10 City Building Games!

City Building Games

Back in 1989, the first important city-building game was being released it was named Sim City and offered the players the opportunity to continually shape and improve their towns 30 years later we have a myriad of other games that allow us to be city managers and builders.

Valhalla Hills

Valhalla HillsA group of outcasts Vikings must survive on top of a mountain to be able to open the door that leads to Valhalla in order to do so the player has to give them instructions to build settlements gather food and make clothes. Valhalla Hills is the perfect game for the city building aficionados as well as for Norse mythology lovers even though the story is not very complex and the gameplay can become a little dull at times.


PlanetBaseIn Planet base the player leads a team of spaced settlers and gives them specific tasks in order to create a base on one of the four different planets it was released for Windows in 2015 and it features 29 building structures five types of workers and three types of robots that can be built the goal is to complete all of the 10 milestones available the game received mixed reviews being criticized for its difficult levels and the lack of gameplay variety and some players complained about the bad optimization of the AI.

Cities XL

Cities XLReleased in 2009 and developed by Monte Cristo cities Excel is actually a sequel to city life it offered the possibility to play online trade resources with other players and build blueprints to improve your city due to the low number of subscriptions the multiplayer version was terminated in 2010 and the game continued as a single-player cities EL was appreciated for its friendly a learning curve compared to the SimCity series and its courage for taking the city building games genre online.


BanishedThe main goal of banished is to sustain the economy of an outcast community of people’s as you give them tasks to fulfill and constructions to build banished was released in 2014 under the development of Shining Rock Software and its gameplay is based on the economic theory of sustainability and optimization it was met with mixed to positive reviews being praised especially for its complexity and the fact that it manages to mix the city building and surviving elements very well.

Caesar 4

Caesar 4Caesar 4 is a city-building title that is part of the bigger Caesar series it was launched in 2006 and it features a three-dimensional game engine as opposed to an isometric model used in other games even though it encountered some crashes and lag problems Caesar 4 is still appreciated for its historical accuracy 3d graphics and progressive gameplay as it depicts the ancient Rome lifestyle it gives you the opportunity to polish your own history knowledge and have an in-depth look at how the economy worked back then.

Tropico 5

Tropico 5Tropico 5 is the first title of the series to include cooperative and competitive multiplayer gameplay for a maximum of four players you can build cities on the same island and choose whether to collaborate in trading items or on the contrary to be in a hostile relationship with your neighbors the game was actually banned in Thailand by the National Council for peace and order due to its thematic and the fact that it might entice revolutionary actions. Tropico 5 received average reviews from the critics being appreciated for its humor but criticized for its monotony.

The Settlers 7: Paths To A Kingdom

The Settlers 7: Paths To A KingdomThe seventh installment in the series the settle is seven paths to a kingdom as a strategy and city-building game developed by Blue Byte Software and published by Ubisoft it features a campaign game a skirmish game a ranked game and a multiplayer game and in all of these different types of gameplay victory can be achieved through three different approaches military science or trade the settlers seven received mainly positive reviews although it was deemed a very hard to play the game with a difficult learning curve.

Anno 2070

Anno 2070A city-building and economic simulation game anno 2070 is the fifth title of the Anno series it was released in 2011 and requires Ubisoft’s you play to operate in a world sunk under the oceans due to global warming the players have to build cities on remote islands named arks there are three factions Tycoon eco and tech and five-game events that offer one-time-only special missions. anno 2070 was met with positive remarks towards the evolution of the Anno series but was criticized for the initial crashes and the need to be constantly online to be able to play it.

SimCity 4

SimCity 4SimCity 4 is the fourth major title in the SimCity series and is the second game in the franchise to use a 3d engine for graphics rendering there were three game modes available god mode, mayor mode, and my sim mode and the learning curve is very difficult an aspect that was disparaged by critics and players anyway this game was received with very good reviews becoming one of the top 10 best-selling games in 2003 it was praised for its audio design graphical quality and overall gameplay complexity.

Cities: Skylines

Cities: SkylinesLaunched in 2015 cities skylines is the absolute king of all city building games the players can create their own cities and control an array of aspects such as zoning Road placement taxation public services and public transportation the goal is to maintain balance on all levels be them social, economic or emotional cities skylines is paradoxus best-selling title shipping 250,000 copies within 24 hours and is considered by critics the best city-building simulation game on the market surpassing even the genre pioneer SimCity.