8 Things You Didn’t Know About Zetsu!

  • Kishimoto originally came up with the idea to design each member of Akatsuki to look like literal monsters. This was especially true for members such as Kisame, Hidan, and Kakuzu, but it seems Kishimoto decided against it. Then, for members, like Itachi and Deidara look much more human, but when it comes to Zetsu, he is the most terrifying character in the group, based on the Venus flytrap, with a body half black and half white. The reason Kishimoto decided to make his body two different colors, he said he did it to show off Zetsu’s split personality even more, but as we’ll see later, that dual personality stems from the fact that black and white Zetsu are actually two different beans.
  • While Zetsu doesn’t actually eat, Zetsu does has food preferences. His favorite food is chewy humans, while his least favorite foods are jelly and konjac. The moral of this fact is that Zetsu does eat. In one of the previous data books, when asked who Zetsu wanted to fight, it says that Zetsu wanted to fight the people who would most likely leave behind corpses to make good food.

  • White Zetsu in general is probably much stronger than expected due to a technique called the replacement technique which applies exclusively to the white Zetsu. This technique essentially allows white Zetsu to accept another person’s identity, almost exactly that, involving the same appearance, chakra, weapons, and even abilities to use identical Jutsu. With that in mind, this Zetsu could theoretically even copy a Kekkei Genkai, but at the same time, it may not be possible because the Kekkei Genkai are specific to bloodlines and the like, although, at the same time as some Kekkei Genkai can and cannot be transplanted, it is possible that this technique could copy it.
  • Why black Zetsu, like all Zetsu, is black instead of white, is only briefly mentioned in the story. In general, black Zetsu is very similar to normal white Zetsu, except that he manipulates people behind the scenes. Since he was created by Kaguya before being sealed, Black Zetsu’s job was to trick Indra and Ashura’s reincarnation into reviving Kaguya and get information about various people around the world and their battles and the likes, that seems to have continued through the centuries. Black Zetsu did his best to manipulate the various incarnations of Indra and Ashura but in vain, much later, after Madara fought Hashirama, he finally found out about Madara’s death and found his body, even though Black Zetsu also knew that Madara wasn’t stupid enough to let himself it easily. 
  • Spiral white Zetsu, also known as Guruguru, or his real name Tobi. The reason why he is spiral-shaped and unique in appearance to other white Zetsu is simply because of his mutated body when he was in the Kaguya endless Tsukuyomi.

  • Zetsu cannot be played in any of the Naruto video games except through the use of mods or simply by appearing in the mentioned game story, but as it cannot be played in any one game, the only exception is that being Guruguru or Tobi, who was carried by Obito in the ultimate ninja storm 4, the real reason for Zetsu’s absence is unknown.
  • Because Zetsu was created by Kaguya shortly before being sealed, Zetsu would be the oldest member of Akatsuki previously held by Kakuzu but with that being said we don’t know his exact age but because the events of Kaguya happened about a thousand years ago, we know that Zetsu’s age is a little closer to that.
  • While it is uncertain whether this was the inspiration of Zetsu, it is quite possible that the Zetsu’s various spawning from the demon statues of the outer paths is based on folklore and legends involving the mandrake plant, theorized in alchemy, to artificially create humans, or homunculi, which resulted from the fact that its roots are very similar to the human form, which also explains the inspiration for Zetsu, who moves from one character to many different figures at the end of the series.