10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sasori!

  • The name Sasori means scorpion, apparently the first puppet we saw Sasori use was Hiruko which looked similar to a scorpion mostly with its tail, which is probably another clue of Sasori’s meaning.
  • Sasori was 35 years old when he died and we are not sure when he transferred his life into a puppet body, but it was speculated to be in his late teens and Sasori’s birthday, ironically, was November 8, which is also the birthday of Naruto creator Kishimoto and to make things even more interesting, since his birthday is November 8, his zodiac sign is Scorpio.
  • When Sasori was a member of Akatsuki, he had two partners, the first being Orochimaru, who left Akatsuki after failing to take over Itachi’s body, and the second, interestingly, was Deidara, interesting both of his partners were responsible for killing or harming a Kazekage. While Sasori kidnapped and killed the third Kazekage turning him into a puppet, Orochimaru on the other hand killed the fourth Kazekage impersonating his identity during the chunin exams and Deidara captured Gaara taking him to Akatsuki’s hideout to have his tailed beast extracted from his body, in turn killing him.

  • Out of all the battles in Naruto, Sasori had one of the longest battle in Naruto lasting eight episodes, which gave Sasori just about three hours of continuous screen time.
  • Sasori was one of the most deadly shinobi in the third shinobi war, his puppets were so effective in slaughtering his enemies that he become infamous because of it and which is why he was called Sasori on the red sand because he stained the sand around him with enemy blood after shedding it with his puppet.
  • In a small portion of the dialogue between Sasori and Deidara, it was revealed that Sasori does not know which tailed beast he was assigned to catch, which means he did not get his target before he died, then when Toby replaced Sasori in Akatsuki he was assigned to capture the three tails so we believed or implied that three tail was Sasori’s targets.
  • Sasori’s height was five feet four inches and he weighed 104 kilograms, making him the shortest of all the Akatsuki members.

  • Sasori was an expert at creating and managing puppets at will. Being a puppet master, Sasori created a new type of puppet from the human body, which he later called a human puppet. He basically took the corpse and removed their internal organs and stored the corpse to prevent decomposition and of course, the puppet would not be complete without various weapons and other tools, so Sasori added some as well. These puppets were also much stronger than usual because they had their chakra and the Kekkei Genkai that they once had. For example, Sasori succeeded in transforming the third Kazekage into a human puppet, and because the third Kazekage’s corpse maintained his chakra and Kekkei Genkai, Sasori managed to use the Kazekage’s previous nature transformation Kekkei Genkai which was iron sand. Sasori would not normally be able to control this ability but because of the third Kazeage human puppet, Sasori could not only control this ability but also make it much more dangerous and deadly.
  • Interestingly, in the anime, there are two puppets out of a hundred Sasori puppet troops who have a sharingan. Unfortunately, we didn’t see the Sharingan’s powers in action, but this has led to the conclusion that these two puppets were actually human puppets.
  • Although Sasori is known for his human puppets, when he became a puppet he did not use his own body so he was not actually a human puppet, and although his body was an ordinary puppet, he himself was trapped somewhere between the puppet and human. His core was made of living flesh and chakra and it was the only human thing in the puppet. Sasori can live in any puppet by inserting a core and this core can produce hundreds of chakra threads so he can control up to 100 puppets at one time, unfortunately, this core was also Sasori’s lifeline and if destroyed he will die.