25 Best PS VITA Games of All Time!

25 Best PS VITA Games of All Time!


A critical hit from the guacamelee maker. In a basically first-person dungeon crawler, play as a one-handed warrior traveling through the land of nightmares. Slash the enemy with your own fingers, repelling their attacks and tearing off important body parts. With its unique art, atmospheric music and innovative combat based on touch.

Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee – New ‘n’ Tasty

A well deserved makeover to the world’s most popular mudokon. The world’s most popular mudokon is undergoing a well-deserved makeover. Abe’s weird little world has been redesigned from the ground up and enhanced with graphics and gameplay in the same weird environment. Get a taste of 90s and help our hero walk through the creepy factory in the platforming fashion. Explore new areas and hidden secrets and free your group of Mudokons.

Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir

Vanillaware has managed to restore its resounding success on the PlayStation 2 with this faithful remake. Take part in an award-winning 2D brawler, directly inspired by Norse mythology. While almost perfect to start with, they upgrade their classic version with intense combat. Follow the story of five characters who are involved in the quest for powerful weapons. With intuitive controls and an attractive storyline, it’s a smooth transition to the modern world.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

If Nintendo is for Pokemon, then PlayStation is home to its constant rivals. To commemorate the 15th anniversary, the Digimon crew returns to the PlayStation portable console. Choose your character and start digimon, adventure into the virtual world and join the walk with monsters. This is a cute little adaptation of the anime, with the following title, released the following year.

Darkest Dungeon

Deviating from the light, we move further into the Gothic world of this turn-based role playing game. Immerse yourself in the deepest dungeon with your part of heroes and defeat the hellish monstrosities that await you. When you reach a darker land, you will also face your human desires, with hunger and disease haunting you every step of the way. With permanent deaths and procedural dungeons, each part is a whole new experience.

Superbeat: Xonic

Enjoy a futuristic interface and tap to the beat of mesmerizing melodies. There are more than 50 songs to play, divided into different genres to keep each part fresh and funky. Climb the charts and join the super beats.


Be careful with papercuts in this creative 3D platformer specially designed for the PS Vita. It showcases console capabilities and makes use of all the essential functions. Play as a captivating messenger and try to get the message across to you, the player. Take pictures with your camera, apply it to the world, then push your finger up with the rear touch panel. It is a unique and imaginative experience that never runs out of ideas.

Axiom Verge

With the Metroidvania gaming market booming, Thomas Happ offers an intricately designed side scroller. Take control of a scientist who awakens in a strange new land after crippling trauma. Borrow items from timeless classics like Blaster Master and Contra, explore a high-tech world and start with over 60 items and powerups. Its vast arsenal and satisfying story make the world an almost perfect metroidvania experience.

Ys: Memories of Celceta

This exclusive action RPG is one of the best additions to the PS Vita roster. Follow the story of an amnesiac boy named Adol. Arriving at the city with no memories of his past, he travels around the earth in search of his lost memories. Tilt, hit and get through deadly encounters and wake your adventurous spirit.

SteamWorld Heist

Shiver me timbers! If this isn’t the best pirates in the galaxy. Join them in a difficult life as they invade the most evil and corrupt ships. In this steampunk action shooter, attack every ship and eliminate your enemies in stylish turn-based combat. It’s a lot like space billiards. Let your bullets bounce off walls and shoot enemy guns.

Dragon Quest Builders

The Dragon Quest series takes a new form with this action RPG game. inspired by Mojang’s Minecraft, enter the voxel-fuelled world, and embark on a mission to restore the world around you. Carry out your quests by crafting, building, and creating items similar to those in Minecraft. Explore the new world of the series and progress through a captivating story mode.

Persona 4: Golden

The award-winning ATLUS game may have made its way onto the PS Vita’s list, but it’s still the main game that JRPG fans will love. A recreation of the original PS2. It is a combination of social simulator and turn-based RPG dungeon crawling. Follow a group of kids determined to solve a mysterious serial murder in their ancient rural town. Hear the sumptuous games melodies and experience the Vita system seller in all its glory.

