10 Things You Didn’t Know About Naruto Uzumaki!

Naruto Uzumaki
  • You can celebrate your favorite ninja’s birthday on October 10th with a huge ramen cake. The series creator Kishimoto chosen the date for some reason. October 10 is known as “Taiko no hi”, which translates as “Health and Sports Day”. This holiday was originally created to honor the Tokyo Olympics in 1964. Unfortunately, this is not the case anymore. “Taiko no hi” is now celebrated every second Monday of October.
  • Naruto and the anime series have become very famous all over the world, although somethings are knows better than others. Depending on when you started watching Naruto, you might be reminded of the pain of all those Naruto fillers! The Naruto anime actually holds the world record for anime with the most fillers. Incidentally, BLEACH took second place. The original Naruto anime has a total of 220 episodes. More than forty percent of them are fillers. It gets even crazier when you find out that the original Naruto anime also holds the record for consecutive filler episodes. There are more than 80 consecutive episodes that were filler.
  • After his anime debut, Naruto has always been voiced by Junko Takeuchi. Interestingly, Naruto’s connection to other anime series stems from her. This includes Digimon. Junko always voices the little puppy from Digimon Adventure. In addition, she also voices the main character Takuya from Digimon Frontier, also known as Digimon season four. You may be familiar with some of these other roles. There’s Gon from Hunter x Hunter, Sabo from One Piece, Red from Pokemon Origins. You might also be surprised that she gave voice to Akamaru too!

  • Naruto has always been known as a special ninja who only knows a few ninja techniques. Naruto managed to learn Jounin level technique super early, the Shadow Clone Jutsu, but don’t forget, Naruto is known for his special move, the Sexy Jutsu. It is even combined with the previous jutsu to make it even more effective. The interesting thing aboKishimotout this sexy jutsu is the slight difference between the anime version and what you see in the manga. It is also interesting to note that this technique is always used in the pilot Naruto manga. The previous one in this pilot was similar to the one we know, although this one was much foxy.
  • Have you ever contemplated the origin of this blonde ninja’s name? It’s funny because it deepens Naruto’s relationship with ramen! The name Naruto Uzumaki comes from Naruto Maki. A kind of spicy topping made of spiky fish cake with a pink spiral pattern in the middle. The full name Naruto Uzumaki also refers to Naruto vortex or in Japanese “Naruto no Uzushio”, a city in the Japanese prefecture of Tokushima.
  • Do you remember the day Naruto wore glasses? You saw Naruto running with his green glasses in episode one. It’s also fun, because these glasses appeared in a completely different set of pilots. Naruto was a weekly series, so Naruto with glasses means having to draw lots of glasses. So finally came the idea to make the famous ninja headband.
  • The original manga pilot Kishimoto, made for Naruto, was very different. In this Naruto pilot, instead of this Naruto ninja land, the background was a modern city with large buildings and modern technology. Naruto himself looks similar to what we know about him today. The difference from Naruto is that Naruto is a demon fox instead of nine tails sealed in it. The original nine tails that attacked the village in that pilot was actually Naruto’s father. What’s even more interesting is that this pilot series doesn’t even include ninjas. Naruto just went around solving crimes.

  • The ninja boy could easily eat several bowls of ramen. Naruto’s favorite ramen in particular is the miso flavored ramen. You might even want to try it one day! It turns out that the Ichiraku Ramen shop in Naruto actually exists in real life. The original Ramen shop was located near the university where Kishimoto studied. Unfortunately, what he loved closed in 2014. Luckily this is a chain so there are still a few.
  • Unsurprisingly, Naruto is huge all over the world, but have you ever wondered how big it is? So far, the Naruto manga has sold more than 220 million copies. To put this in perspective, Harry Potter and the first Hobbits had over a hundred million copies. The Naruto manga is currently one of the three best-selling manga series of all time. There are only two of them. One of them is Dragon Ball, with more than 240 million copies sold, and first place doesn’t surprise anyone which goes to One Piece with over 350 million copies.
  • Have you ever wondered what Naruto and his ninja world would be like in real life? Lionsgate is currently in production to bring Naruto to life. Lionsgate is the same studio that brought you films like the entire Hunger Games franchise, but also the entire Twilight series and, most recently, Power Rangers. Kishimoto himself will be involved in the production of the film, so it’s a big improvement over Dragonball Evolution. It’s interesting what Kishimoto had to say about it. Kishimoto said that if Team 7 was real, Naruto would be American, Sakura would be European, and Sasuke would be Asian.