10 Games That Are Just Too Addicted!

Games That Are Just Too Addicted

Some video games are so addicting it’s nearly impossible to simply take a break from playing whether they are mobile games MMO, RPGs. shooters or platformers these means of entertainment take up a major part of our lives and are usually so immersive we simply forget to put them down and return to the real world.

Rocket League

Rocket LeagueRocket League is a vehicular soccer video game where the players try to score goals by controlling rocket power cars that they use to push a ball toward the opponent’s side it has been adopted as an eSport and it is played by professionals through ESL and major league gaming tournaments. Rocket League is so addicting due to its fast-paced action and its replayability value characteristics that make it a game fit to be played for hours without getting bored.

Tricky Trip

Tricky TripTricky Trip is an endless runner that could be played both on an Android and an iOS mobile platform it offers endless hours of fun through its colorful and challenging levels where the player has to slide a ball through a tunnel that permanently rotates the player has to move the tunnel so that the ball doesn’t fall over the edges the fact that you need to always be on point and act extremely quick leads to plenty of fun moments and numerous restarts of a level a fact that has you playing it for hours and not even realizing how fast time is past

The Sims Series

The Sims is one of the best-selling video game series in the world with over 175 million copies delivered worldwide as of September 2013 it has a life simulation video game that allows the player to build his or her own house family and social life and back in the year 2000 when the first installment was released it was a real phenomenon the fact that you could endlessly customize your furniture your walls your garden and even your in-game personality created a sense of control never before felt in a video game and this thing got us really hooked on the Sims.


RunescapeRunescape is a browser-based free-to-play MMORPG that holds the records for being the largest free online multiplayer and the most updated game it has a player base of over 200 million accounts and it offers a nonlinear story where the player decides the path he or she will take the fact that it is very easy to customize and each of the areas offers a different environment made runescape a beloved game it became a real obsession for many gamers keeping them in-game for so many hours it became a habit to play it daily.

Super Mario

Super MarioThe games from the Super Mario Brothers franchise are so easy to learn and play that you simply cannot ignore them on top of this they are some of the most easily recognizable titles on the market with the main character Mario becoming a real legend their simple mechanics and controls allow players of all ages to dive in and enjoy a round of jumping running and collecting stars in what is possibly one of the most enjoyable platforms on the market being so Universal in terms of gameplay mechanics Super Mario Brothers offers gaming titles that are really hard to put down after just a few levels.


TetrisTetris was created in 1984 by a Russian scientist and as soon as it was introduced to pcs and then to the NES and Game Boy systems it became a major obsession the blocks up descend at a fast pace needs to be stacked as best as possible to gain the highest score the fact that you constantly feel a desire to beat your own high score makes Tetris the ideal game to develop an addiction towards and you can only do this by improving your stacking skills over hours and hours of gameplay

Call Of Duty

Call Of DutyCall of Duty is yet another cult game that is well known by virtually every human that has access to the Internet since the first installment was released in 2003 gamers became obsessed over this first-person shooter franchise that took them amidst the most fearful battles in history it’s hard to make a hierarchy of the titles and decide which the best one is but what is definitely for sure is that the Call of Duty series has grown on more than 100 million players worldwide the through of the combat the fast-paced action and the rush of adrenaline are just some of the traits that make this game so addicting.


Grand Theft Auto VGTA V is one of the most enjoyable and addicting games available nowadays on the market it is so easily customizable you have so many options when it comes to gameplay and it features so many traits that you can simply get lost into its open world for countless hours besides these characteristics it also offers the rare feeling of reality due to its authentic storyline and realistic environments depicted the fact that GTA V has so many qualities bundled up can only make it a game that has a very high replayability value and that can easily become addicting to the point of obsession


MinecraftMinecraft is not only a highly popular video game but also a very addicting one due to its infinite gameplay possibilities you can build endless constructions permanently improve them and have fun with your friends in the multiplayer version it’s easy to forget how many hours have passed since we started playing a session since there is always something to be done in the way of building and redecorating Minecraft is possibly one of the most time-consuming games out there and this makes it become a real daily task for many gamers.

World Of Warcraft

World Of WarcraftThe incontestable winner of the addicting games list is the worldwide known world of warcraft the most played MMORPG that shaped this gaming genre as no other game did before the fact that you need to do your so-called dailies is already a sign of how addicting this game can become not to mention the extra quests or the raids you can dive into together with your guilt the community that has formed around World of Warcraft is one of the most loyal and dedicated in the gaming world and this aspect says a lot about the true nature of this gaming title.