6 Women CM Punk Has Slept With in WWE!

6 Women CM Punk Has Slept With in WWE!

It can be extremely difficult to find a suitable partner, especially in such a unique environment of work as a professional wrestler. But superstars like CM Punk don’t seem to have any trouble whatsoever finding a mate that is also a wrestler.

Mickie James

While Mickie James was dating CM Punk, they had begun working for the WWE and were even set to debut together as an on-screen couple. They made their WWE debut on Sunday Night Heat tapings, only for the match to be taken off the show, as producers told Punk and James that they “just didn’t work together.” Mickie thought they would have been able to pull off their gimmick in WWE because of their prior work together in TNA. However, it just wasn’t meant to be.


Both CM Punk and Kelly made their official WWE debut’s as a part of WWE’s new installment of ECW. It was here that Punk and Kelly would be involved in a storyline that would see Punk feud with Mike Knox, who was Kelly’s storyline boyfriend. Segments were seen where Kelly would flirt and dress up similarly to Punk. After their time on screen together, they spent a ton of time together at restaurants, autograph signings, and tours around the world.


Maria came into the WWE in 2004, as she worked for WWE’s developmental territory, OVW, where she would host backstage interviews. One of the superstars she would interview would be none other than CM Punk. Maria stated that she learned a lot about wrestling from Punk and stated that it was difficult to run into him after their relationship ended around 2007. Maria claimed that she and Punk had a great relationship and that there will continue to be a part of her that still carries feelings for him.


CM Punk and Beth Phoenix were confirmed to have been dating back in 2011. During this time, it was reported that there were some issues between Punk and Phoenix, as it was rumored that Beth might have smeared some peanut butter and jealous all over her straight edge sandwich. She was reportedly concerned over Punk’s past relationship with WWE Hall of Famer Lita and the chance that they could possibly get back together. Aside from all of this, the relationship fizzled out around 2012, where the only indication as to what happened came from an interview where Punk mentions that he had recently ended a long term relationship and realized that the person he was with was a flake.


Most of us were probably already aware of CM Punk and his time spent with Lita. The two have been caught in public on a multitude of occasions in 2009 as well as around 2012 and 2013. One of the last dates that the couple would go on would be to the Hall of Fame induction ceremony, yet they would break up shortly after this event, which came to the surprise of the many people that heard rumors of the two looking to have a child and start a family together.

AJ Lee

One of the biggest stories that broke shortly after it was confirmed that Punk had begun dating AJ Lee was that Punk cheated on Lita with her. It was rumored that Punk revealed his intentions to marry AJ Lee, while he was still involved in his relationship with Lita in 2013, and this lead to both Lee and Punk receiving negative attention from the masses. The two were married in 2014 and have enjoyed a happy life together since then.