Best 3DS Adventure Games Of All Time!

Best 3DS Adventure Games Of All Time!

SteamWorld Dig

The second entry to the adorable SteamWorld series. Critics have hailed this game as phenomenal and filled with layers and layers of satisfying gameplay. Control Rusty the stem-powered robot in an adventure to dig a mine of puzzle-packed proportions. The players can take advantage of Rusty’s different tools to solve unique riddles, traps and defeat enemies.

Mutant Mudds Super Challenge

Do you enjoy dying in videogames for more than anyone else? Well, look no further. This spin-off to the insane adventure-platformer gives you not just challenge… but SUPER CHALLENGE. Wielding your trusty water gun, traverse through a hell-raising adventure of over 40 levels, 5 worlds and crazy boss battles that feeds to your hidden masochistic desires. Dimension-hopping and chiptune included.

Steel Empire

A side-scrolling shooter that made a cult impression in Japan. Can you actually believe this game came from 1992? This Genesis goldmine was ported into the 3DS in 2014 and downloadable in the Nintendo eShop. Set in an alternative era, the game is filled with the clang of metals and the fiery burst of hot tempered steel. Its Steampunk-inspired world reeks of smoke and gunpowder.


A game where the only thing that limits your creativity is your imagination. Terraria is a sandbox-style game that takes possibilities to a whole new corner. Its core fun lies within the freedom of the players to seamlessly switch between exploration, combat and construction. It has sold more than 18 million copies due to the game’s depth. With its success, the game is compared to Minecraft in terms of similar elements. What do you guys think?

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D

If you are a Nintendo user and want to experience the origin story of the greatest man in the 20th century, then this game is for you. Step into the combat shoes of the original Snake in one of Kojima’s finest. The improved UI functionality of the 3DS, detailed textures, 3D effects, and up to the new system that creates your own camo. This game shines. Not to mention the game has a powerful story and incredible boss battles that shook the world a decade ago. Loyalty to the consoles, or loyalty to the 3DS port?

Shinobi III: Return Of The Ninja Master

Kicking evil ninjas the old school way? That’s what Shinobi III offers. This game came from the good ol’ Genesis era and it’s downloadable exclusively for the 3DS Take nostalgia to where it belongs as you play the role of a ninja seeking to eliminate the presence of a villainous organization. Its side-scrolling gameplay reminiscent to the usual elements that its original platform deliver is fluid and satisfying if executed perfectly. It’s arguably the best in the series and hey, what’s not to love when you’re a ninja that can jump twice?

Resident Evil: Revelations

Sadly, this is not the Resident Evil we expected. However, the return of Jill and Chris makes a compelling trip to another horror-show in Revelations. Set between the events of 4 and 5, join the two agents as they venture into an abandoned terrors of a cruise ship. Both have unique story interactions and eventually interlocks itself during the game’s climax. The survival-horror atmosphere with third-person shooting is similar to the previous games. Not to mention the addition of a Raid Mode lets players enjoy the satisfaction of popping out monster heads with handguns.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies

Play judge, jury and not executioner in this fifth main entry of the Phoenix Wright series. Solve the most perplexing mysteries with the rule of law in this visual novel adventure game that makes you take Law School for a second. Perhaps the most notable addition of this game is the number of characters to take control. In Dual Destinies, you can play the role of three defense attorneys. These attorneys tackle various elements inside the court through listening to witnesses, testimonies, reading their moods, and even investigations to determine the guilty and innocent. Objection!

Kirby: Planet Robobot

What’s not to love about this cute and adorable pink creature? Except in Smash where he beats you to a pulp. Planet Robobot is the fifteenth main entry of Nintendo’s Kirby franchise. A mysterious threat has landed in Kirby’s world and it is up to him to fend them off. Like most usual Kirby games, the ability to inhale enemies and absorb their powers is still intact. Now, more powers can now be sucked into Kirby’s gaping maw including the ability to heal and poison. The game utilizes 3DS’ touch features. The most noteworthy addition to this game is the Robobot Armor, now this is where things get real. Kirby can don this amazing mech and dominate his enemies with bigger defense, stronger attack and super strength.

3D Streets Of Rage 2

Another 3D ported game that takes 90’s Brawler into the present. Clench your fists, crack your knuckles, and make sure you’re ripped in this classic game that rekindles the insanity of punching biker gang members. Follow a group of skull-crushing, head-pounding, throat-gutting, asphalt-kicking boys in their quest to save a friend and defeat the elusive Mr. X. Players with a deep love for adventure brawlers would surely remember the simpler times with this game.

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

A launch title for the Nintendo 3DS and its first ever best-selling game, The Miracle Mask dangles you in an adventure-puzzle that makes you feel like Asian Sherlock Holmes. It’s also graphically enhanced for the 3DS with new 3D environments. The core feature that made this game very valuable is its huge depth of investigations and problem solving. The mystery wherein the game shrouds itself is packed with riddles, oddity and magnifying glasses.

3D Sonic The Hedgehog 2

There have been numerous Sonic games over the course of our lifetime and most of them are well deserved, and some of them sucked a little bit.. okay, sucked a lot. This remastered version gives players a rejuvenated feeling of playing the old Sonic game during the days. It’s one of the most successful entries in their franchise before they pummeled to bad projects. This version also comes with new features including the Stage Selector. Pick your favorite map, and gotta go fast!

Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward

Zero Escape is a mixture of the Saw Series and anime. What happens if you lock together 8 people in a room? It’s a wild-blend of puzzles and tension in each passing time. As story progresses, players are pitted in a series of page-turning events that leads to the game’s 24 different endings. Critics praised the game for its riveting story, thought-provoking themes, and leaves players with a lasting appeal of thousand philosophical questions. Every decision matters and every consequence rests in your hands.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

If you were the Player 2 during the days of old, then this game is for you. Mario’s Brother, Luigi, takes the helm in this critically acclaimed series. This sequel to the first Luigi’s Mansion is haunted by a supernatural wave. Take control of Luigi as he uses his Ghostbustin’ weapon to take down spectres, capture ghosts and solve puzzles. When not busy with fighting ghosts, the game rewards exploration very well with its hidden secrets in its dilapidated atmosphere. This game is hailed as Nintendo’s finest as it maximizes the 3DS features in the most innovative way.

The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

A true gem. Critics have praised this game with perfect scores, and dubbed it as the best remasterings of all time. This remastered version has the elements of the original but added more features like assisting players to quickly change items with its touch controls. The 1998 graphics are tweaked and transformed into something befitting to the eyes of the 3DS user. It is universally praised especially for its refined gameplay while maintaining the classic feel. New modes are added including boss challenges to topple these baddies at your own will.