Best PS3 Action Games of All Time!

Best PS3 Action Games of All Time!

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

It’s hard to start-off the list with a game so good, that you won’t be surprised if anyone would claim it to be Number 1. This game ups itself from its predecessor on: added co-op gameplay better soundtrack and voice-acting and more combat options! I mean, how cool is it to punch a gun-toting shmuck, in-the-face, with your bare-hands?

God of War 3

This is the third and final installment on an epic franchise that made gamers become – godslayers! The game would have been perfect, had it polished its core story progression. However, the sheer scale of things, the added weapons, the bloodier boss battles, and the great ending, more than satisfies any gamer, whether they be a fan – or not, of the series. A superb ending to a non-dragging franchise.

Dark Souls 2

The third game of the Souls series that is responsible for many gamers’ anger management issues. This time around, the combat is more polished compared to earlier versions. Also, a few improvements worth mentioning are: new enemy designs clever multiplayer experience and the added Fast-travel system Oh, and a super-hardcore feature is added that would make fans either love it more! or hate it.You be the judge. No spoilers here

Resident Evil HD Remaster

A remaster of the 1996 horror game that introduced the zombie-game craze is back! Resident Evil looks certainly good for a dated game, and the atmosphere still gives me chills like before. Resident Evil shines its best with its: smart puzzles difficult zombie encounters and merciless fixed-camera angles! A game for nostalgic fans and hardcore gamers alike!

Batman: Arkham City

Following the success of Arkham Asylum, the game moves on to a bigger setting with more villains to hunt down.. And although, the boss fights are disappointingly easy, the new open-world setting and the many side quest and trophies, kept me more than occupied and entertained! Arkham City is a great game to experience a more brutal and less stuck-up Batman

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

As always Hideo Kojima does great on combining a heavy story with spectacular gameplay! For me, this game is on my all-time best list for these reasons: Very good introduction to new shooting mechanics Mind-blowing audio and graphical quality rewarding stealth options and lots and lots of cool new toys to play with!

Red Dead Redemption

Let out your wild side and play the best Wild-West rendition of a video game! Its success is built on: a great story that builds up on multiple climaxes a variety of missions and side quest – ranging from herding cattles to dueling a beautiful environment – coz you got that classic look of the west a memorable cast and a superb multiplayer content that will keep you playing long after you’ve finished the story!

Grand Theft Auto 5

Rockstar outdid themselves with a game that gives you too much freedom, that you’ll find yourself forgetting the main story of the game. GTA5 bags the place With stunning visuals varied and funny characters excellent writing and voice acting an incredible open-world and an added first-person mode that lets you experience GTA in a whole different way! Although for now GTA online has some annoying issues, I’m not that bothered at all.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Ever wonder what would an acrobatic Indiana Jones be like? In Uncharted 2, you play as Nathan Drake, a treasure hunter with an attitude. The game improves itself on: a breathtaking environment impressive adventure story new and exciting puzzles varied combat options and a satisfying multiplayer experience meant to hook hardcore gamers! Considered as one of PS3’s finest, uncharter 2 among thieves

The Last of Us

A game so good, that it got a remastered version a year after its release!! Right from the start of the game smacks you hard with a flurry of emotion! don’t even lie about not getting the feels. It makes you realize that – the last of us is unlike any game you’ve ever played before! With its superb storytelling. breathtaking post-apocalyptic setting excellent gameplay And awesome voice-acting You have not lived if you have never played this game.