Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Compared To Battlefield 1!

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare VS Battlefield 1

The First Person Shooter is a game genre that hit the world in the early 1990s and has since had two franchises had dominated the war FPS market. Call of Duty has become one of the most famous FPS in the world. With imaginary storylines and well-known online features, it’s hard to see why. However, its latest installment, Infinite Warfare, with its bizarre sci-fi setup and lack of graphic enhancements, received a huge backlash response from fans. The trailer for the game itself had 3.4 million dislikes and only 570,000 likes. Then, like a dark horse, Battlefield did its best to penetrate and steal victory from its old rivals.

But has Battlefield finally won over Call of Duty?

Call of Duty was originally developed by a new company called Infinity Ward, an American company based in Woodland Hills, California, and was founded in May 2002.

Although new to the development scene, most of the team worked on FPS Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and decided to stick with war-based FPS. On October 29, 2003, Call of Duty was released for PC.

In 2005, Infinity Ward decided to enter the console market, so parent company Activision brought in Treyarch to create a console game that would paraphrase the upcoming Call of Duty 2. Treyarch was well established at the time with several PS1 and PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube titles to his name.

In 2009, an unidentified company called Sledgehammer Games proposed Activision to create a spin-off for the Call of Duty franchise.

The game was approved but ultimately stopped when the creators of Infinity Ward were fired. They took the Modern Warfare branch and leading to Sledgehammer coming in to assist the rest of the team finish Modern Warfare 3, which was almost done with its development.

Now three companies operate separately for each installment, with each company producing a new game every three years, resulting in a new Call of Duty every year.

Treyarch is in charge of the Black Op Series, Sledgehammer for Advanced Warfare, and Infinity Ward for Infinite Warfare.

Battlefield’s story, on the other hand, is much simpler than its competitors. Digital Illusions was founded in 1992 and had extensive computer gaming experience when they developed Battlefield a decade after the company was founded. The original Battlefield, Battlefield 1942, was released for PC on September 10, 2002, which is over a year before Call of Duty. The only other developer who has worked on the Battlefield game is Visceral Games. Visceral Games also owns a large number of games to its name and has therefore acquired ownership of Battlefield: Hardline.

To date, Call of Duty has 13 games in its main series, sold around 260 million units worldwide (excluding Infinite Warfare) and grossed over $ 11 billion.

The battlefield is not far behind with 11 games.

However, they only sold 60 million units, worth an estimated $ 2.2 billion in total, less than a quarter of Call of Duty sales. Due to the number of editions of Call of Duty and a large number of games in the franchise, the campaign mode has an average playtime of 6.8 hours and ranges from 5 to 9 hours. The battlefield is very good in this area. The campaign mode in all games lasted an average of 7.7 hours. This is because all Battlefield games have a complete story and no game is less than 6 hours long and one game has an amazing 15-hour campaign mode.

But what does all this mean?

Franchises have been around for over a decade, and the best ones look pretty slick and dry. Call of Duty has more games on more consoles and sold more copies … job is done.


Call of Duty has been the most popular franchise since its inception, but the numbers from the latest games show that the tide is reversing.

Call of Duty’s newest game, Infinite Warfare, averaged 76% in its meta-critic ratings, slightly down from the previous 80% average.

Battlefront, on the other hand, is on the rise. The average of the previous iterations was 82% and the current iterations were 87%. So far there have been clear differences, but none too dramatic; doesn’t look bad for Call of Duty … until you see the sales figures. Infinite Warfare is the best selling game of 2016.

However, if you compare it to the numbers from the previous game, Black Ops 3, you will see a marked drop. Black Ops 3 has sold 32.5 million copies. Of course, Infinite Warfare has only been out for some time, which explains the low revenue, but Black Ops 3 made $ 550 million in its first weekend, while Infinite Warfare was down 50% in comparison.

The last major title in the Battlefield series, Battlefield 4, sold around 14 million copies less than Black Ops 3. Battlefield 1, on the other hand, has sold 15 million copies in just 4 months. After all, Battlefield 1 is the second-best game of 2016. With numbers like this, there’s clearly something wrong with Call of Duty Camp.

Maybe these numbers will increase with the next installment, or maybe public confidence in the franchise is lost forever and the transition to a more consistent battlefield?

What we do know is … Call of Duty is generally a more successful franchise with one big difference, but if they don’t listen to the criticism it could signal the beginning of the end.