10 Curious Anime Facts!

10 Curious Anime Facts
  • The first full-length anime film was a WWII propaganda that encouraged children to celebrate Pearl Harbor. Using actual Pearl Harbor footage, Momotaro’s Sea Eagle depicted children & animals obliterating ‘Demon Island’.
  • In the popular anime series Unko-san, a fairy whose name means “luck-poop”, popular with teenage girls, had a poop that brought good luck to his poop-friends.
  • Studio Ghibli posted a Samurai sword for Harvey Weinstein’s when he tried to cut short their Princess Mononoke. On the blade of the sword was a note that read “No Cuts”.

  • Animators use symbolism to accentuate a character’s emotions, e.g. popped vein for anger, bleeding from the nose indicates sexual arousal – according to Japanese Folk Tale arousal increases blood pressure.
  • Legendary Astro Boy animator Osamu Tezuka pioneered big-eyed anime in the 1950s. He was inspired by Disney animations, including Betty Boop and Mickey Mouse.
  • The 1970 anime series Rascal the Raccoon resulted in a Japanese invasion of aggressive raccoons. Imported for fans to keep as pets, their offspring overran the country, causing over $ 300,000 in damage every year.
  • The term otaku refers to obsessive anime and manga fans. In 2010, a fan married a body pillow the size of character Fate Testarossa – he took it on dates, to fun-fairs & restaurants.

  • The 1997 Pokemon episode caused 700 seizures in Japanese children, many of whom had no prior history of epilepsy. The episode was banned, Pokemon took a 4-month hiatus, and the opening was redesigned.
  • The manga series “Rapeman” follows a character with the motto “Righting wrongs through penetration”. He wore a penis-shaped mask but wears no pants and rapes women who dumped their boyfriends.
  • Anime porn is believed to have started when Urotsukidōji featured a character being raped by tentacles. It was originally written to circumvent Japan’s strict censorship laws prohibiting penises.