15 Best Xbox One Open World Games!

15 Best Xbox One Open World Games!

Just Cause 3

Embrace the thrill of destruction and mayhem in this third entry to the Just Cause franchise. Follow the badass and hook-wrangling Rico once more into an exhilarating adventure. This time, he travels back to his old home and revolt against the clutches of an evil dictator. Just Cause 3 is applauded for its glorious sandbox aimed at creativity and chaos. The new weapons include the wingsuit for sick stunts performed mid-air and the ‘tether’ to connect objects using your grappling hook. Play them at your own volition. Everything from this game is scaled to a whole new degree. Almost everything can be destroyed and played with. Perform the most dangerous stunts, and show them how awesome your Rico can be.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Forget about the Vatican, medieval Syria, and The American Revolution for a moment and sail through the perils of the great sea in Black Flag. This sixth main entry to the hidden-blade wielding franchise reeks of salt and gunpowder. Voyage around the Caribbean through the eyes of Edward Kenway and take part in a quest to save the world from the Templars Meet the most notorious pirates during the Golden Age of Piracy including Blackbeard, Anne Bonny, and more. The most important aspect added to the game is the naval combat. The sound of cannons booming, plunder and the joy of seeing your enemies ship sink to the abyss is a pirate’s life indeed. Don’t forget about the sea shanties! The amazing sea shanties!

Sunset Overdrive

If there’s one game that the Xbox One feels proud to own is this game. Sunset Overdrive has only one word to hook you into it: Pure Enjoyment. Wait, that doesn’t make sense. Exactly. This game doesn’t. Take control of a group of survivors in a world plagued by the consequences of an evil Softdrink Corporation. The men and women who take a sip of this product instantaneously become living monstrosity. Crazy, right? Create your own character in the most absurd way possible and enjoy the colorful world this game offers. The fluid traversal mechanics, fun gameplay freedom and the light-headed atmosphere removes the tension of its post-apocalyptic carnage.

Far Cry 4

Travel to the chilling and bloody world of Kyrat in this survival first person shooter game that unleashes hell in nature. Escape this crazy land as you are clamped in a deadly civil war between the tribesmen and the masochistic Pagan Min. The game gets crazier along the way with the addition of riding Elephants, grappling through huge watchtowers and escaping the wrath of a deadly honeybadger. For added fun, the game has a pretty cool easter egg that makes you finish the game in less than 30 minutes. Should you stay or should you go?

Batman: Arkham Knight

Be the Dark Knight in this explosive entry to the Arkham Series. Scarecrow takes his revenge and Gotham is in ruins. It is up to the Batman once more to defeat a Rogue’s Gallery of iconic Batman villains including the old and the new. Crowbars ‘possibly’ included. The best upgrade this game delivered was the addition of the Batmobile. Players can now kick more ass with its insane countermeasures against criminals, and oh, they’re not dead. Just incapacitated. The improved combat, team-ups and Batman’s snazzy list of gadgets is such a glorious feeling for Batman fans. And yes, it does come in black.

Divinity: Original Sin (Enhanced Edition)

A game that started out as a kickstarter campaign has eventually reached its mark to a successful crowdfunding. It is a classic-style open-world RPG perfect for players looking to travel back to the days of old and experience the modern touch of gaming. While overly classified as an RPG game, Original Sin has an open-world element that is highly interactive. What’s not to love about that? This game is praised for its depth, content and its enjoyable co-op that can be played with 4 of your friends.

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition

Your little brothers love it, YouTube loves it, your little sister probably heard of it and Parents from all over the world are dying to know what this game is all about. Well, Minecraft is a voxel-filled world of infinite possibilities. It’s procedurally generated map powers the creativity of players to build, fight, explore and survive. It has won numerous awards for being accessible to most platforms. It’s now the best-selling PC game to date. Developer Mojang made a good decision to sell this game to Microsoft, huh?

Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor

Developer Monolith brings you a game that mixes the combat of the Arkham series and added a little of Assassin’s Creed All in one Middle Earth game. It has won numerous awards including Game Of The Year during its time. Shadow Of Mordor is an unparalleled beauty. Though most parts of its story are ‘non-canon’, the game highlights the formation of the Rings of Power and the one who forged them… Celebrimbor. (Ke-le-brimbor) Step into Mordor before it became the hell we all know and prevent Sauron’s(Sao-ron) return. The gameplay is as satisfying as it is brutal. You are a hybrid of man and spirit that literally JUST WALKED TO MORDOR. The feeling of decapitating, mind-controlling and dominating these orcs is pleasing to the eyes. One does not simply walk to Mordor.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Save the world from an impending doom in this third main installment from the acclaimed Dragon Age series. Become the saviour and gather the best men you can muster to defeat the forces of evil. You are the Inquisitor, a man chosen by the gods. Face off with dragons, giants, and evil mages in a game that has wow’ed us with branching choices, memorable characters and a story that continues to grow in the next few games. It has numerous awards and also got the title of being 2014’s Game Of The Year by most gaming channels.

Forza Horizon 2

An open-world racing game?! That’s Forza Horizon. A racing game as equally shiny and beautiful like the cars they have. Europe beckons and the smell of rubber awaits the player. The world is filled with details including dynamic weather, a day and night cycle and a wide variety of cars to choose from. It’s a racing paradise for you and your friends or if you just want to chill and buckle up for a ride of your life.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Behold Kojima’s final send-off from Konami Flying Child, Burning Man riding a Unicorn and Hamburgers?! The Phantom Pain is a breathtaking entry to the Metal Gear Solid series. It went a long waaaay to reach this point…. and hot damn!, it is good! Following the events of Snake Eater and Peace Walker, live the life of the ‘Man who sold the world’. Its seamless emergent gameplay that provides a dynamic element to its stealth-action genre. Adding more emphasis to its open-world aspect, travel to Africa and Afghanistan in the hopes of defeating the main baddie with a lust for power. They’re not playing us like a damn fiddle this time.

Dark Souls III

Awww man. We didn’t even start yet. There’s a fine line between a good player and a bad player but in Dark Souls III, everyone can be a bit of both. While notably classified as a linear game, other players also question its approach to the open-world element. It has its features, so we had to consider putting it on the list. This third and final entry to the Souls series oozes of death and despair. The gameplay is integrated for a faster and ‘riskier’ approach to these ugly beasts and monsters. And oh, the upcoming DLC is set to release this October. So you might have to consider holding that controller again. Befriend that campfire and stop counting the number of times you died.

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

This third and final entry to the Witcher franchise is universally acclaimed. It is the most awarded game ever and there’s no denying that. Play as a professional Monster Slayer designed to kill any beast that prowls near the living. Its quality writing with gray choices and likeable characters are but a few of the highlights of this game. The side-quests are compelling and the amount of content is staggering for a reasonable price tag! Just recently, they released their Game of the Year edition containing all its massive expansions: The scary yet poignant Hearts of Stone and the blood-curling atmosphere of Blood and Wine.

Fallout 4

Bethesda’s 4th main entry to this Open-world wonder is a sight to behold. Travel to the Boston Wasteland and survive in this post-apocalyptic world. Stay clear from the radiation and partake in an adventure filled with nasty ghouls, crazy cults, and bloodthirsty Deathclaws. How much would it take for you to find your missing child in a world filled with doom and gloom?

Grand Theft Auto V

Of course! If anyone’s talking about the open-world genre, there’s a game that’ll automatically pop into heads: Grand Theft Auto. The world is your playground and it’s much bigger than any GTA game ever! Play with the lives of three different characters, each with different attributes, and TRY not to get carried away by their issues. The game is lauded for its rich content and multiplayer. It’s filled with details that redefined current-gen gaming at its finest. Steal a car, ride a boat, shoot civilians, We don’t know.