8 Facts About Overwatch!


Overwatch is the newest mode of playing online shooters with friends, and Blizzard has gone to great lengths to make games that is, above all, fun.

  1. During a lecture at New York University, Anita Sarkeesian drew attention to the fact that the female Overwatch characters lacked body diversity, while their male counterparts came in all suits and body shapes. Female representatives are too alike and too sexual. Blizzard released an official statement that they would fix the problem in the future and later released a new character, Zarya, a pink-haired bodybuilder who was inspired by the character designer Tamara.
  2. Although Blizzard failed to fulfill his dream of making the most complex MMO Titan of all time, his legacy has not been lost, it has continued through Overwatch. The name was one of the first things to be revived in the original project. Overwatch is an elite task force and some of the maps found in the shooters are actually part of Titan the Hero Tracers, another memory that manages to stay alive and continue in Blizzard’s New FPS we can see that all the efforts they put into developing them were worth it on Titan.
  3. The last original title that was produced by Blizzard before its release was Starcraft, which was released in 1998. Over the course of 17 years they created all kinds of expansions and sequels for games already on the market improving the universe of World of Warcraft Diablo and Starcraft Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm were indeed new games, but based on IP of the three mentioned in conclusion, Overwatch is indeed the latest unique IP, hard to believe.
  4. Throughout the game you will find various easter eggs which are indicative of other Blizzard titles. In Hannah Mora, for example, there is a kitchen soup with a giant Merlok on the advertisement. As you shoot at it, you’ll hear a specific gurgle. The names of arcade game also found in Hannah Mora are fighter of the storm which is a direct reference to the blizzard heroes of the storm and the lost Vikings. It’s a very obvious nod to a nostalgically lost Vikings game, the pinata, which looks like the protagonist from Diablo, is another element that connects the blizzard universe.
  5. Blizzard completely outdone themselves while making sound for all the characters footsteps. They created different sounds for each character. If you listen to all of them you will find that they sound very unique and are relatively easy to identify by character, this detail can actually be very useful when you are in a match trying to guess which character is approaching you from around the corner.
  6. Trace suffers from a disorder known as chronological dissociation. This anomaly canceled the synchronization of his molecules from the flow of time to his friend. Winston developed a device that would anchor them in the present while controlling the separation. Therefore, the tracker can manipulate the timeline and jump in and out, because of this inconsistency, she can be seen at a living spirit that is not fully present in any time period she is in at any given time.
  7. Because they weren’t exactly quick in securing the trademark for the name overwatch, Blizzard ran into trouble when another company tried to use the same term for their business when Blizzard released the gameplay trailer and the two companies ended up using the same name for their product, and they reached an agreement where Blizzard got all of the rights to the name and thus the exclusive Overwatch brand was born.
  8. There was a bug in the original video showing the widow makers skills causing her butt to expand once her skills were activated. However, this problem no longer occurs in the actual game as Blizzard removed it as is. Having been in the public eye for over sexualizing female characters they really did a number on making Widowmakers behind appear bigger every time she activates one of her powers.