9 Best Games That Let You Be The Bad Guy!

Games That Let You Be The Bad Guy

Sometimes even the bad guys have their reasons for being so bitter and angry all of the time other times they do it just for fun regardless of their reason this list is about the video games that let us kill innocent people or doing other nefarious deeds with a storyline that allows us to choose the darkest of sides or to straight up slaughter.

Goldeneye: Rogue Agent

Goldeneye: Rogue AgentIn this first-person shooter, you are an Ex MI6 agent who is hired by Auric Goldfinger to assassinate his nemesis Dr. No named Goldeneye after losing the right eye in a fight the player character is presented as a recklessly brutal individual that was fired from MI6 and recruited by the world’s most powerful terrorist organization, in conclusion, the main part that you have to play in Goldeneye rogue agent is that at the classical villain’s henchmen in


PostalThis chaotic first-person shooter you can play as a schizophrenic man who is out on a rampage using his unlimited ammo machine gun to shoot his way through the crowds as opposed to other top-down shooting games in postal you don’t have to defend yourself from any enemy waves and stay alive as long as possible you actually just have to kill a certain number of NPCs to be able to pass her the next level in terms of pure evil we think postal does a fairly good job of letting players go full berserk on a whole bunch of innocent people

Evil Genius

Evil GeniusAs you can pretty much tell from the title evil genius is a real-time strategy game where players need to achieve world dominance while finding effective ways to fend off forces of justice who try to get in their way the gameplay is split into two sections the management of the operation space and the completion of the so-called acts of infamy throughout the entire world the ultimate goal is to build a doomsday device to force the capitulation of all nations to the might of the evil genius that you finally become.

Destroy All Humans

Destroy All HumansThe famous alien agent named Krypto arrives on earth with a clear goal of harvesting the human brain stems necessary to prevent his species from going extinct to accomplish this mission the player is free to shoot up the smelt and evaporate pretty much everyone that stands in their way but especially the members of majestic the mysterious government organization that tries to stop the alien assault destroy all humans really makes you feel like a mischievous invader who can do all kinds of cool things in order to achieve his goal

Dungeon Keeper

Dungeon KeeperThe original 1997 dungeon keeper was a real hit this strategy video game lets you build and manage your own dungeon placing obstacles and enemies that will slow down and eventually kill the heroes that are trying to enter your chamber the final goal is a very pragmatic one destroy all the heroic forces and rival dungeon keepers in every realm by any means necessary being the all-powerful evil entity of this game really makes you feel like a total villain.

The Darkness II

The Darkness IIPlaying as the don of a mafia family and also using malevolent force that gave you supernatural powers is perhaps the most fatal combination the darkness grants you the unique ability to use the creeping dark Tyndall’s to pick up people and objects throw them and slash them besides these bizarre tentacles you can also use your gun so in this sense dual-wielding just became more interesting this peculiar mix of unlikely weapons being your main asset throughout the game


ManhuntRenounce the extreme brutality it features manhunt is a highly controversial video game that was even banned in several countries because of its violent content the players take the role of a death-row prisoner who is forced to stealthily execute enemy gang members in order to survive complete the level and receive the maximum number of reward points even though you don’t play the bad guy necessarily by choice manhunt still remains a good way of practicing your homicide skills

Heavy Rain

A psychological thriller with a twisted story-heavy rain has four individual characters that try to find out the truth about the identity of the origami killer only to have it revealed throughout – two in-game flashbacks that the killer is, in fact, Scott Shelby one of the people involved with the investigation although you don’t know from the start that you’re playing as one of the best antagonists ever featured in a video game as soon as the truth comes out you cannot ignore the fact that you the player are the real killer.


OverlordIn your quest of overthrowing the seven immoral ruling heroes to reconquer your lands and become the absolute ruler of the realm, you will take control of the main antihero of the game known as the overlord a corruption system allows you to be evil or really evil the actions and choices you make giving you different outcomes throughout the entire storyline for example if you decide to slaughter innocent townsfolk and still gold by corruption your corruption level will increase the physical result being that your avatar is going to change to resemble the devil’s forms and all.