10 Best VR Games So Far!

10 Best VR Games So Far!

Arizona Sunshine

Be a badass zombie killer in this virtual reality game that puts your deepest zombie fantasies in the forefront. Survive in a post-apocalyptic Arizona filled with bloodthirsty undeads. Find solace as you receive a distress call from a radio. But before act on it, arm yourself in its wide range of weapons. With the VR in place, use its movement-based weapon tracking to shoot these vile creatures to their doom. Explore its sun-soaked world, loot items, and experience the thrill of the infestation like never before. If you feel lonely, better grab a friend in its co-op mode. Arizona Sunshine is among the finest VR games released to date. The story-mode alone may be enough to justify its price. And yes, the main complaints is with the game’s price.


Inspired by the vertigo-inducing racing games such as WipeOut, F-Zero and more. Strap in your seat belts and prepare for a fast and frenetic ride across the game’s rich variety of tracks, cars and power-ups. Set in a world where humanity has advanced in civilizations and interstellar travel, experience an arcade racer like never before. Powered by the powerful Unreal Engine 4, beat your friends in competitive multiplayer or simply progress through the game’s extensive career mode that spans with over 100 levels and realistic handling. It’s one of VR’s fastest racing games to date and it kind of reminds us of Pod-Racing.

Job Simulator

With the growing popularity of Virtual Reality, we’re gonna expect more games to de-stress ourselves from the burden of real life responsibilities. This is where Owlchemy Games excels at. The joy of doing basically stupid things to your not-so ordinary job is enjoyable enough. Do you want to throw a stapler at your robot boss? Cook a hotdog filled with hot-sauce? Or I don’t know, just mess things up? It’s all up to you. The developers really studied how the tracking movements work, making you feel like you’re really controlling the player. It’s one of the finest VR launches from the HTC and Oculus and it’s the kind of game that puts our job-hatred to the test.


Once again, the latest Virtual Reality games might not necessarily put something realistic to the test as of the moment. Instead, they gave us a game that throws our football fantasies into something different… and really odd. Reeducate yourselves in the Football Improvement Center in this game that doesn’t really take football very seriously. It’s a fun and somewhat stupid game to check your VR’s head tracking. The goal of the game is simple, use your head to score goals and obtain the highest score among your friends. Don’t ask why. Ask why not? Just use your head. This is a surprise hit. It’s not the cool sports VR game that we’ve been waiting for. It’s something unique, a completely unique experience that may be a worthy addition to your VR games library.


This game puts you into the hands of a Spirit Guardian set in a land full of creatures called Peeps. Play like a God and guide these little critters to their salvation and not for doom. Replenish its beautiful interconnected islands and nurture the world you are bound to protect. The game’s core feature lies in its Tethering System, which gave meaning to the game’s title. Just like any strategy-driven game, this is your ability to control these inhabitants to harvest, build, and survive in its seamless day and night cycle. At nightfall, terrifying creatures lurk the night and it’s up to you to help them through any means necessary. Don’t worry for at the break of dawn, the game will return to its vibrant atmosphere. With the PlayStation VR’s depth, this is a brilliant experience for young and old players. Prepare by day, survive by night.

Werewolves Within

This makes game night all the more fun. Ubisoft’s take on Virtual Reality gives us the digital freedom to silently judge our friends in a fast-paced hidden roles game. Set in the medieval times, a werewolf is hiding and terrorizing the village. Among these five or eight character lies a deeper mystery that craves for blood. Who could it be? Of course that’s where the roles come in. You will be assigned with a specific villager to portray in accordance the game’s rulebook. Once decided, the main goal of this game is to play by your character and find out the mystery hidden behind the other villagers. Who among you are the villagers…And who’s the real werewolf? In whatever VR you choose, you will be pitted in a constant battle of deduction and personal judgment. Can you crack the code before someone snaps?

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

Virtual Reality is a good playground for fun party games. This one takes it to the extreme. Some say it ruins friendships, strengthen bonds or enhance communication. But how can someone do that when you need to keep talking? The game’s main premise is simple, one player is trapped in a room with a randomly generated time bomb; the other players are in a separate room with a manual necessary to defuse it. But here’s the crazy thing, they can’t see the bomb! Of course, communication is key. Anyone can play this game and it’s not always necessary to play it on the VR. But the feeling of sweat and tension from the other voice channel makes for a very thrilling experience. The game receives positive acclaim due to its innovation and a good social experience.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Capcom’s impressive return to the decaying franchise gives its first mastercrafted game in a long, long time. Experience the terrors of survival-horror once more as the game goes back to its roots. They’re not kidding and it’s absolutely scary as hell. Play as Ethan Winters, your regular man who stumbles himself in the Baker Residence to find her missing wife. Things go haywire as you find out the inhabitants are craaaaay-zy. Utilize the PS VR’s gear and immerse into the game’s atmospheric nature and a whole new first-person perspective. From the gloomy music, creepy hallways and creaking floors… Oh, boy. A critical acclaim since its release, Resident Evil is back. Better pack up your extra diapers because this game gladly welcomes you into the family’s madhouse.


Music fanatics will be happy in Drool’s oddly satisfying rhythm game. Coining the term, “Rhythm Violence”, be a space-beetle in a voyage through the colorful void of the expanse. Face off with a mysterious entity before you and time your thumping as you engage in an upbeat battle of intense musical brutality. This game won so many awards and received universal acclaim due to its unique gameplay, a darker atmosphere compared to most rhythm games and of course the soundtrack. Playing the game on VR is optional unless you want to put yourself deep into its flashy atmosphere But compared to most rhythm games, Thumper is a completely different beast when played on VR.

Rez Infinite

A remake of the classic 2001 rail-shooter that fills your screen with pulsating geometric shapes and digital lights. Take control of your avatar as he floats into the vastness of a supernetwork to shoot foes. Each time the you hit targets, the game inputs a rhythmic sound that creates a form of synesthesia. It can be played without VR… But if you want to experience Rez Infinite in all its glory, then you better put on your PSVR. Critics praise its exhilarating gameplay, beautiful soundtrack and the glorious revisiting of one of PlayStation’s cult classics. Rez Infinite easily tops the best VR game on our list.