10 Hardest Video Games!

Hardest Video Games

Games can dish out a fair amount of frustration when it comes to the player dying over and over again due to an insane difficulty level but in a way, it’s this very challenge that keeps us going as gamers.


ContraThe first game on this list is probably one of the games that can be considered the father of cash crabs because it was originally released back in 1987 for the coin-operated arcade machines and of course Konami wanted you to die a lot and lose all your lives because it sent you digging in your pockets for yet another coin that will let you continue your game. the game design was actually pretty good as it’s still considered a classic nowadays but the difficult platforming and the extreme amount of bullets flying your way could become overwhelming for even the best of players.

Silver Surfer

Silver SurferAnother classic that made its way to the NES back in 1990 is the bullet-hell that is known by the name of Silver Surfer the levels alternated between the side-scrolling and the overhead perspective as you had to give it your best to avoid basically everything that came at you oh and I forgot to mention that you basically die from one hit besides the annoying bullets of various shapes and sizes that are often difficult to spot also had to avoid crashing into the sides of the levels or into any of the many obstacles I throw your way including harmless rubber ducks that kill you if you only touch them.

Mega Man 9

Mega Man 9Similar to contra this game also has excellent level design but may become too frustrating for most players it was released by Capcom in 2008 and it still kept that retro vibe to it although they weren’t aiming towards you dumping more coins into an arcade machine they were definitely thinking about making the game so hard that people will spend more time playing it you will definitely dial out before learning the enemy bullet patterns and the moves you have to make in order to pass the levels almost every level has a unique method of completion that will keep you on your toes.

Arma 2

Arma 2This military simulation game from Bohemia Interactive doesn’t mess around it places realism at its core and emphasizes that in real life you don’t have a health bar and you don’t have a counter for your ammo and you kind of die even if you get shot by a single straight bullet player will find it very difficult to not only manage their squad in a way that doesn’t get them killed but also to account for the realistic ballistics that makes bullets drop in altitude depending on their caliber ricochet will penetrate certain materials patience is key with this game as running and gunning will only get you killed.

Dark Souls

Dark Souls IIIDark souls although it’s probably not the hardest out there this one actually has the marketing behind it supporting it’s frustratingly difficult bosses and the fact that you’re going to die a lot there is no doubt that everything in this game wants to kill you but when you learn from your past mistakes and manage to defeat the enemy your heart will be overcome with joy in battles you will have to think tactically about the right time to strike and the right time to defend or dodge as even the trash mobs can kill you with very few hits although Dark Souls is a difficult and punishing game it’s also fair.

Demon’s Souls

Demon’s SoulsGoing back a few years we have the spiritual predecessor to Dark Souls having a similar dark fantasy theme and also being received as a game that is fair despite its insane difficulty which only enhanced the challenge that people would get out of it in comparison with Dark Souls this game doesn’t offer the same leniency when it comes to the option of skipping an area and coming back to it when you’re ready there aren’t that many paths to take here only the straight ones that will most likely get you killed one thing is for sure out of these two games the one that you play first is definitely the hardest.

Ninja Gaiden Black

Ninja Gaiden BlackThis reworked version of the original Ninja Gaiden game brings a difficulty back when it comes to his combat system in this game the player fights the enemies on equal terms making Ryu the protagonist as easy to kill as the enemies he fights and consequentially making the enemies strike as hard as the protagonist the only difference here is a player’s choice of weapon and foresight when it comes to memorizing enemy attack patterns the only way you can beat this game is if you master its combat system and learn the patterns of the enemy which might take a while.


BattletoadsThe rival to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that came out in 1991 on the NES is definitely a weird one it has become quite popular for being a very difficult game to be as not only is it very high paced but it constantly Slams with obstacles that you can’t possibly see coming. the only way of passing such levels is you literally have to memorize everything about the layout and then execute your commands with absolutely precise timing and the levels are very diverse ranging from classic beat-em-ups to racing and also platforming.

Super Ghouls N’ Ghosts

Super Ghouls N’ GhostsAnother game that was released that same year as the side-scrolling platformer that’s the third in the ghosts and goblins series you play as King Arthur on your quest to rescue the princess along the way you’re greeted with multiple enemies each of them with various abilities and attack patterns you only need to get hit twice to lose one of your precious three lives that you have in total and if you don’t think the enemies are tough enough consider the fact that the level itself is your enemy it will be constantly changing and trying to mess with you but you do have chests that will give you some cool loot or you know will kill you but some have traps in them.

I Wanna Be The Guy

I Wanna Be The Guy: The Movie: The GameA game that’s so difficult it became unfair it doesn’t respect any pre-established rule that previous platformers had set many things you think will be safe we’ll just be without any reason deadly things will fall on you and kill you I mean at one point even the moon falls on you this game doesn’t listen to any reason and if you want to have any chance of beating it you have to not only memorize the levels but also come up with a plan to safely dodge one hazard while avoiding countless others it’s a parody game that certainly toys with the concept of difficulty but it’s a game nonetheless.