10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Itachi Uchiha!

Itachi Uchiha
  • Kishimoto reveals that Itachi was originally conceived before the series began and that he would be the leader of Kohana’s special assassination squad and a tactical team called the Itachi Squad. The squad will consist of 70 people divided into four teams specializing in murder and other illegal operations. In rough sketches of Kishimoto, Itachi wore a bandana-style forehead protector, skin-tight t-shirt, gloves, a coat tied around the waist, and several scars including an X-shaped scar on the chin, elements of this concept were later sketched on Danzo Shimura.
  • The name Itachi means weasel, which hints at how he had to weasel his way in his family affairs, and the weasel is also a symbol of Japanese bad luck.
  • Itachi’s hobby was visiting traditional Japanese cafes.

  • Itachi’s favorite foods were cabbage and onigiri with seaweed, while his least favorite was steak.
  • Kishimoto said that if Itachi and Madara fought each other, Madara would lose easily, and it was said that Itachi was the strongest Uchiha ever and the reason Kishimoto killed Itachi was because he believed the story wouldn’t be that interesting because Itachi could beat Madara once Madara came to power.
  • Itachi had completed 340 official missions for a total of 53 D Rank, 152 C Rank, 134 B Rank, 0 A-Rank, and 1 S Rank.
  • Itachi originally came to Akatsuki for two reasons: the first was because he was a rouge shinobi from leaf village so he had to stay away, the other was the fact that he believed Akatsuki was a threat to leaf village, so he joined to spy on the Akatuski while keeping himself away from the village and defend it.

  • The Itachi-based series was announced a few years ago and would be releasing sometime in the spring of 2016 called Naruto Shippuden the true legend of Itachi.
  • Although secretive, Itachi was one of the few leaf villagers who knew the identity of Naruto’s parents.
  • Itachi graduated with top-ranked in his class from the academy at age seven, at age eight mastered the Sharingan, at age ten passed the chunin exam and enrolled at the ANBU, a short time later at the age of 13 he was a captain.