10 Things You Didn’t Know About Konan!

  • In the anime, Konan’s eyes are depicted as orange-red, but in the manga as grey, perhaps because the color scheme was not officially shown prior to her appearance in the anime.
  • Konan was the only member of Akatsuki to call Nagato by his name, except on a few occasions when Obito called him Nagato after splitting from the organization, but before we even learned of Obito’s involvement in the original Akatsuki lineup, Konan was the only one who called Nagato by name. It is also unknown which members, if any, knew what Nagato’s real name was.

  • Konan’s birthday was February 20th and she was 35 years old when she died additionally she shared her birthday with Yahiko.
  • Akatsuki consists mostly of missing people, mostly dangerous ninjas who have left their village with no intention of returning. However, in Konan’s case, she wasn’t considered a missing person, nor was Nagato because they took over their village after a civil war and ruled their village secretly until their death, so they never left their village with the intention to never return.
  • In order to achieve Akatsuki’s goal of conquering the world, which in turn will create world peace, Akatsuki had to make quite a lot of money to achieve it and therefore in most cases, the members used to offer their mercenary service, among other things at competitive prices. With Akatsuki, Konan completed a total of 341 missions. 0 D rank 65 C rank 161 B rank 85 A rank and 30 S rank.
  • Konan’s height was 5 feet 6 inches and she weighed 99.8 kilograms, and her blood type was O, which, like her birthday, had the same blood type as Yahiko.

  • The name Konan actually means Small South, and her hobbies are origami and flower arrangement, and her favorite word was order.
  • Konan’s favorite food was flame-broiled fish, while his least favorite is karaage, which is very similar to fried chicken.
  • Konan managed to combine his origami skills with ninjutsu to develop a technique known as the shikigami, in which Konan can turn into multiple sheets of paper and reshape the paper with her own body or even control the paper from the outside her body to make clones, paper shuriken, or many other attacks and techniques with this paper, she also managed to disguise this paper as another object.
  • The character book reveals that Kishimoto had always wanted Konan to be the only female member of Akatsuki, so giving her a very reveling design.