Life Of Gaara!


Gaara, a character we all loved watching evolve, an evolution that was so cherished, close to everyone’s heart, because of everything that happened around and to him. Through tragedy and heartfelt with eternal suffering for Gaara, he emerged as the leader as a man with a heart of gold.

Gaara of the desert was born a Jinchuriki, who carried the one-tailed sand spirit Shukaku. He is the younger brother of Kankuro and Temari and son of the fourth kazekage of gold dust Rasa, and Gaara’s beloved mother was Karura. Gaara was born prematurely because of the tailed beast inside him, his mother died shortly after giving birth. Gaara’s childhood was very similar to Naruto’s, both born as a Jinchuriki, whose parents sealed the tailed beast inside of them. They were driven out of the village, looked upon, and treated inhumanely, the only difference between Naruto and Gaara was Yashamaru and Iruka.

Gaara of the sand would experience pain, but his maternal uncle, Yasamaru, was the only character who gave Gaara hope in the world, the only person who made him feel love, and the only person who calmed the boy and reassured him about his mother’s love. Yashamaru taught Gaara that love is selfless and protective, like the sand that protects his body, and for a short time he believed that sand was his mother’s parting gift that could protect and love him as she would have. But the other members and children of the sand still treated Gaara like a monster, running away from him in fear whenever they saw him, and when Gaara reached his breaking point he was attacked by the sand shinobi, who turned out to be Yashamaru.

Yasamaru played an important role in breaking Gaara. He was sent by Rasa and the Suna Council to kill Gaara, but Yasamaru went a step further, he crushed Gaara’s spirit before telling him that he agreed to kill and he would also tell him that he hated Gaara because he killed his younger sister, besides, he told Gaara that her mother did not love him and as proof she called her Gaara one who only loves himself, this aggression from Yashamaru was asked by Rasa, to provoke the Jinchurik and then watch his reaction. Gaara’s after realizing that he had just lost the only man who cared for him, experienced true hate and fully transformed in Shukaku for the first time.

Gaara of the Sands was a sweet and loving child who only wanted the best for the people around him, and even though he was constantly driven out by the villagers, he could always rely on Yashamaru. But when Gaara lost Yashamaru, Gaara would come to understand that the sand that he thought protected him was not his mother’s protection, but an embodiment of his mother’s hatred.

Gaara tattooed the kanji of love over his left eye as a visual reminder of his intention to be him. Gaara only loved himself. He had such a hatred for the world that is manifested in the ultimate desire to kill. Gaara felt nothing but anger and hatred and he was fulled of it, believing that his goal was to kill everyone gave him joy, a conclusion he had drawn from loneliness.

When the sand planned their attack on the leaf village, Gaara was important to their plan, but his meeting with the shinobi of the leaf the way he saw Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura defending each other brought back the memories from his childhood. When they fled from him, also released negative memories, although jinchuriki alludes all their relationships as weaknesses, he explicitly challenged Naruto by telling him that through these relationships he will never attain real strength, that these relationships will hold him back, but through Naruto’s will and endless love for fellow Jinchuriki he would defeat Gaara.

Gaara was made to foil for Naruto, another example of what would happen if Naruto had no one. Naruto and Gaara both jinchuriki were isolated by their comrades so they could understand each other’s pain and loneliness. But where they differ is that Naruto has Iruka, followed by Kakashi, Jiraiya, Sasuke, Sakura, and all the other friends he has made, but Gaara only had himself, everyone in his village just accepts him to use him as a weapon and those moments of loneliness would give Gaara too much time to think about himself and his goals. What Naruto was quick to realize was having friends, comrades, and people who care for you and you for them is what brings light into your life, it’s love.

Gaara is just Naruto without love and light, Gaara looked for his own purpose, Gaara desired to be needed and loved and with Naruto’s help, he would learn what he could be, with those things he has learned that fighting for others and not for oneself is the real strength and requires real courage.

Following Gaara’s encounter with Naruto, he had an important discussion with his brother Kankuro. He told his brother that he wants to be needed by someone and didn’t want to be seen as a weapon, which is why he wanted to become a Kazekage and he eventually became a Kazekage. Although Gaara would try to prove himself to his doubters, because he was young and his destructive childhood memories in the sandy village were still fresh, Gaara lost his life to Akatsuki member Deidara while he was defending his village. Later Lady Chiyo sacrifices herself to bring back the former Jinchurik. It was actually during Gaara’s awakening when all the sand shinobi and a few from leaf were waiting for him to wake up, and the whole village awaiting the return of their leader, that’s when he would find out that his presence, protection, and a kind heart were really needed and Naruto once again became the driving force again.

But Gaara still had a hole in his heart but during the fourth ninja war, the fourth Kazekage was resurrected, and Gaara would be the only shinobi capable of overthrowing his father. And in their initial interaction, Rasa saw his son, who was all grown up, had friends, and was the Kazekage, when Gaara defeated him and managed to hold the other Kage in his mother’s hands, Rasa saw this moment as a second chance. Knowing he had abandoned his son and he told him with great regret, Rasa apologies and would tell his son that his mother really loved him and that her dying wish was to protect him.

Gaara was told that the sand he saw as his mother cursed his whole life was actually the truest embodiment of love, and at that moment Gaara broke for the first time in that revelation. Gaara was loved, he was loved by Temari and Kankuro, he was loved by Naruto, he was loved by his village, and he was loved by the only person directly responsible for his mother who was said to hate his existence. When he was told that she had endured his suffering Gaara wept with joy and relief, he had put aside his hatred for his father and the world.

Gaara’s childhood was in darkness and hatred, he was alone and isolated, and Yashamaru, only following orders, took his heart and made him feel very lonely until a man who felt the same pain as he held his hand. Gaara was a very kind and gentle boy who turned into a literal monster, but with Naruto’s caring and affectionate attitude, he goes from being selfish to being selfless. Gaara of the Sand deserves this peace, like everyone else.