5 Things You Didn’t Know About Hidan!

  • It turns out that Hidan’s designs, especially the skeleton pattern and the red scythe, were meant to resemble a Shinigami, the god of death. Kishimoto’s explanation for this was that Hidan used curses and stuff, to which Kishimoto also added that he originally planned Hidan’s scythe to have several special tricks and special attacks, but he didn’t have time to show it off due to a lack of time. This concept further revealed that Hidan was originally supposed to have small bangs instead of back-combing.
  • Hidan is 22 years old, his birthday is April 2, weighs 125 pounds, and is 5 feet 8 inches tall. Also, his favorite food is ribs, while his least favorite is any kind of vegetable or devotion cuisine.
  • Hidan comes from a shinobi village called Yugakure. This village eventually became a tourist attraction because of the famous hot springs in the village. Hidan really disliked this transition and became angry about it. He believed the shinobi population there should kill. Hidan massacred his neighbors before leaving his village and joined the cult belief he was famous for.

  • Hidan’s religion is called Jashinism. Jashinism is a religion according to Hidan following the god Jashin. Jashin expected all his followers, also known as Jashinist, to carry out destruction and death. Therefore, before every fight, Hidan always prayed to Jashin and prayed to his god for a good kill. When he failed or wasn’t allowed to kill his target, he apologized to Jashin. This religion is somewhat similar to the cult of Thuggee in the real world, which carried out many murders in the name of its god Kali, although only slightly resembled Thuggee. Of course, when Hidan begins to make the sacrifice, his appearance changed after swallowing his opponent’s blood his skin turned black with white markings, which made him look like a skeleton, which was considered a symbol of absolute death and also indicated to the victims that he was going to die. Hidan drew the Jashin symbol on the floor in his own blood and stood in the center. This symbol is basically just a circle with an inverted triangle in the middle, after the sacrificial ritual is carried out all kinds of pain or wounds suffered by Hidan will also befall on the victim. However, this ritual can be broken if he has left the circle or is forced out of the circle. This technique is known as the curse technique death controlling possessed blood. Hidan was a successful experiment of the Jashin secret religious technique which somehow gave him immortality. He used this to fatally injure himself while bound to his opponent to kill him, and he healed very quickly of all the wounds he had sustained.
  • It turns out that Hidan is not as immortal as we thought. Hidan obtained this immortality through experiments with the Jashin’s secret religious techniques. This gives him the ability to withstand nearly any injury or mutilation, including, but not limited to, severed limbs, piercing, stabbing, torturing, removing organs, even removing the head from the body. But there is one thing that can kill him, and improper diet, namely proper malnutrition, is the only thing that is known that can successfully kill Hidan. On that not Kishimoto confirmed that Hidan was still underground and is still alive.