25 Best Xbox 360 Games of All Time!

25 Best Xbox 360 Games of All Time!

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Perhaps the best superhero videogame to ever hit the market. Rocksteady’s 1st entry to the award winning Arkham series boasts new possibilities to make the players feel like they’re the Batman. Although Arkham City’s world is so much livelier than ever with an open-world experience, Arkham Asylum was the pinnacle of the superhero genre to enter the gaming fray. With a combat system so free-flowing and a robust Rogue’s Gallery to offer, Bob Kane would be proud.


Respawn’s brainchild has dominated the battle against man and machine. This first entry to the acclaimed Titanfall franchise explodes with vigor and clanking metal. Take the fight by your own hands, or grab a titan as it falls from the sky. It’s a seamless blend of stylish gunplay and mechanized combat and is one of the reasons why the game was successful. The amount of multiplayer content is staggering. Not to mention the coming release of its sequel, it’s gonna be so much fun.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Eidos’ third entry to the famed Deus Ex franchise bolsters with augmented design and scale. With a gameplay as expansive as it can offer, play as Adam Jensen and explore the world ridden with secrets and mystery. It’s combat is a mix of third person and first person mechanics with a crazy amount of upgrades to amp up your character. With the following release and positive acclaim of the sequel — Mankind Divided.

Diablo III

Blizzard’s third entry to its dungeon-crawling RPG makes a wonderful comeback with stellar additions to its already brilliant experience. Choose among various classes and venture on a perilous quest to cleanse evil off the world. This game offers The Reaper Of Souls expansion and also the feeling of 60 frames per second and crisp high definition gameplay. The adventure doesn’t end here, as Blizzard celebrates is 20th anniversary and announces it’ll remake the original Diablo! Get hyped!


It’s rare when an Indie game gets to shine. This beautiful puzzle and platformer game is among the pioneers and most successful indie games on the Xbox. It’s critically acclaimed on the Xbox and it won awards for being ‘Innovative’. Braid lets you control a man named Tim as he slowly pieces together a story with the use of jigsaw puzzles. One of the game’s innovative feature is how you can control the flow of time, rewinding to previous events as you see fit.

Shadow Complex

Another game that exudes a classic feeling, with some modern touches. Shadow complex is a platformer with similar mechanics to those of classic titles. It’s Metroidvania-like approach can take players into a whole new timeline. Or not. Play as a man in this 2D platformer with a three-dimensional world to explore. Survive onslaughts of rampaging beasts as you try to save your girlfriend from this horrendous place.


Of course, Platinum Games’ entry to the hack-and-slash genre features a woman to rival Dante’s brooding character. Looks like he’s not the only badass person in the world anymore. Take control of a sassy woman named Bayonetta as she spirals out of control to defeat anyone who tries to piss her off. I mean, come on. You do not want to mess with a lady who uses her hair to summon demons. That’s crazy! Its fast-paced gameplay and ridiculous story makes this game worth your time.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

Ah, one of the few good Assassin’s Creed game released. Brotherhood was the perfect sequel we wanted from Ezio. It’s filled with a story so emotional, a gameplay so fantastic and a glorious open-world to discover. We can never forget how amazing this game was. This time, gather a group of assassins to thwart the evil Borgia’s and restore the land of Roma to its peaceful times. The introduction of multiplayer also makes a fun addition.


Bethesda’s entry to the stealth genre aims to give players a feeling of bloodlust, or remorse. Dishonored is a stealth-adventure wonder that puts players inside a man devoid of mercy. Or not if you choose to be a pacifist. Play as Corvo Attano as he redeems himself from a conspiracy that destroyed his world. The gameplay blends satisfying stealth, gunplay and the supernatural. Use these skills to complete challenging missions. How? Go on a rampage or sneak your way to the target. It’s all up to you.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

You know the definition of insanity? Oh, wrong game. Anyway, this one’s crazy. Ubisoft’s spin-off to the acclaimed Far Cry series exceeds expectations. Who would’ve thought an offshot like this could garner so much positive acclaim? This parody of the retro 80’s takes an even more comedic approach. From the hilarious missions to the feeling of being in a VHS movie. It’s literally Ubisoft’s craziest entry yet. The gameplay is still similar to the previous games but with cool futuristic weapons. That’s something, right?

BattleBlock Theater

This platformer is an adorable experience to players who just want to chill with another player. The Behemoth’s third entry to its comedic games is a success. The story is silly so you might want to play to know most about it. Its creative level design and attention to more content makes the game so fun. Players can go either solo or with a friend on Adventure Mode. Or if you want to be competitive, play with up to 4 friends on its Arena Mode.

Rayman Legends

This kind of game is as trippy as it is frantic. Following the events of Origins, Rayman and his friends embark on a quest to rid the world of an unspeakable nightmarish threat. You can clearly see the carnage seeping all over the screen with its fantastic colors and music. Rayman Legends is one of Ubisoft’s most acclaimed platformers. This dazzling entry to the Rayman franchise oozes with visual flare and clever unique level designs. It’s one of the best platforming videogames ever made.

