10 Things You Didn’t Know About Deidara!

  • Deidara was partly inspired by the artist Taro Okamoto. This inspiration primarily influenced some of the data sculptures, as many of them were based on Okamoto’s abstract art and his popular sculptures. The sculptures themselves were loosely based on some of the other art created by Okamoto, and one of Okamoto’s most famous phrases is “art is explosion”, leading to Deidara’s favorite phrase “art is explosion”.
  • Although he was basically forced to join Akatsuki because he lost a challenge to Itachi, he was actually very happy to be part of the organization. This was mainly due to the fact that he saw artistic traits in each member in one way or another, except for Tobi. Deidara deeply loved his partner Sasori, especially since he was also an artist like him, and while they continued to argue about whether art was forever or, in an instant, explosive, they both had very similar understandings and appreciations for art also because he loved Sasori so much that out of respect he even called him Master Sasori.
  • While working with Sasori, Deidara said that he would die young, and while Deidara was partnered with Tobi, Sasori told Deidara that he would die from an explosion, and almost like his predecessor, Deidara didn’t just die, but also died in an explosion when he was young.

  • Deidara was 19 years old when he died and his birthday was May 5, and at 19 he was actually the youngest member of Akatsuki.
  • When Deidara was reborn, he did not know that Sasuke was still alive because he believed to have killed Sasuke with the C0 technique, which also killed him. Of course we all know Sasuke survived but Deidara didn’t know that his last big bang was a failure.
  • Deidara’s favorite food is boiled egg in surimi, while his least favorite is a mixture of rice and pilaf.
  • In one of the character popularity polls made shortly after Deidara and Sasori’s debut, Deidara actually came in third, and even beat out the protagonist himself, who came in fourth, although it should be remembered that it happened not long after his debut, many other Akatsuki members were yet to appear. Even though Deidara is still a very popular character, his rank has decreased slightly over time.
  • Deidara height was 5 feet 4 and a half inches and he weighed 112 kilograms, and his blood type was AB.

  • Deidara hated Sharingan the most, and the reason was his fight against Itachi. After Akatsuki caught wind of Deidara’s abilities, Itachi, Kisame and Sasori were sent to try to properly recruit him. Deidara refused of course which caused Itachi to offer a fight between the two and if Deidara won Akatsuki would leave him alone, but if he lost he would have to join the organization and unfortunately for Deidara he was quickly defeated by Itachi because of Sharingan. Deidara even had to admit to himself that Sharingan was a work of art which had to be very difficult for him to do and because of all this Deidara worked towards making himself stronger than Itachi so he could get his revenge. Deidara trained his left eye to fight genjutsu and developed the C4 technique to fight the Sharingan head-on. Whats more interesting is even though Deidara truly hated the Sharingan his second partner Tobi had the Sharingan and Deidara never had a clue.
  • The mouths on Deidara hands and chest were a result of a kinjutsu which is also known as a forbidden jutsu. So he wasn’t born with them, but Deidara was born with a Kekkei Genkai which is an explosion release that results from the mixture of earth and lightning. Deidara loved making clay sculptures and was very good at it. Deidara simply lacked a method to mix his explosive personality with his exquisite clay sculpting, but then Deidara stole this forbidden jutsu from his village and, although he did not had a specific name, it allowed the user to infuse chakra into the material, so Deidara simply poured his chakra into the clay and then used his Kekkei Genkai to detonate the chakra-infused statue he had created.