10 Players That Deserved To Be BANNED For Life!

Players That Deserved To Be BANNED For Life

Eric Cantona

Man United legend Cantona was supremely talented but failed to control his temper in the same way he could control a football. At 21 while playing for Auxerre he punched his own goalkeeper in the face and was suspended by Marseille for throwing the ball at the referee. When summoned to a hearings answer for his actions he called each member of the committee an idiot and saw his ban doubled. Cantona also had a thing for amateur martial arts spending months on the sidelines after a filthy tackle in France and in United he sat out the best part of a year after a Bruce Lee roundhouse on a Crystal Palace supporter ever the entertainer though Canton admitted the incident was a mistake.

Elisabeth Lambert

Elizabeth Lambert who lit up YouTube back in 2009 after a disgustingly dirty performance for the University of New Mexico playing in defense Lambert racked up the Vinnie Jones Patrick of three red card offenses booting one opponent, punching another in the back, before throwing a third to the ground using the poor woman’s ponytail however the ref refused to punish any of the incidents only producing the yellow when Lambert kicked the ball into the face of a striker who was already lying on the ground in pain. UNM suspended her after the video was picked up on social media and Lambert herself publicly apologized saying my actions were uncalled for this is in no way indicative of my character or the soccer player that I am.

Jermaine pennant

Jermaine pennant always was a dickhead though he was once touted as one of England’s best young talents as well acquired by Arsenal at just 15 for 2 million pounds pennants routinely turning up late to training and developing a drinking problem. In 2005 the Englishman was arrested when he crashed his Mercedes into a lamppost before attempting to drive it on, his blood-alcohol was twice the legal limit and his speech was slurred when police tried to question him, desperate to avoid jail time pennant told the cops that he was Arsenal teammate Ashley Cole believe it or not that didn’t work and pennant was handed a three-month prison sentence for recklessness and trying to blame it on a friend.


Atletico Madrid youth product the Spaniard left the club at 24 for Real Zaragoza the club got relegated with Gabi in their midfield before bouncing straight back up. Two years later the team needed a win over Levante on the last day of the season to stay in the top flight and the captain came up good letting a brace in a 2-1 win however claims later emerged that the match had been fixed and Gabi was questioned in court the midfielder admitted he did what the club asked, allowing 85,000 euros to be deposited into his bank account temporarily by the club president and acknowledging that the cash was for club business. Gabi wasn’t charged and he pointed out that he has not benefited from Real Zaragoza win having already agreed to rejoin Atletico Madrid at the end of the season.

Adrian Mutu

Most players love the game, some love the money, some love the fame for Adrian Mutu he just love the coke the forward joined Chelsea back in 2003 for 22 million euros and celebrated with a coke binge which saw him banned for seven months and slapped with a fine of 30 thousand euros. Chelsea released Mutu and sued him for breach of contract with a Romanian order to pay the blue 17 million euros and somehow he didn’t learn from the experience and after resurrecting his career with Fiorentina years later he failed another drugs test this time for a diet pill, he’s also punched opponents and been investigated for beating up a waiter.

Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard seems squeaky clean but the Englishman was forced to go on an apology tour of New York before his move to New York City FC in 2015. Newspapers reprinted claims from 2001 to the day after the 9/11 attacks Lampard, and John Terry had joked to Americans about that while waiting for a flight at Heathrow Airport, apparently, the blue stars but drunk stripped off and then targeted US tourists before vomiting in a hotel lobby Chelsea took players two weeks wages donating the money to families of the disaster.

Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez always wanted to reach the top of the club game and he was willing to do anything to get there the Uruguayan first bit an opponent while at Ajax to help force through an exit for the Premier League and two years later he was at it again bitting Branislav Ivanovic as he attempted to leave Liverpool unfortunately for Suarez the Reds were forgiving and after a staggering year of 31 goals and 12 assists in just 33 League games he had to sharpen his fangs again this time taking a chunk out Giorgio Chiellini at the 2014 World a four-month ban followed but that didn’t stop Barcelona from paying more than 82 million euros for the striker a fee which is still the fifth-highest of all time and Suarez has been noticeably well behaved since the move bagging an astonishing 94 goals in 109 games.

Eduardo Berizzo

Centerback Berizzo earned 13 caps for Argentina also playing for River Plate, Celta Vigo, and Marseille in an 18-year professional career but the South American found France, not to his liking making some truly revolting comments after his departure in 2000. “There are so many homosexual players there they always provoke you they touch your thighs, your bum to see if you will give some kind of signal” Berizzo said “I feel disgusted when homosexual shares the same shower and stares at one’s bum with desire and even gets emotional when you are naked” in a sport which has failed gay players time and time again Berizzo somehow managed to make things worse.

Andy Carroll

To be honest Andy Carroll should have been banned for life after Liverpool pay 41 million euros for him back in 2011. The big striker registered just six league goals for Reds and is yet to manage ten in a season since leaving his native embarrassing on the field, off it Carol is a real disgrace at twenty years old he was arrested for assault after glassing a man in a Newcastle nightclub and later he broke the jaw of magpies teammate Stephen Taylor in a training ground scuffle he was once again arrested in 2010 and charged with assault after reportedly beating his girlfriend, Carol said he had acted in self-defense and there was not sufficient evidence to make the charges stick.

Emre Belozoglu

Belozoglu a midfielder who has played for Inter Milan, Atletico Madrid, and Newcastle. Emre earn more than 90 caps for Turkey and was named one of the 125 greatest living players by Brazilian legend Pele. Emre history of racism, with the Turk, investigated three times for racial abuse during his time in England the FA were unable to prove any of the cases but Emre practically confirmed them himself on his return to Turkey playing for Fenerbahce Emre squared off with Ivorian legend Didier Zokora reportedly using the most appalling racist language in the exchange he was banned for just two games but the courts took a different view as Emre was sentenced to two and a half months in jail for the incident.