The Walking Dead Season Two: Episode 1 – All That Remains

Telltale took on Robert Kirkman’s story with even more emotional moments, after the traumatic events of season one. Step into the shoes of Clementine as she continues her journey to survive and take refuge in a walker infested world. Meet new people, make tough decisions, and guide this young girl in her quest for happiness.


Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien. Despite its seemingly insignificant name, Runner 2 is known for its intuitive and fun platform. Although it is a direct sequel to the arcade rhythm game, it has dropped many of the game’s main features. Especially the pixelated art style. Rather going for a 3D world, make your polygonal ninja go through 95 action-packed levels, and enjoy cutscenes with amazing music.


Tempest a reimagining of the Atari’s arcade game, It lets you immerse yourself in a minimalist and bright world shooting enemies with your ship. Its striking resemblance can limit baddies, the same can be said about its immensely enjoyable gameplay – enhancing the classics with powerups, levels and much more. It’s a sensory boom that will keep you entertained for hours.

Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma

Zero Escape series is a masterclass in visual novel creation from Spike Chunsoft’s. The final chapter of their fascinating trilogy draws a painful conclusion to their dark story. Nine people, who represent all of humanity, are caught in a game of decision making that will determine their whole life. Be smart to save all nine or see the tragedy of death firsthand. It is an eloquently told survival story covered with a deeply flawed character.

Day of the Tentacle Remastered

When they weren’t out to make the next Star Wars video game, the LucasArts guys were making an animated puzzle adventure. Day of the Tentacle is a very fun point-and-click video game created in the innovative Maniac Mansion style. Follow their bizarre characters as they defy the laws of time and space with their broken time machine.

Soul Sacrifice Delta

A role-playing game that successfully displays the quality of PS Vita’s performance. Immerse yourself in the world of librom and acquire the necessary skills to defeat your captor. Although it suffers from some common flaws, its interesting story and plot are enough to make you stick. Sacrifice your soul and limbs and play with friends in interactive multiplayer mode.

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

Immerse yourself in a world of mystery and investigation in another Spike Chunsoft’s award-winning visual novel. With each of your classmates dying one by one, it’s up to you to find clues that will help you escape the deadly island. Made by the same company that created Zero Escape, you can be sure that this game features a well-written, haunting story.

Plants vs. Zombies

One of the most famous PopCap series. Released on computers in 2009, they revolutionized the tower defense genre by launching an arsenal of battle flowers to keep your home safe from a zombie apocalypse. With its charm and simplicity, it has gained worldwide recognition and has been ported to mobile phones and portable consoles for everyone to enjoy. Conquer 50 levels and fight tougher zombies with tougher plants.

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

Beginning of the belly dancing heroine from WayForward, struggling through the various challenges that await her. As a Kickstarter campaign, the developers shed their pixel art aesthetic and gave Shantae and her hair a full HD treatment. Watch as she deals with the criminal leaders in Sequin Lands with their dance moves, whips and shapes. Find your own world and let half of your desires come true.

Steins;Gate 0

A tale of friendship, take a trip back in time like a pretty crazy scientist and do the right thing. The events in the game revolve around the time at the end of the anime. Meet your favorite characters in their most vulnerable forms and relive their iconic moments. Creators made the impossible possible and turn near-perfect stories into better interactive experiences.

Velocity Ultra

One of the most famous indie game on PS Vita. This is a remake of the original Velocity game made especially for consoles with new features, improvements and special HD. As with normal vertical shots, the ability to move your ship anywhere on the screen and add another layer to your game changes the situation.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

A Stylish top-down shooters comes with even more stylish, full of frustrating and rewarding violence in video game history. This sequel is full of obstacles as it includes a bigger map and longer missions, and challenges you to survive its kills. Make sure to deliver every horrible death and watch out for the off-screen kill. Meet old folks and jam to its electronic soundtracks.

Shovel Knight

This 8-bit knight is a masterpieces. Shovel in hand, he explores this stretching pixel landscape in search of any obstacle. Dig caves, remove all enemies and take your friends away from the evil witch. Despite its simplicity, it exudes a crippling charm, with its intuitive gameplay dating back to the retro era.