5 Biggest Party Animals in WWE!

5 Biggest Party Animals in WWE!

The life of a wrestler isn’t an easy one; traveling upwards of 300 days a year, having to stay in peak shape all the time, and performing on a nightly basis in front of thousands, so it’s only natural many find the need to party hard to cope. However, these guys are known for going above and beyond when it comes to having fun.

Chris Jericho

Being a wrestler is stressful enough, but imagine being a rock star on top of that. That’s the exact situation of Chris Jericho who is apparently known for partying way too hard while on the road. He once went wild with Shane McMahon by his side, and reportedly got so hammered with John Cena that Cena literally had to tuck Chris into his bed. Jericho was even arrested one time for public intoxication after a night of drinking with former WWE superstar Gregory Helms.

Shawn Michaels

Though he has changed his ways, Shawn Michaels used to be one hell of a party animal. HBK would regularly go out drinking with his wrestling buddies as well as consume huge amounts of illegal drugs. Scott Hall once said that while they were high in a hotel room, he had to check and make sure Shawn was breathing and still alive. Michaels himself says that he was arrogant as hell and pissed a lot of people off with his antics, so it’s a good thing he cleaned himself up eventually and changed for the better.

Andre The Giant

Standing 7 feet tall and weighing in at 500 pounds, it’s no surprise that Andre the Giant could hold his liquor. Andre did more than just socially drink though; he would go crazy. Andre holds an unofficial record for most beers in one night with 156, and reportedly would drink 2L of Vodka by himself some nights. Andre said that he always knew he would die young so he wanted to live his life to the fullest, and I say he’ll definitely go down as a partying legend.

Brian Pillman

Brian Pillman was crazy on camera, and it turns out he was just as crazy when it came to partying. Pillman wasn’t the biggest guy, but many said that he could outdrink almost anybody in the locker room and was always ready to hit the bar after a show. Pillman was also a bit of a loose cannon outside the ring as he constantly got into fights and once ripped some poor guy’s eyeball out. His drinking and partying would catch up to him though, as he died of a heart attack at just 35 years old.

Ric Flair

Ric Flair seriously tried his best to live up to character outside of the ring. He led a playboy lifestyle, buying expensive suits and partying like no tomorrow. He would throw massive parties with his fellow Horsemen where it’s said women would flock to see The Nature Boy. Flair would regularly wrestle hungover according to his colleagues and surprisingly would often perform very well. The fact he could party it up as he did and then come in the next day to work an hour-long championship match makes Ric even more of a legend than he already is.