can add hours and hours of new content to the game. Bring out the mods!

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition

This is the definitive Diablo game to date. If anyone wants to get a taste of the Ultimate Diablo Experience, then this is what they’re looking for. Packed with smooth 1080p resolution, 60 frames per second and with the Reaper of Souls Expansion, it’s something Blizzard fans would want on their PlayStation 4. Take a break from their Blizzard games for a moment and jump into the dark dungeons to loot rare items, slay evil demons and survive a dastardly difficult roguelike experience. Forget the game’s early reactions and witness this polished, and uncompromised version of Diablo III.


Step into a Victorian-inspired world filled with ugly creatures and upscaled game difficulty because this game is not for kids. FromSoftware’s PS4 version of Dark Souls comes with a darker twist to a whole new lore. Play as the “Hunter” in a quest to find something in a world torn apart by a dark presence. The game is a much more faster version of Dark Souls although the rest of the combat remains the same. The rolling, dodging and dying can always rekindle your nostalgia for the Souls games but the addition of ranged weapons adds more variety to the game’s intense combat. Filled with deep in-game lore and unique monster types, Bloodborne is a love-letter for Lovecraftian fans.

Dark Souls III

Two FromSoftware Games in one list? Imagine the number of accumulated deaths players had from these games. Hidetaka Miyazaki’s morbid creation of darkness and insanity comes into full form in this third entry of the Souls series. Experience videogame hell because this is the biggest Dark Souls game to date. Topple down enigmatic threats and face off angry Kings and Dragons because this game isn’t child’s play. Use your wide array of items and weapons to eliminate these souls and banish them from the world. With two big DLC’s in its stead, get ready for more hair-pulling moments and satisfying monster kills.

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

If anyone wants to talk about the finest RPG ever created by man, then CD Projekt Red’s masterfully crafted video game shines on every list. The Wild Hunt is a breathtaking send-off to one of the best video game series out there. Follow the story of Geralt of Rivia as he finds the child of prophecy. Step on an unforgettable adventure as players meet old friends to aid him in his quest. Escape from the clutches of the Wild Hunt as Geralt imbues his perilous quest with fluid combat mechanics. Mix potions, craft items, cast signs and create runes in the game’s deep and rewarding RPG system to eviscerate monsters and kill humans. In a world where black and white is subjective, pick between the lesser evil because this game contains more than enough choices for multiple endings and interactions. Awarded by many for being the best RPG ever created, The Witcher III Wild Hunt is a Guiness Book World Record Holder for being the only game with so many awards.