Chocolate Facts and Statistics!


1. Chocolate was created in Latin America where cacao trees grow wild, in an area that is now known as southeast Mexico.

2. The Mayans used cacao beans as currency.

– 10 beans would buy you either a rabbit or prostitute.

– 100 beans would buy you a slave.

3. When not used to purchase goods, cacao beans were fermented dried and melted down into a chocolatey beverage.

4.  The average American eats 10-12 pounds of chocolate a year while the average Swiss eats 21 pounds a year.

5. The largest chocolate bar ever made weighed over 5,000 pounds and was made in Italy in 2000.

6. The largest slab of fudge was over 2,000 pounds and was made in Canada.

7. Chocolate is actually a valuable energy source.

8. A single chocolate chip can provide enough energy for an adult human to walk 150 ft.

9. Several medical studies show that eating chocolate in moderation can actually prolong your life by reducing risk of blood clots and fighting bad cholesterol.

10. Chocolates can absorb other flavors and scents, and should be kept away from other household chemicals.

11. Milk Chocolate is the most preferred type of chocolate, however dark chocolate is especially popular among men.

12. Chocolate does not cause or aggravate acne, this is a myth.

13. U.S. chocolate manufacturers use 3.5 million pounds of whole milk every day.

14. To make chocolate People spend more than $7 billion dollars a year on chocolate.

15. Europe imports almost 1.4 million tons of cacao beans each year, over 60% of the world market.

16. The average UK family spends more on chocolate in a year than a cocoa farmer earns in a year

17. Chocolate starts to melt at 34C (93F), which is body temperature – that’s why it melts in your mouth

18. Clinical trials have found that the antioxidants contained in chocolate possess anti-cancer properties.