Obito Uchiha Good Or Bad!

Obito Uchiha

Obito Uchiha was said to be a different kind of Uchiha, he was not full of anger or hatred, but with a love. He didn’t have the extraordinary talent or intelligence of other Uchiha but rather had a strong heart and determination. Obito wanted to help his fellow humans and become the first Uchiha clan member to be Hokage. Obito had the same heart as Naruto, he had the desire and willingness to help others in need, but not everyone can be great, not everyone is as lucky as Naruto.

Obito was born in the hidden leaf and his father and mother were unknown members of the Uchiha and they did not exist in his life. The orphan had a heart like no other in the Uchiha clan. Often Uchiha’s hearts were filled with generation-to-generation wrath or some truly valid tragedy, but Obito’s heart was not. He was friendly and helpful and idealistic, the young Uchiha would not be a mighty shinobi or be the become the strongest. Obito had a goal and his goal was to become Hokage and help those who can’t help themselves with this Obito was emotional when it came to the people he loved. He loved everyone with all his heart and tried to give them the world whenever he could.

After graduating from the academy, Obito was chosen to be part of the Minato team, consisting of his rival Kakashi Hatake, himself, and the girl he loved Rin Nohara, who played a very important role in Obito’s life. When compared Obito was nowhere near his teammate Kakashi, Obito was still quite a talented shinobi and who would later activate his Sharingan while defending his teammates. On the same day, Kakashi was promoted to Jonin, and it was on that day that Kakashi learned the importance of friendship and Obito showed how much he cared for his former rival by pushing Kakashi’s away from a falling stone and instead got crushed by a rock that destroyed the right side of his body, and while Obito was dying, he gave his former rival the only gift he could give his lone Sharingan.

Later, Obito was rescued and revived by Madara Uchiha, with the elder Uchiha implanted Hashirama Senju’s first Hokage cells in the right side of his body. While being revived Obito heard that Rin and Kakashi were close by so he masked the whit Zetsu’s identity and went to visit Kakashi and Rin, who was now the three-tailed Jinchuriki. Obito’s reunion with two of his teammates was an unimaginable sight for him Kakashi paling Rin with a lightning blade, which activated his Mangekyou-Sharingan. At this point, Obito’s life purpose and behavior changed, he brutally killed all the Hidden Mist Shinobi around him in a fit of rage.

Now the Uchiha was destined to find a way to revive Rin and imagine a world of distorted peace. Obito’s motivations were largely incompatible with Naruto and his reasons. Obito didn’t change because Kakashi killed Rin, Obito changed because he realized that through his own experiences not everyone is lucky in life. As Madara said that where there is light there is a shadow, his first goal was to become a Hokage and to protect everyone in the world. However, after seeing Rin die, his goal was to protect everyone from harm, instead of protecting, it was deterrence.

Obito did not want anyone to face the level of suffering he had experienced and he truly believed that Madara’s eternal genjutsu was the cure for the pain and suffering of everything. Obito lost his mind and the ability to see right from wrong. Obito was easily manipulated by Madara. Obito had an idealistic mindset that made him think to protect Rin, he was dedicated to protecting her and others, when he saw Kakashi’s body on the ground he sacrificed himself to protect Kakashi. Obito was an orphan of the Uchiha clan and was not as talented as Itachi or Sasuke. He didn’t have anyone taking care of him or care for him. When Rin came into his life she not only became his friend but a friend who cared about him, as he said Rin was his light and his hope the only thing that made him kept fighting, yes, he wanted to save the village, but what’s the point of saving the village? When he couldn’t save her and when he lost her, he lost his world and said that he was already in hell.

He and Naruto were almost identical in many ways, they were both orphans with strong innate abilities, but most importantly they had the same ideal that they both wanted to become Hokage and protect their friends. However, whenever Naruto stumbled and got lost, he had people to put him together, people who could correct him and bring him back, but when Obito stumbled and stepped aside, a new path of darkness appeared and without anyone to show him the correct path Obito kept tumbling.

Obito didn’t have many people in his corner, this was the main difference between Naruto and Obito. Naruto had Kakashi, Jiraiya, the Third Hokage, a lot of friends from leaf village and other villages. Obito however, had only three Minato, Rin, and Kakashi but when Obito lost Rin the one that meant a lot to him Kakashi and Minato weren’t there to bring him back to the leaf village or the light, the only person standing behind him was Madara who influenced him and told him that the world was hell and that there was a better world waiting for him. After being saved by Madara, Obito rarely lived in the present as he often repeats that he could not see, when Rin died, the light he saw faded, he lived in a reality completely free of light he even helped with the massacre of his own people and the murder of his mentor.