Gears Of War 2

This critically-acclaimed entry to the Gears of War series signifies more good things to come in the series’ future. Play as Marcus Fenix as you exterminate a growing threat that dooms Planet Sera. This Microsoft Exclusive third-person shooter is known for its cover-based combat, great gunplay and a story to linger to most fans. Players can also control Dom if Marcus needs a helping hand in stopping these vile creatures.

Fallout 3

Bethesda’s take on the classic Fallout games is groundbreaking. It not only provides a whole new dimension to the series, but also extends its potential to be one of the best open-world games ever. Travel to a post-apocalyptic America and survive the effects of nuclear war. Players are given the freedom to do whatever they want once they get out of the prologue. From customization, interactions, quests and the game’s multiple endings. Its mix of third-person and first-person mechanics creates an engaging feel to the wandering survivor in the wasteland.

Halo: Reach

Bungie’s sixth entry to the famed Halo franchise takes the players in full control of Noble Six. An elite group of super-soldiers tasked to defeat the Alien Race ‘Covenant’. Fans have dubbed this as the best Halo game yet and it has broken records after records upon release. Its first-person gameplay with a heartbreaking ending is sure to leave players gloomy. The new weapons, new vehicles and a whole new dogfights in space makes a satisfying way to kill these creatures.

Forza Motorsport 3

Forza is a goldmine for racing fans. This third entry to the series offers more than 500 licensed cars from 50 manufacturers! Not to mention the varied race tracks to make the race car aficionados pumped in their seats. Motorsport 3 was considered one of the best racing games of its generation and it just keeps getting better and better in every installment. With the beautiful Horizon 3 taking the helm, this series can get so much further.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Who could forget about Modern Warfare 2? Before the Call of Duty franchise *ehems* went downhill, we witnessed probably the best of its series. For games that neglect the importance of a single-player campaign, Modern Warfare 2 never disregards it. Its in-depth story with a set of lovable and unforgettable characters. To top it off, it also offered rich multiplayer content. Its one of Infinity Ward’s most successful multiplayer launches.

Borderlands 2

Gearbox’s sequel to the Borderlands franchise is a commercial success. It spanned a fanbase of dedicated individuals who love the characters, story and campaign. Borderlands 2 is known for its crude humor and hilarious story. Players control treasure hunters in a land of Pandora to hunt for randomly generated loots. They can team up with other players to survive in a bloodbath of cel-shaded textures. It also comes with RPG elements, that lets you customize your character, weapons, skills and other gears.

Bioshock Infinite

Irrational Games takes you to the land free from the Sodom below in Infinite. This first-person shooter is an exemplary entry to the Bioshock universe. Yes, universe. You’ll get that once you finish this game. This final entry to the Bioshock franchise is known for its perplexing story, intense Vigor-based combat and the introduction of sky-hooks. Its an immersive take on classic America with a dose of futuristic grime. It’s the best Bioshock game yet.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

It’s a surprise that Konami released this game on previous-gen platforms. We expected it to be current-gen exclusives… and luckily, it’s not. It was even well-optimized considering the processing power the game requires. The Phantom Pain signifies the final story of Big Boss’ grip on the world. This ninth and final installment of the acclaimed Metal Gear Solid franchise gives a worthy send-off to fans. With a stealth mechanic so fluid and ingenious, it’s considered as one of Kojima’s finest work yet.

Portal 2

Defy the laws of Physics in this award-winning game that tests the player’s patience amidst its focus on dry humor and clever written dialogue. Survive in an experimental laboratory with a rogue robot. You play as Chell, a simple woman caught in the evil grips of one crazy experiment. Your primary weapon is the Portal Gun, a gun that — uhhhh — basically opens portals. This rewarding first-person puzzler is a gaming achievement. Its cleverly crafted levels give players a challenge of wit and silliness.

Red Dead Redemption

With the release of its sequel this 2017, we still can’t get over the fact this Rockstar delivered a game this good. This western open-world game boasts with third-person elements. Play as a rough cowboy in a fictional western world with incredible writing and story. Players can pick between walking or riding through horseback and engage in its combat similar to the latest GTA games but with a unique Bullet time mechanic.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

We guess it’s safe to say that no self-proclaimed gamer in the world hasn’t heard of Skyrim. It’s one of the best modern games ever made. If Bethesda can make a post-apocalyptic game with radioactive monsters, then they can surely deliver a fantasy world of dragons and magic. Skyrim received universal acclaim. Its one of Bethesda’s most successful games to date due to its non-linear story, open-world elements and the depth of its lore.

Mass Effect 2

BioWare’s second entry to its space opera adventure dazzles of cosmic success. It’s a stellar achievement to offer a cast of memorable characters with an ending so heartbreaking and captivating. Players control their custom Commander Shepard in a mission to stop the end of worlds. The gameplay is overhauled and players can finally travel between different planets to scour for resources. The fight to stop Reaper Invasion continues as the new threat from The Collector grows.

Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar may have given us a beautiful Western World to explore, but none can topple its parody of the entire American culture in Grand Theft Auto V. The developers really gave you a world to play, mess and f*ck with. It’s also the first in the series to feature multiple playable characters. The game’s detailed open-world with a story so gripping that keep players on the edge of their seats… through every car chase, torture scenes and unsolicited dick shots.