Best 10 PS4 Games So Far!

Best 10 PS4 Games So Far!


Blizzard’s entry to the First-Person-Shooter genre has exploded into a record breaking success. With more than 15 million players and an ever expanding set of heroes , Overwatch is a satisfying trip to classic shooters and ultimately revolutionizes it as well. A Play of the Game..

Diablo III: Ultimate Edition

Two Blizzard entries in a row? Ultimate Edition marks the pinnacle of Diablo’s glory. Cleverly made for the consoles to experience the most refined and polished gameplay experience yet. The flashy combat, diverse skill sets, adventure mode and graphical updates makes everything so rewarding.


You think Dark Souls was hard? Think again. Bloodborne is an amalgamation of Gothic Horror and hair-pulling frustration to the very core. But amidst its decrepit world comes a beautiful looking game that visually stuns you. The absurd monster design will surely leave players haunted if not amazed.

Dark Souls III

Before there was Bloodborne, there was Dark Souls. This third installment to the successful franchise boasts a fitting end to their grotesque series. Slay the nastiest beasts and survive in this action-RPG that has made players rage-quit and punch the nearest wall to release their frustrations.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Behold! The most immersive stealth game to ever come out on Kojima’s hands. This mastercrafted wonder plays with emergent gameplay to create the most rewarding stealth experience in a Metal Gear game ever. Plan your tactics accordingly, fulton people, and pick your reliable buddy in missions.

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

Awards after awards, The Wild Hunt marks the epic conclusion to the White Wolf’s story. This time, the game is bigger than ever and said to be twice than Skyrim! Find your missing adopted daughter, kill ugly beasts, make out with a hot sorceress or play GWENT in this game filled with so much content. With the release of two ‘massive’ expansions, be sure to gather enough rations because you won’t be seeing an actual sun for weeks.


A universal acclaim. Journey is a beautiful love letter for players who just want to chill amidst all that mindless shooting and killing of enemy A.I. or monsters. With its simple mechanics, roam around the world and solve puzzles with the help of mysterious online friends who can’t talk. It’s surreal, atmospheric and over-the-top gorgeous. Who said it’s about the destination? It’s always about the Journey.

Grand Theft Auto V

The world is literally your playground. Grand Theft Auto V is the biggest entry to Rockstar’s best-selling franchise. Travel to Los Santos and experience the hustle and bustle of the city from clubs, mysterious mountain murals, and Grove Street. Play with 3 different characters with a different set of goals and achievements. So what are you waiting for? Steal your first now.

The Last Of Us: Remastered

Mankind suffers from a growing epidemic resulting to a loss of humanity between the people. Follow Joel and Ellie in this riveting remastered journey that fills you with emotions, fear and hope for what’s to come in its world. The game also includes DLC, HD visuals, upgraded gameplay and tons of new features for the PS4.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Nathan Drake’s final adventure hits the high mark in this spectacle-driven entry to the Uncharted series. Travel to Italy, Madagascar, and to the rumored Pirate City in an adventure of a lifetime. The game is putting the PS4’s potential to its optimum level with gorgeous visuals, realistic physics and Crash Bandicoot.