Best 10 PS4 Games for Kids!

Best 10 PS4 Games for Kids!


The award-winning title from Thatgamecompany is making an innovative leap into the future of indie game development. Take control of a quiet hero as he explores a world of sand, ancient ruins and magic carpets. You are not alone, this silent pilgrimage allows you to unite with your partner online. However, you cannot speak. The only way to communicate is to use musical sounds provided by the game. It’s a fun puzzle experience between the two players and very useful when done right. The game has won many awards including best game design, visual arts, music and more. It was also the fastest selling game at the time.

Tearaway Unfolded

If the ocean isn’t for you, how about a page-turning adventure in Sony’s hilarious platform game? Developed by the creators of LittleBigPlanet, Tearaway Unfolded is a paper-filled world with clever tiered designs, incredible visual effects and a hearty story. The main success lies in the capabilities of the DualShock 4 PS4. Use the touchpad and gyro controllers to navigate your character through Tearaway’s magical paper world. Complete his mission as a messenger and solve puzzles along the way, cross the yard, defeat monsters and save your friends along the way.

The Witness

Puzzle lovers will be delighted to know that such a game exists. The game was created by Jonathan Blow, the man responsible for the independent hit Braid. The witness has a simple goal: You are on an island full of natural and man-made objects. Your mission is to explore the maze world, find clues and solve an absurd number of puzzles in the game, about 400 of which you can find and crack. Apart from the puzzles, this game is also full of atmosphere. It has gained wide acclaim thanks to the sound design, art, and visual effects of the game. Players feel like they are in a new world that dares to reveal deeper secrets. This game has been nominated for various awards, including Game of the Year.


Go on a culinary adventure with yourself or your friends in this fun sofa game that cooks delicious orders and a magical world to explore. Travel from kitchen to kitchen with up to four friends and go on a chaotic adventure to that perfect recipe. The game takes place in the Onion Kingdom! The land is full of edible and cookable things. Understand the importance of fast food and eliminate the bad culinary threats plaguing the earth. The controls are quite easy to learn and use. Friendly character. This is a great choice for your child who loves to cook! So sharpen your knives, prepare your meals and make sure they are not roasted!


Known as the spiritual successor to Flow, Flower is a great way to take the stress out of all the violent and annoying games that are flooding the gaming world. The objective of the game is simple. Take control of the wind and collect flower petals floating in the air. Remember that the game has no story, no lyrics; it is only supported by visual cues and gestures. Despite this premise, the game was a huge hit. This provides a “relaxed” experience for players while stimulating positive feelings while playing the game.

Shovel Knight

Relive your love for the 8-bit retro style platformer, share it with your kids and let them enjoy the simple, sometimes frustrating. We were very excited about Yacht Club Games when they created a game that is both very interesting and nostalgic at the same time. Shovel Knight is a side scrolling platformer that allows you to control your Knights with spades. Save your loved ones from an evil witch who lives in a towering castle full of monsters and chaos. Dig your way through the different levels and don’t just use your shovel to plow! The game received critical acclaim for its 8-bit graphics, sound track and gameplay, so retro that it takes players back in time to the classic Nintendo system. It also has two additional DLCs: Plague of Shadows and Specter of Torment.


For sea lovers, Abzu is the perfect game for you. This is an exploration driven adventure in the depths of a lush ocean in a beautiful world. Take control of a tramp who dives into ancient ruins and meet water lovers along the way. The name is a combination of two words from classical myth, AB for ocean and ZU which means know. Developed by Giant Squid Games, they created a game that will make you fall in love with the ocean. Why else would you buy this game if you don’t like deep and sea animals? Smooth swimming controls combined with beautiful graphics are the main features of this game. Of course, if you like pure exploration games, you might want to take it.

NBA 2K17

2K basketball is the top choice for kids. Not only does it feature many legendary NBA players, it also features the most advanced basketball simulation in the video game world. The amazing thing about any 2K game in the NBA is the career mode. Create your own character and help him become the best player ever. Simulate events, assemble your own team or enjoy the life of a real NBA player. 2K doesn’t stop there, it comes out every year and promises to improve with every game.


Build your child’s love for the field and introduce them to the most ambitious game ever EA’s FIFA. Experience one of the most popular sports games of all time powered by the Frostbite engine. It is also the first game in the series to include a story mode. Take the role of Alex Hunter and experience his journey to become the best footballer in the world. The options are similar to those in the Mass Effect Dialog Wheel and will determine your professional progress. If there are no options, the skills you develop will change the course of the journey. On top of that, EA’s efforts in visual game design, realistic graphics, and fluid physics make this game so entertaining.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved

This versatile shooter proves that video games can function with classic shooting elements. There are no stories or narratives and no big budgets. Dimensions Evolved is a free update to the original game that includes 40 new levels, boss fights and game types. Like other Geometry Wars games, all you have to do is blow up the incoming polygon objects and dominate the charts with your score. So enrich this multiplier! Geometry Wars 3 received positive recognition for the game that has remained true to its predecessors. Smooth controls and simplified gameplay make it accessible to almost anyone.