10 Most Difficult Games!

Most Difficult Games

Gaming is all about competition against opponents, against your own self, and in some cases, against the videogame, you’re playing. When they first emerged as a means of entertainment, videogames were created to be challenging enough so that they would keep players hyped for a long time. And even though nowadays the difficulty has been toned down a notch, you can still find some games that aim to test your skills.

Faster Than Light

Faster Than LightFaster Than Light is a game that requires your full dedication. This top-down roguelike was inspired by the difficulty levels found in Super Meat Boy, the developers’ goal being to create a videogame that is hard enough to play in order to be challenging, but it doesn’t get to the point where it becomes frustrating. Having to constantly check out the oxygen levels of your crew, fight against enemies, and keep a close eye on the fuel consumption of the ship are some of the demanding tasks that you need to be aware of.

Ninja Gaiden

Ninja GaidenBoth the original Ninja Gaiden 8-bit version and the newer 3D one offer their fair share of difficult moments including all of the usual challenges – teeth grinding platforming, endless waves of enemies, and frustratingly tough bosses. This game series has always been known for its demanding gameplay, many gamers felt that they were facing an impossible-to-beat videogame especially created to make them feel like they’re at their wits’ end.

Super Meat Boy

Super Meat BoySuper Meat Boy is an indie title that features deliberately difficult gameplay, being inspired by harder old-school titles. Having only two buttons for jumping and sprinting, this challenging videogame punishes its players for every little mistake, getting to truly master its controls becoming an impossible task for many. Once you’ve completed the normal levels, that is if you’ve managed not to break your controller first, some other extra challenging stages will be happily awaiting you.

Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels

Super Mario Bros: The Lost LevelsWith this title, Nintendo didn’t shy away from showing the American audience how hard a platformer could be if the developers really wanted to show off their might. Super Mario Brothers: The Lost Levels requires you to focus until your brain catches fire while at the same time, remaining cool enough to be able to anticipate all of the jumps you have to make to pass over the obstacles. Known as the most difficult Mario game ever created, The Lost Levels really pushes the limits.


ContraBack when videogames used to make their players go through fire and water in order to advance to the next level, Contra was an exemplary title that emphasized this trend. Precision was a key element that had to be mastered if you wanted to even begin to stand a chance at beating all of the hordes of enemies that were coming at you. Having way more health than your character, the opponents were practically indestructible every time you were clashing in a battle.

I Wanna Be The Guy: The Movie: The Game

I Wanna Be The Guy: The Movie: The GameA pastiche of other popular classic titles, I Wanna Be The Guy: The Movie: The Game is a panoply of impossible platformers, bosses, and challenges. With levels that constantly change, inspired by behemoth gaming titles such as Mega Man or Super Mario, this fan-made project is free to play for anyone who wants to enjoy some brain-smashing activity that will be, of course, followed by the inevitable monitor-smashing activity.

Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening

Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s AwakeningWhen it was first released in America, Devil May Cry 3 offered a normal mode that was, in fact, the hard mode, imported from the Japanese release of the game. Thus the American gamers were faced with no other choice than to play it on the hardest way possible. Of course, this situation popularized the game’s difficulty, gaining quite a fearsome reputation. But it was later toned down in the re-release that included a more normal, yet still challenging, gameplay.


BattletoadsWith levels that make you use moving snakes as jumping platforms, Battletoads is known in the gaming world as one terrifyingly hard-to-beat title. Since 1991, when the first game from the franchise was released, this amalgam of frustrating moments and hardcore gameplay received the honorary title of one of the hardest videogames ever created. Battletoads is no walk in the park and keeps you constantly on the edge no matter how skilled you think you are.

Ghosts ‘N Goblins

Ghosts 'N GoblinsGhosts ‘N Goblins is not only devilishly hard, but it also tricks the players in the most shameless way imaginable. After you’ve sweated blood to finish ALL the levels with a character that has little to no protection against the enemies, you find out that the whole scenario was a trick! There is no princess to save, and you have to start the game from the beginning AGAIN. The whole game.

Dark Souls III

Dark Souls IIIThe absolute king of insanely hard to beat videogames, the Dark Souls franchise is undoubtedly the most popular series in terms of gameplay difficulty. Especially the third installment that created countless victims amongst naive gamers who thought that they had mastered the combat by finishing the previous games. Considered a worthy conclusion to the entire series, Dark Souls 3 makes you grind your teeth in despair each and every second of the gameplay the challenging boss fights being some of the most soliciting in gaming history.